51 Boho Curtains for Colorful Bohemian Style and Decor

Bohemian curtains filled with color and intriguing patterns will lend a carefree, artistic, creative feeling to your space. After all, why would you hang hum-drum solid window treatments when you can hang a pair of boho curtains instead? Our collection of boho curtain panels ranges from beaded valances and vintage prints to Indian patterns, Moroccan curtains, and patterns inspired by nature.  We’ll have the right one for you! 

bohemian curtains ~sheer curtains with pattern ~indian curtains~moroccan curtains

Our bohemian window treatments are all block printed and handcrafted by artisans at our studios in Rajasthan, India. Ours is a fair-trade business, so you can feel good about purchasing your one-of-a-kind, boho curtain panels.  

How to decorate with bohemian curtains

Aside from hanging them as bohemian window curtains, you can use our block print designs in a number of ways. For example, try replacing a closet door with long flowing curtain panels for a spot of color and pattern, or hang a pair of cafe curtains or a short boho curtain beneath a stunning piece of stained glass for a unique bohemian window treatment in the living room or kitchen.

gold and white boho curtains, cafe curtains under stained glass window

Our sheer curtains filter light while affording privacy, and they also can be used as a way to create extra privacy. Hang them as a room divider, or drape them over the posts of a four-poster bed for a sumptuous, luxe boho bedroom.

canopy bed with curtains boho style

You might love the look of our sheer patterned curtains but need to block out light or keep out the cold. If that’s the case, simply layer our sheers across plain black-out curtains. It’s a practical and pretty way to have the boho look you love!

Floral curtains for a bohemian look

Colorful bohemian style celebrates nature. After all, the term flower child emerged from a very bohemian era–some might even say you should be sure to have a flower print or floral pattern in any true boho room!

bohemian curtains beside a pile of block print throw pillows as boho decor in shades of lilac, white, and cream

Floral curtains are a natural fit in bohemian decor. And since “more is more” in boho decor, by all means–bring on more flower prints! These would be especially lovely in any modern farmhouse look, too. In essence, our fair-trade floral curtains will help turn your room into a garden of delights.

Bohemian curtains with Indian patterns

Boho style embraces a sense of wanderlust and the casual style of decorating with treasures found along with journey. Block printed on soft cotton, Indian curtains a great choice for any room dressed in bohemian decor.

Warm spices and sultry locales come to life in our designer line of fair trade curtains from India. You’ll see the golden glimmer of traditional saris and the saturated colors long associated with this mystical land in our line of Indian curtains.

Vintage curtains deliver genuine bohemian vibes

Boho style effortlessly mixes the old with the new and celebrates the beautiful handmade nature of artisan goods Our vintage curtains carry the charm of old lace and the soft memories of days gone by. 

Even better, a bohemian room will always look as if it came together piece by piece over a span of time, so even if they’re new to you, vintage curtains will look as if they’ve always belonged. 

Colorful Moroccan curtains with Moroccan patterns

Bring a touch of colorful Marrakech to your home with our Moroccan curtains. Our original patterns find inspiration in Morocco’s tile work, vivid colors, and unique architecture. 

From the Royal Mansour to zellige, you’ll find pure Moroccan style in these boho drapes.

Hang a beaded valance for boho style

When you have a small window but still want to dress it in a boho curtain, try a beaded valance. You can always depend on beads to deliver loads of bohemian style. 

Each one of our beaded valance curtains is block printed and beaded by hand. With this kind of sheer boho window treatment, you’ll maximize natural light all while maintaining the kind of look you’re going after. These are perfect as bohemian kitchen curtains, bathroom curtains–anywhere you need them, they’ll look great!

Even more boho curtain ideas

Haven’t found a pair of unique boho window curtains that seem to be the perfect match?  How about one of these boho chic window treatments?

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