8 Blue And White Shower Curtains That’ll Instantly Upgrade Your Bathroom

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 18, 2022

Though you might have a patterned plastic shower curtain, nothing beats the luxurious look and feel of a fabric curtain. Our collection of cotton panels includes blue and white shower curtains that instantly upgrade your bathroom. From contemporary and modern to cottage-inspired, we’re here to shine the spotlight on our white and blue shower curtains that transform your bathroom in minutes.

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Why choose blue and white for your shower curtains?

Like ice cream on a hot day or peanut butter on apple slices, blue on white is an automatic decor choice. With indigo, French blue, sky blue, and other shades to choose from, you won’t want for variety.

Most of all, you’ll end up with something that feels fresh and modern in the bathroom when you choose blue and white shower curtains g. If that’s not enough to sway your decision, also keep in mind that white and blue is an adaptable base for a wide range of color schemes and interior design styles.

1. Casablanca Blues – Blue ~ Moroccan Quatrefoil

Casablanca Blues kicks off our list of amazing white and blue curtains that upgrade your bathroom in an instant. The French blue background is made lovelier with avocado green, sky blue, and white accents in this quatrefoil print.

Decor ideas

Stick with organic colors for Casablanca Blues, and you’ve got the recipe for an authentic, global-inspired bathroom.


5 Piece Set, Classic Green Onyx

Pick up the avocado green in Moroccan Blue with this sage green onyx bathroom set comprised of a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, and three vessels for decorative or functional purposes. The unique layers and striations imbue this stone with enough charm to match Casablanca Blues’ strong personality.


Handmade Embossed Brass Wall Mounted Moroccan Shelf

It’s not a Moroccan bathroom without gilded accents, and this floating shelf is an easy addition to a bathroom in need of a makeover. Fortunately, gold complements any white and blue shower curtain, most especially Casablanca Blues.

2. Casablanca Blues – White ~ Moroccan Quatrefoil

With its white ground instead of blue, this iteration of Casablanca Blues opens up your bathroom decor to more color options.

Decor ideas

Create a snapshot of Moroccan life with colorful ornaments beside your blue and white shower curtain—vases, stools, rugs, flowering plants, and soap holders, for starters.


Egyptian Era Designed Earthen Ware

Distressed with side handles, this charming piece can be used as a planter or an ornamental pot. The burnt red creates a nice contrast against Casablanca Blues’ white, blue, and avocado green.

The Home Depot

Multi-functional Metal Yellow Garden Stool

This set promises to look just as good on your patio as spare seats as it does in your bathroom as a planter stand or accent table. The glossy, yellow finish renders the openwork more modern to help revamp your bathroom.

3. Midnight Lotus ~ Unique Floral Blue Fabric Shower Curtain

A taste of the sublime, Midnight Lotus is a blue and white shower curtain that’ll leave your bathroom looking more sophisticated. An aquatic flower that spends its life floating in water, it’s no wonder that the lotus is a popular motif in bathrooms.

Decor ideas

Midnight Lotus feels regal, and understated bathroom accents help showcase its beauty.

Farrow & Ball

Lotus Wallpaper

Handcrafted using vinyl-free paper and a special glaze that makes it easy to wipe clean, this elegant wallpaper can be used on a bathroom wall. The rich cream and white color scheme allows you to reiterate the lotus motif from Midnight Lotus in a harmonious way.

Supreme Kitchen & Bath

Alfi Arched White Matte Solid Surface Resin Bathroom/Shower Stool

This solid white bathroom stool is fitting for a blue and white shower curtain. The graceful curves are a welcome change from straight, hard lines in most bathroom benches, and, though relatively small, this stool supports up to 330 pounds.

4. Pacific Blue ~ Rustic Navy Ocean Asian Inspired Curtain

Inspired by the concentric circles in the traditional Japanese pattern of seigaiha (blue sea and waves), Pacific Blue is nautical, indeed. Ironically, it can only be printed during the hot, dry months in Jaipur. It’s sensitive to atmospheric humidity, and the labor-intensive discharge printing process relies on a consistent atmosphere to be successful.

Decor ideas

Modern bathrooms take a cue from spas, and Japan’s bathing culture can provide some inspiration for your bathroom.


Pennsbury Rectangle Bath Rug

Pretend like you’re just stepping out of a rotemburo, or an open air bath when you step onto this stone mat. It’s covered in handpicked, smooth river stones that are adhered to a durable felt base. This backing material is ready to take on humid bathroom environments.

The Citizenry

Hinoki Wood Bath Runner

If you want to adopt more of a classic spa ambiance, this hinoki, or Japanese cypress, bath runner will help you get there. A staple in Japanese public baths and residential bathrooms, this timber is naturally water-resistant. What’s more, it ages gracefully into a slighter darker shade.

5. Starry Nights ~ Blue Batik Contemporary Fabric Shower Curtain

A white and blue shower curtain fit for a contemporary bathroom. Starry Nights acts as the scene-stealing component in any space, thanks to its striking star motifs and dreamy cloud borders, all depicted in various shades of blue and off-white.

Decor ideas

Contemporary bathrooms make use of geometric shapes in original designs, much like our Starry Nights print.

