7 Boho Duvet Covers You Have to See to Believe

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 11, 2022

A boho interior design style comprises a magical blend of colors, patterns, and textures. In boho design, unconventional is the name of the game, and although our bedding is hand-printed using traditional techniques, our designs are anything but. Lay the groundwork for vibrant bedroom decor with any of our soft cotton boho duvet covers.

What makes a duvet cover bohemian?

A duvet cover is bohemian when it has a distinct pattern (or a mix of patterns) and a combination of colors that fall into boho territory. Often, these patterns and colors are unique to a region or travel destination. A boho duvet cover may not be exclusively boho. How you decide to style it with a certain bedsheet, wall art, or furniture can grant it that bohemian aesthetic.

Popular prints and motifs

Boho prints are idiosyncratic, and they can be mixed together to create an even more unique style.

  • Medallions
  • Florals
  • Lattice
  • Traditional and folk patterns (ikat, kilim, tapestry-inspired, geometric prints)
  • Paisley
  • Trellis print
  • Abstract designs

What are bohemian colors?

Boho design inspires wanderlust and piques curiosity. Naturally, boho colors need to be visually intoxicating. For the base, quintessential boho bedrooms use off-white/cream, bluish-greens, and tan.

Then, we pepper the room with saturated jewel tones like emerald, magenta, amethyst, poppy topaz, and ruby red. For a mellower color palette, opt for various shades of whites/creams, tans, and browns with green as a secondary color.

If you’re looking to build a classic boho color wheel but want to start with tried-and-true colors, choose warm tones like Sedona, brown quartz, seafoam green, sage, champagne pink, brick red, and honeycomb yellow.

Meanwhile, dark and daring boho bedrooms make use of black and browns, deep reds and purples, dark greens, and grays. Accentuate with pops of orange, gold, true green, and white.

1. The bold and the beautiful—brown and red boho bedding

Warm tones are unmistakably boho. Our Chocolate and Caramel collection certainly evokes warmth, with mehndi designs in burnt orange that pop against brown and caramel stripes. Pair this duvet cover with complementing colors like the ones in our Orange Blossom pillow cover or with contrasting colors like the white and blue in our Casablanca Blues euro sham. The duvet cover reverses to a toned-down counterpart for when you want to soften the patterns in your bedroom.

Bohemian orange and brown duvet cover with Mehndi symbols and matching pillows, shams, and curtains in a white-wall bedroom
Chocolate and Caramel – Available sizes

2. A bohemian duvet cover that celebrates tradition and crafts

If you want two distinct patterns in one duvet cover, try our Moroccan Zellige-inspired Mosaique Bleue line. This bedding captures the artistic bohemian spirit, translating the terracotta craftsmanship into block-printed bedding. The tiles on this duvet cover call attention to cyan stars against a chocolate background, embellished with peacock green, French blue, and apricot details. The reverse features another star motif, this time brandishing a more geometric effect and utilizing off-white as the dominant color.

Boho-inspired, multicolor duvet cover, pillow covers, and shams featuring Moroccan zellige with complementary metal decor
Mosaique Bleue – Available sizes: Twin, Queen, King

3. Ruby red duvet cover for dark boho bedrooms

This tapestry-inspired duvet cover tells a story of drama and adventure. Our take on heritage Turkish Kilim rugs, the Ruby Kilim print weaves a network of traditional and geometric motifs in ruby red, black, and cream. With such an eye-catching pattern, this bedding demands attention. Make it the focal point of your dark boho bedroom and pair it with pillow covers from our Ruby Kilim collection.

Ruby Kilim – Available sizes: Twin, Queen, King

4. Boho bedding print with zest and history

Looking to tap into the vintage side of boho design? Orange Blossom is the best place to start. The cream fabric gives way to an arrangement of orange, violet, and yellow blooms broken up by green foliage and bordered by coordinating prints. Flip the bedding over to reveal a simpler block print in similar colors. The Orange Blossom collection is a tribute to summertime’s carefree, joyous spirit; this print takes you through a stroll in a Mediterranean orange grove.

A cheerful bedroom with an orange, cream, sage, and purple vintage duvet cover and pillows based on Persian floral bedding
Orange Blossom – Available sizes: Twin, Queen, King

5. Duvet cover for a modern boho bedroom

Although boho design conjures up an explosion of color, reinvent the wheel by opting for a minimalist scheme. Start with the elegant Royal Mansour duvet cover, whose white-on-white color palette reflects its namesake’s intricate latticework. The Marrakesh grand palace hotel, commissioned by King Mohamed VI in 2006, exudes luxury, light, and fine craftsmanship—elements encapsulated in this boho duvet cover.

