4 Interior Design Tips to Complement Tapestry Shower Curtains

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 20, 2023
Moonlit Taj ~ Floral Turquoise India Inspired Shower Curtain
Moonlit Taj Floral Turquoise Shower Curtain

Curtains are a decoration—a work of art—that make a home look stylish. Not only do they accentuate the height of a room, but they also frame the shape of your doors and windows so that they don’t appear plain old.

When it comes to bathrooms, tapestry shower curtains are a unique choice that can completely transform the space.

How can you best complement this new look?

We are here to make things easy. This interior designer-approved cheat sheet will help you level up your bathroom with inspirations to match your new tapestry shower curtains.

Discover Amazing Shower Curtain Design Ideas

Without further ado, let’s get started on design tips that will complement your tapestry shower curtains.

Hand Printed Towels in Your Bathrooms

Having extra hand towels in your bath area is always a good idea. Whether you put them on hooks, in baskets, or atop shelves, hand printed towels make for great decor in addition to being practical.

Tapestry shower curtains are intricately hand printed using the durable woodblock printing craft. Go for hand printed towels as well to match your tapestry shower curtains.

Ruby Kilim ~ Designer Luxury Red Black Fabric Shower Curtain
Ruby Kilim ~ Designer Luxury Red Black Fabric Shower Curtain
Pacific Blue ~ Rustic Navy Ocean Asian Inspired Shower Curtain
Pacific Blue ~ Rustic Navy Ocean Asian Inspired Shower Curtain

While you are at it, get creative with color. An important thing is to keep in mind how color theory influences our mood. 

Choose a color scheme to match your existing home décor and overall aesthetic.

For example, warm colored towels will give the room energy, liveliness, optimism, and happiness. Warm toned towels will go especially well with these curtains:

On the other hand, cool colors create feelings of calmness, refreshment, relaxation, and peace. Match cool toned towels with any of the following:

Pro Tip: Pair colors that appear opposite each other on the color wheel for vibrant results. Or, combine colors that are next to each other to create visual harmony in a room. 

Add Bathroom Flowers

You probably have plants in your living room and bedroom. When you think about it, there’s no reason not to use them as decor in your bathroom too.

Dahlia daydreams pink shower curtain
Dahlia Daydreams ~ Pink Floral Romantic Shower Curtain
English Gardens ~ Shower Curtain
English Gardens ~ Shower Curtain

Many plants will even do better in the bath area because they thrive in the humidity the environment has to offer.

Simple greenery will complement more intricate designs. As handmade textiles, tapestry shower curtains have intricate, artistic beauty, and impressive durability. Flowers that match the colors of your shower curtains will help tie the whole room together.

Get started by choosing suitable varieties for your space. These could include:

  • Orchids
  • Golden pothos
  • Spider plants
  • Bromeliads
  • Aloe plant

Any of these plants will look stunning in your bath area alongside these shower curtains:

Flowers, together with your shower curtain, will add life to your bathing space.

Create More Space and Light with Mirrors

By reflecting light, mirrors will brighten any room from floor to ceiling. The reflection will also make the room feel larger, especially when placed opposite a window. When in doubt, pair a white shower curtain with reflective accents to make your bathroom appear larger.

Ivy Lace shower curtain
Ivy lace Romantic Cottage White Shower Curtain
Royal Mansour ~ Moroccan Medallion Trellis White Shower Curtain
Royal Mansour ~ Moroccan Medallion Trellis White Shower Curtain

For a modern and trendy take on your bathroom mirror, you can frame the glass. Better yet, install fancy-looking LED powered mirrors to add even more light and a sense of innovation to your bathroom.

The best part is that these mirror designs can be used to complement other decor features, including your stunning shower curtains.

Tapestry curtain designs will look gorgeous reflected in any bathroom mirror.

For example, placing the mirror opposite your shower curtain will reflect the fabric design, allowing it to be seen from multiple angles. This will add cohesion to the space and do wonders for your overall bathroom design.

The following curtains have stylish, rich and sophisticated patterns that, when reflected in your mirrors, will evoke feelings of nature’s abundance.

Wall Art in Your Guest Bathroom

Art is a reflection of your personality and creativity. And, guess what—you can add wall art in your guest bathroom to make it more inviting.

Not only will it go well with your favorite furniture, but it can also complement your shower curtains.

Wall art, combined with long curtains, gives a room the appearance of luxury. When paired with extra long shower curtains, artwork will bring the same elegance to your bathroom.

If you’re working with a collection of art, it’s essential to treat it as one piece for easy hanging and to achieve balance.

Botanical Wall Art Example

To hang art like an interior design pro, make sure it is neither too small or too large in relation to your hanging space. Too small, and it will make the wall look unfinished. Too big, and it will appear crowded.

When hanging several pieces of artwork, fix the big heavy pieces on the bottom left, the light ones on the upper right, with mid-sized pieces somewhere in between.

Pro Tip: Don’t hang artwork too high. Apply a standard average human eye height and the right direction to help create balance and a visual midline for your art.

Need Even More Design Ideas?

Some additional elegant and affordable inspirations to match your curtains that take very little time and effort include:

  • Adding wallpaper with color details that complement your curtain
  • A new paint job to accentuate a color from your curtain design
  • Updated lighting to reflect the true colors of your curtains
  • Install matching valance curtains
Tropical Garden ~ Colorful Floral Bohemian Fabric Shower Curtain
Tropical Garden ~ Colorful Floral Bohemian Fabric Shower Curtain
Orange Blossom ~ Persian Mediterranean Floral Shower Curtain
Orange Blossom ~ Persian Mediterranean Floral Shower Curtain

Make Your Home Look New Again

There are many ways to make your home look and feel like a new one. The textiles you choose to include in any room can be the starting point for transforming your space.

Our designs are printed on superior grade, premium soft cotton, and exquisitely finished with neatly stitched hems. This results in high-quality, elegant collections that can be used as decor or as part of a gift package.

Check out our latest video on the magic that goes into creating authentic block print linens. Whether you’re looking for shower curtains, bedspreads, or table linens, all of our textiles are printed with this level of detail and artistry.

With a distinctly handmade essence, there could be nothing more unique.

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