Lamps Plus

Lighting on the Square Bronze Bath Vanity Light

Echo the orderly grids in Starry Nights with this contemporary lighting fixture. Changing out your traditional bulb-on-plate vanity lighting for something more up-to-date freshens up your bathroom with minimal effort.


Cozy in Paris Hardwired Towel Warmer

Shaped like a quarter moon, this modern accessory upgrades your bathroom instantly, and it fits well with the celestial-themed Starry Nights. You’ll be grateful for this towel warmer during colder months! Plus, it serves as a contemporary wall covering during warmer months, too.

6. English Gardens ~ Shower Curtain

English Gardens is a blue and white shower curtain that’s as classic as it gets. However, it translates well into an updated bathroom with traditional elements.

Decor ideas

Cottage-inspired bathrooms need not look dowdy or intentionally shabby.


Jean Pierre Ricardo Cotton Fringe Bath Rug

Cultivate that sense of home in a cottage bathroom with this fringed rug in white. The embossed damask pattern offers just enough texture, and the cotton material is machine washable, to boot.

Joss & Main

Atmosphere by Suzanne Nicoll – 9 Piece Picture Frame Print

No cottage bathroom is complete without a collection of landscape prints such as this one by Suzanne Nicoll. Arrange the frames in neat rows of three, or intersperse the prints on a wall with other decor such as a clock or a mirror.

7. Celestial Embrace – Blue ~ Shower Curtain

A true objet d’art, Celestial Embrace leaves room for interpretation without heading into impossibly abstract territory. Ours is a modern-day interpretation of a centuries-old Ottoman textile. In the bathroom, this print is an unexpected, but pleasant surprise.

Decor ideas

Play up Celestial Embrace with glossy or shimmering accents such as soap holders and table toppers.

Burke Decor

Solid Brass Bath Trio Wall Hanger

Declutter your shower or bathtub corners with this wall-mounted soap and toiletry holder. The brass material emanates a vintage quality, accentuating Celestial Embrace’s Mid-Century vibe.

Z Gallerie

Sand Art With Stand – Gold

Perfect as a vanity topper, this mesmerizing curio evokes Celestial Embrace’s mystical flair. The golden stand harmonizes with blue and white curtains, as well as other warm, metallic finishes like brass.

8. Woodland Ferns ~ Shower Curtain

For an Earthy color combo, this sage green, white, and blue curtain is a compelling opener. We gave the traditional ogee print an overhaul drawing inspiration from another vintage influence—botanical prints featuring delicate ferns.

Decor ideas

Transport yourself to a fern-filled forest humming with activity by introducing other natural elements to your bathroom decor.

Secret Bath Bathroom Fixtures

Nature Bathroom Vessel Sink. Natural Acacia Wood

In lieu of porcelain or marble, this wooden basin sink provides a touch of contemporary to a room lacking 21st-century components. Unfinished rattan, bamboo, pine, or ash are also great contenders for a down-to-earth vibe.

The BuildClub

2.5 Qt. Boston Fern Plant 8 In. Hanging Basket

Start your indoor garden collection with this moderately sized hanging fern. Layer your greenery with freestanding, wall-mounted, and ceiling-hung planters to create the illusion of depth, even if your bathroom isn’t particularly spacious.

Do cloth shower curtains go inside the tub?

No, cloth shower curtains do not go inside the tub. Instead, a shower liner is the one that directs shower and bath water into the drain. Shower liners are available in waterproof or highly water-resistant materials such as vinyl, polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA), ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), or waterproof-treated polyester.

Our blue and white shower curtains are made of cotton and are designed to be used with shower liners.

Should you leave the shower curtain open or closed?

The best practice is to leave the shower curtain closed, especially your liner, to allow excess water to evaporate. Although your liner is designed to be waterproof, it can still develop mildew or mold if it doesn’t get the chance to dry properly.

What sizes of shower curtains are available?

In general, there are three standard sizes for shower curtains.

  • 70 x 70 inches
  • 70 x 72 inches
  • 72 x 72 inches

At Saffron Marigold, we offer shower curtains that are 72 x 72 inches to bring you the most usability. For context, it’s recommended to purchase a shower curtain that is 12 inches wider than your shower. Additionally, most tubs are 32 x 60 inches, so a shower curtain that’s 70 or 72 inches wide is suitable.

However, there are shower curtains that may be wider or taller than average to accommodate showers or tubs with special dimensions. Luckily, some curtains may also be available in custom sizes.

Tips for installing a shower curtain

Installing a shower curtain is usually straightforward, but there are some tips and tricks to make the process even easier.

  • For extra wide showers or wrap-around shower curtains, try installing two shower curtains.
  • Stall showers are usually taller than shower-tub combos, so keep this in mind when purchasing shower curtains.
  • Your shower rod should be about 75 to 77 inches above your bathroom floor to keep it from dragging.
  • You can install your shower rod inside or outside your shower stall.
  • Wall anchors are necessary if you’re installing a curtain rod on a tiled wall or a wall without a stud.
  • Consider installing splash guards on your wall to help keep water off of your walls and floor.