15 Blue and White Bathroom Ideas For A Modern Decor Style

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 11, 2022

Are you looking to decorate a blue and white bathroom with a modern touch? Blue is the quintessential bathroom color, reminiscent of water and a precursor to relaxation. On the other hand, white is characteristic of modern decor and it’s a foolproof choice if you want to evoke elegance and freshness. What’s more, we have several blue and white bathroom curtains and valances fit for a modern home. Since these colors are so versatile, your challenge is finding the best modern decor to execute your design vision.

Why choose blue and white for your bathroom decor?

Modern style is a fascinating mix of classic paradigms and contemporary ideas. It originated in the 1950s Mid-Century Modern era which emphasized functionality, natural materials, and streamlined silhouettes.

What better colors embody modernity than blue and white? Blue is associated with tech companies and modern medicine. White is a top choice for conveying cleanliness, modesty, and purity. Relaxing, refreshing, and classic—in design terms, this color combination is a tried-and-true option that can be customized to your style.

Best of all, blue comes in hundreds of shades that can be mixed and matched with almost every other color suited for a bathroom. Since white is another neutral, your decor choices are infinite.

What is a modern style bathroom?

A modern blue and white bathroom accentuates simplicity, clean lines, and natural materials echoed throughout your decor. Rectangular shapes, glass, matte finishes (or just the right amount of glossy embellishments), and lots of light distinguish a modern bathroom.

Often, personal items such as toiletries, cosmetics, and medication are tucked away into vanities, medicine cabinets, and other units to keep the space clutter-free. If personal effects are left out in the open, functional decor like trays and lidded containers keep them orderly.

However, don’t mistake minimal with lifeless, or worse, uninspired. In fact, there are many colors and patterns you can incorporate into a modern bathroom.

What colors go with blue in a bathroom?

White is easy enough to decorate with, but blue requires just a little bit more thought. Don’t worry, though, blue is pretty much a neutral color. It pairs well with many other colors, not just white.

  • Neutrals (Off-white, tan, gray, black)
  • Other shades of blue (Indigo, blue-gray, turquoise, French blue, navy blue)
  • Sunshine yellow, pale or hot pink, Peacock green
  • Gold, matte black, or silver accents

Modern blue and white bathroom decor ideas

Contrary to popular belief, prints do have a place in modern design. Used strategically, unexpected patterns, geometric motifs, and bold imagery make a modern bathroom come to life.

We recommend blue and white modern shower curtains with matching valances here to overhaul your bathroom. Note that you’ll need a waterproof shower liner; Our shower curtains are made of 100% soft cotton.

Blue and white bathroom curtains and valances

Ideally, when choosing window treatments for a modern bathroom, your curtains and valances should match. This helps establish a consistent theme and feel throughout.

Plus, our sheer valances still let light shine through while adding personality to your modern bathroom. All of our shower curtains are a standard 72 x 72 inches, which covers a tub. Our valances are 44 x 17 inches.

Saffron Marigold

Pacific Blue

For a modern, nautical-themed blue and white bathroom, try this wave-inspired block print. The slender, uniformly spaced lines give this curtain a modern flair. You might repeat the scratchy wave texture on your choice of wallpaper or bath rug for harmony.

Saffron Marigold

Celestial Embrace

Want to make a statement with your blue and white bathroom decor? Dazzle with this quirky print adorned with abstract motifs instead of a conventional pattern like polka dots or herringbone.

Saffron Marigold

English Gardens

Revive Traditional-Modern bathrooms with this collection of bouquets and other floral block prints. Combine this delicate pattern with an equally gutsy design choice like a pastel pink accent wall or matte blue cabinets.

Saffron Marigold

Midnight Lotus

This is another print that verges on the traditional side, although the seamless design renders it fit for a modern bathroom. Keep other prints in your bathroom to a minimum, but feel free to match this with another solid blue color.

Saffron Marigold

Royal Mansour

If your existing blue and white bathroom decor already includes lots of prints, consider this white-on-white pattern inspired by the latticework in the Moroccan royal hotel it’s named after.

Other accessories for a modern blue and white bathroom

A blue and white modern bathroom may be functional and minimalist, but it’s not lacking in detail. In fact, modern bathrooms rely on the little things for big charm and individuality.