A white-on-white Boho duvet cover with coordinating pillows and curtains, all emulating latticework in the Royal Mansour
Royal Mansour – Available sizes: Twin, Queen, King

6. Mid-Century Bohemian duvet cover

Mid-century design and bohemian style may seem mutually exclusive, but they work together to create a well-balanced composition. Minimalist meets maximalist, which makes for a fascinating bedroom. For a more down-to-earth boho duvet cover with otherworldly motifs, consider Celestial Embrace. An indigo night sky plays a backdrop to a network of suns, moons, and stars, a fitting combination for your sleep haven. This mid-century print, a call to an ancient ottoman textile from the 14th century, brings harmony and wonder. Combine it with our Starry Nights throw cover to set the stage for quiet slumber.

Picture of an Ottoman-inspired print with a white orb encased in a light blue one, repeated in rows and connected by pearls
Celestial Embrace – Available sizes: Twin, Queen, King

7. Boho duvet cover with an irresistible French flair

In lieu of jumbo radial medallions you’ll find on many trendy boho duvet covers, try this deluxe, timeless version. Versailles pays homage to the noble residence synonymous with extravagance and style. The duvet cover print features medallions that salute classic French coats of arms with fashionable flairs such as fleur-de-lis, braids, and crowns in yellow gold, light grey, and burgundy on a cream ground. The reverse is a coordinating pattern of thin vines and tender flowers in matching colors to replicate the palace gardens.

Boho duvet cover featuring stylized French yellow medallions with burgundy, gold, and silvery grey accents on an ivory ground
Versailles – Available sizes: Twin, Queen, King

How do you mix patterns for bedding?

Curating a boho bedroom tests your interior design prowess, but fear not. In fact, it’s one of the more forgiving styles that encourage experimentation and exploration.

Start with a showstopping duvet cover.

You can’t go wrong with a classic floral print or medallion block print from one of our duvet cover collections. These patterns act as the focal point in your bedroom, anchoring everything else around them.

Choose a matching bedsheet or one in a similar color.

Embrace the bohemian enthusiasm for pattern mixing by combining a duvet cover like Orange Blossom with another floral bedsheet in orange or yellow gold.

Choose prints with identical print sizes or motifs.

Print-mixing doesn’t have to be chaotic; boho design is proof of it. For instance, the Versailles boho duvet cover pairs well with another medallion print pillow cover like Casablanca Blues.

Incorporate a few solid-colored pieces into the mix.

To help tie together different prints, insert a few solid-colored pillows into your bedding arrangement or choose a solid-colored bedsheet like our Natural Organic Cotton Percale Sheet.

When in doubt, stripe it out.

The red and brown stripes in Chocolate and Caramel will look just as great with the Indian Summer pillow shams as they will with any floral or geometric print.

What do you put in a boho bedroom?

Remember: texture, color, and patterns are all staples of boho bedrooms. Your choice of decor should reflect this tenet. For dark boho bedrooms, don’t be afraid of unorthodox style choices like black or brown walls, dried bouquets instead of verdant pots, or fur accents in exchange for knits.

A patterned rug

Geometric prints like ikat and kilim designs are most common in boho bedrooms. However, solid-colored rugs may also be a suitable option if your room is already pattern-heavy.


Turkish Nomad’s Kilim Embroidered Rug

This constellation of colors is classic boho, and you’ll find that the linear diamond pattern and stripes mesh well with other prints in your bedroom.

Jayson Home

Moroccan Rug

Or, you can enlist this solid red rug to rein in all the patterns in your bedroom. The pure wool material and fringe give your space a bit of texture.

Wood or rattan furniture

Wood is a must-have in boho bedrooms, with rattan being a number one favorite. Unfinished timber like teak or bamboo is also prominent.

Byron’s Life

Rattan Round Mini Table

This end table is small enough to be used as a nightstand, and the extra storage inside makes it ultra-functional.

Jayson Home

Vintage Rattan Bar Cart

On the hunt for some funky furnishings? Try using a bar cart as a table substitute. Display everything from books to plants to your actual liquor collection on this versatile unit.

Eclectic seating

Low-profile cushions, benches, and butterfly chairs are essential in a boho bedroom.

One Kings Lane

Betsy Woven Bench, Walnut/Jute

Punctuate your bed with this handcrafted, old-school bench fashioned out of mahogany and jute. Top it off with colorful pillow throws or shams.

One Kings Lane

Sabie Forest Velvet Pouf

Moody boho bedrooms might feel more complete with this striking ottoman depicting a South African wildlife scene in rich golds, dark greens, and black.

Other boho decor ideas

Textured light fixtures made of woven grass, macrame, rattan, and bamboo give your bedroom that boho flavor. Similarly, adorned walls give bohemian bedrooms that sought-after cozy feeling. Finally, put your mementos and vintage curios on display atop a shelf or a table to highlight the travel-centric boho lifestyle.

Want to take the plunge and transform your entire home into a bohemian paradise? Check out our bohemian decor guide to spark your imagination and match your new boho duvet cover.