Create A Calm Fall Bedroom With Blue

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 2, 2019

For those of us who gravitate towards blues in our bedrooms, fall decorating can sometimes present a challenge. We ask ourselves where all of our beloved cool blues can fit in with traditional fall colors or if it even can. Whether you usually go for a coastal vibe or whether you just love the classic combination of blues and whites, you really can have your blue and have your fall, too. Read on for some fall bedroom ideas that feature blue as the dominant color.

How To Use Blue In Your Fall Decor

We find inspiration in the earlier sunsets that autumn brings. In this season, night falls sooner, and inky blues deepen across the sky as the sun’s last orange hues sink beneath the horizon.

Blue is a fantastic color for your fall decor since blue serves as a beautiful foil to shades of gold and crimson. One way you can incorporate blue into your fall bedroom is by using deeper shades of blue–think indigo, denim, and navy. These rich blues, like the kind in our Pacific Blue print, are far from the sky blues of spring and great to use in your fall decorating.

Make blue your anchor color

Blue works well with a variety of decor styles and it always plays well with others since it enjoys playing the dual role of color-bringer and neutralizer. Dress your fall bedding in blue for a calming, cozy feeling.

Pacific Blue ~ Nautical Asian Indigo Blue Duvet Cover
Saffron Marigold

Pacific Blue Duvet Cover

A navy reversible duvet cover makes it easy to change your fall bedding with the changing seasons–simply turn over and you have a brand-new fall comforter!

Pacific Blue ~ Asia Inspired Ocean Navy Blue Bedspread
Saffron Marigold

Pacific Blue Bedspread

A lightweight bedspread makes for a fall bedding set when paired with flannel sheets or the just-right cover on early autumn nights.

Organic Crinkled Percale Sheets

Organic Crinkled Percale Sheets in Moonlight Blue

A set of sheets that matches Pacific Blue is great for fall colored bedding–they’ll help create a dreamy midnight blue bed that’ll be hard to leave in the mornings!

Cloud Brushed Organic Flannel Sheets

Cloud Brushed Flannel Sheets in Ginger

Autumn themed bedding means flannel sheets in a shade of earthy, spicy ginger–what could be warmer?

Choose softness over crispness

In the fall, we begin to seek a sense of coziness as we prepare ourselves for cooler weather and winter holidays. Take that approach with your bedding by packing away the crisp whites of spring and summer and move to the gentle creams of autumn’s palette–cream and blue create a soft, elegant look. Don’t forget to pile on some irresistibly soft layers for extreme coziness!

Pacific Blue (CP) ~ Rustic Navy Blue Ocean Oriental Pillow Sham
Saffron Marigold

Pacific Blue CP Sham

A pattern of shells spread across a navy background forms the complementary print to Pacific Blue.

Pacific Blue ~ Rustic Navy Blue Ocean Oriental Asian Euro Sham
Saffron Marigold

Pacific Blue Euro Sham

Toss a few of these shams on your bed and rest your head against the gentle waves, recalling summer days on these fall nights.

Cable Knit Throw Blanket
Boll and Branch

Cable Knit Throw in Natural

A throw that calls to mind classic cable-knit sweaters and school days is the just-right layer for your fall bed.

Speckled Throws
West Elm

Speckled Throw in Dark Horseradish

A mustard yellow throw blanket mimics the golden leaves on the trees—it’s fall in a blanket!

Accessorize to achieve a sense of autumn

How you choose to accessorize blue fall decor depends on what kind of design you’re after. Do you want to incorporate a traditional color scheme? If so, add shades of rust, burnt orange, mustard yellow, crimson–all the colors of the season’s change.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more neutral look, then add items with incredible texture and pattern: patterned linens, washed woods, natural finishes, items with patina–these are at home here.

Pacific Blue (CP)~ Rustic Navy Ocean Oriental Asian Cool Curtain
Saffron Marigold

Pacific Blue Reverse Print Sheet Curtains

Navy blue sheer curtains provide you with plenty of privacy while filtering light.

Spice Route ~ Red Orange Moroccan Indian Throw Cushion Cover
Saffron Marigold

Spice Route Throw Pillow

A spicy blend of cinnamon, turmeric and imperial blue offer a pop of fall color to your navy bedding.

Flax + Wheat Wreath

Flax and Wheat Wreath

Handwoven with dried corn husks, oat, flax, and wheat, such a wreath provides a natural, organic texture to any space.

Reclaimed Wood Frames
West Elm

Reclaimed Wood Frames

Pop a few of your favorite photos from a day spent at the orchard, pumpkin patch, or wine tour in a wooden frame–rustic nostalgia at its finest.

Add touches that delight your senses

A bedroom calls for comfort any time of year; in the fall, we particularly crave sensory delights. Bring in cheery florals to wake up to and relaxing scents to help you unwind. Gold, copper, and brass finishes pair naturally with blue decor in fall–golden hues fall opposite of blue on the color wheel.

Gilded Etched Bottle

Gilded Etched Bottle

Fill with sunflowers or a few choice branches of colorful leaves and add a grouping of these gilded bottles to your dresser to lend shimmer to your fall bedroom decor.

Linnea’s Lights Candle, Pumpkin

Linnea’s Lights Candle, Pumpkin

Hand poured wax filled with fall fragrances like roasted pumpkin and thyme all in a whimsical gourd–this candle is pure autumn.

Diamond Navy/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug
Dash and Albert

Diamond Navy and Ivory Rug

Warm up your floors with something soft underfoot, like this navy and cream rug in a pattern that provides a geometric complement to our Pacific Blue print.

Velvet Pumpkins set of 3 Large, Fall wedding
Your Heart’s Content

Velvet Pumpkins

Velvet is a great fabric to use in in bedroom accessories as it provides shine, softness, and glamour all in one extravagant package. These pumpkins are a sensory delight, indeed!