Y Lighting

Chaos LED Mini Pendant Light

Say goodbye to classic sconces and embrace pendant lights for your modern bathroom. This fixture is a nod to Scandinavian and Mid-century Modern design. Its rectangular enclosure and acrylic diffuser panel cover an LED light that emits a soft white glow. It works well over a vanity.

Burke Decor

Tosca Free Standing Bath Towel Rack

Keep towels looking organized with this modest stand featuring three wooden rails atop a white metal base. It’s more modern than a shelf, but if you want to conserve even more space, try a wall-mounted variation in chrome or matte black.

La Jolie Muse

Garonne Grey With Marble Pots Set

Elegant and ultramodern, this planter set stands out with a simple gold band and dipped bottoms. Equipped with drainage holes, these can also be used outside. The best part is that the neutrals pair well with a blue and white bathroom.


Essential Toilet Brush Holder & Trash Can

Perhaps not your sexiest piece of bathroom decor, but important nonetheless, this inconspicuous set conceals your toilet brush and trash. The silicone-coated ceramic and plastic are available in a chic, matte blue-grey.

Build With Ferguson

Framed Bathroom Mirror

Available in three sizes to best fit your bathroom, this navy blue, mahogany mirror is a neat find. Its diamond-esque embellishments running down its sides bring a modern twist to an otherwise traditional piece of decor.

the Nopo

Marble Bathroom Set

Marble is the material of the hour in modern design. This set includes a liquid soap dispenser, tissue box, soap tray, toothbrush and toothpaste holder, container and lid, tray, and extra container—all in white marble handcrafted by Mexican artists.

What are ways to make a traditional bathroom look modern?

Convert your traditional bathroom into a modern one by focusing on key elements such as your walls, floors, and furnishings. Granted, the following approaches require more elbow grease and an extra pair of hands than simply buying new furniture. But, the results are worth it.

1. Retile walls and floors with a modern print

Ornate, heritage tiles are beautiful but don’t often fit in with modern interiors. Look to clean, geometric patterns and one-of-a-kind abstract prints instead to adorn your bathroom’s surfaces.

All Modern

Aster Porcelain Patterned Tile

Plucked right out of a Mid-century modern book, this geometric tile is a stellar choice for revamping shower tiles and walls. The washable pieces can be cut to fit according to your bathroom specs. Best of all, you can install these tiles in your kitchen, too.


Peony Contour Line Drawing Wallpaper

For splash-free areas, put up this temporary, pre-pasted wallpaper. The unfinished, but intricate sketch is incredibly modern, and the colors won’t detract from your bathroom’s focal point. This wall covering adheres best to smooth walls.

2. Revamp cabinet pulls and door handles

It’s easy to transform old cabinets with brand new handles. Matte styles in straight, slender shapes bring your bathroom to the twenty-first century. Brass and chrome are other favorites for an up-to-date space.


Center Appliance Pull Set

Linear, thin, and simple—modern pulls should be functional and unobtrusive like this pair of black alloy handles that fit various size appliances and furnishings. Use the same style and finish for all of your bathroom drawers.

3. Install a freestanding bath

Dare to make a drastic change to your bathroom? A freestanding bath is a worthwhile investment. Common styles include roll-top tubs and clawfoot tubs.

Peruse crowd-pleasing materials like porcelain enameled steel, engineered marble, and enameled cast iron, which are all durable and stylish. For shape, choose oval or round tubs in place of rectangular ones to offset hard lines in your bathroom.

Magnus Home Products

Crofton Acrylic Double-Slipper Freestanding Tub

A freestanding tub acts as the focal point of your luxurious, modern bathroom. With a slipper tub like this one, you might need to install a round, ceiling-mounted shower curtain rod if you want the curtains to enclose the tub.

Final Thoughts

We’ll leave you with one last piece of advice for creating the modern blue and white bathroom of your dreams: Replace your shower head if necessary. Choose a rectangular waterfall showerhead or an extra-large, round shower head for a modern aesthetic. If you’re up to the task, consider a ceiling mount shower head for the complete spa experience.

Still undecided about your fabrics and prints? Take a closer look at all of the shower curtains we offer to explore all your bathroom decor options.