Floral Tablecloths that Set the Scene for Spring and Summer

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 11, 2022

With winter almost over, it’s time to start thinking about designing for the spring and summer. A new floral tablecloth is a simple way to give your dining room or breakfast nook an instant facelift. A table linen can act as a refreshing foundation, setting the stage not only for your table scape, but for the entire room. In this article we explore the ins and outs of floral tablecloths to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Why choose a floral tablecloth?

Floral prints have always been a widely-used motif in interior design.  Ranging from traditional to contemporary and from elegant to whimsical, they can breathe new life into any setting. Today, floral patterns are making a big comeback in interior design because, when used the right way, they can add a fresh and modern feel. There are many reasons why you should choose one for your dining room or kitchen table.

Florals are easy to pair with other patterns. All you need to do is choose a few colors that stand out in your room’s décor and find a floral tablecloth that picks up on them. This will prevent your room from looking too busy.

Flowers create emotions. Floral prints can capture a mood or feeling. A rose print can make your room feel romantic, while a bold one might create a playful vibe. Choose a pattern that reflects the feeling you want to evoke in your space.

Floral patterns add color. Especially if your room is neutral, adding a splash of color can really bring it to life. A floral pattern is a great way to incorporate color into your design scheme.

Floral patterns are biophilic. Bringing the outdoors inside is a popular trend right now. Surrounding yourself with colorful flowers will uplift your mood by helping you connect with nature.

Saffron Marigold offers a wide option of charming rectangular and round floral tablecloths for every décor and every occasion.

Are all floral patterns considered “feminine”?  

Although floral patterns have always been popular in interior design, there is a common perception that they are too “feminine.” In addition, if you don’t integrate them into your design scheme strategically, your look may seem overdone.

Table clothes with large floral designs tend to look less feminine. Take a look at our Orange Blossom tablecloth featuring stylized blossoms with foliage. Elegant and bold, there’s nothing girlie about this floral pattern.

Orange Blossom is a pattern that is gender neutral

To avoid creating a design scheme that is overly frilly, choose a botanical option that features abstract shapes and toned-down colors. Keep in mind that flowers are not just blossoms – they also have leaves and branches, giving them a less feminine vibe. Select colors that include greens, browns and blues rather than bright reds and pinks for a more gender-neutral, masculine feel.

Fashion Touch Home

Wood Candle Holder

Balance a floral tablecloth with a manly tabletop decoration. This beautiful natural wood candle holder with a rustic feel offers a hint of masculinity.

Father and Son Shop

Poplar Endgrain Wood Coasters Drink Coasters

These poplar endgrain wood coasters create a lovely contrast to a tablecloth with vibrant floral pattern.

Can I use placemats with a floral tablecloth?

Many hosts believe that tablecloths and placemats should be used separately. But there really are no rules of etiquette that say you can’t use them together. Here are a few tips for pairing a tablecloth with placemats for everything from everyday dining to special occasions.

Consider the event you are hosting.  Choose a floral-patterned tablecloth in bright colors for a birthday and a light neutral for a wedding or formal event. Then add solid placemats in seasonal colors, such as orange for the fall and green for the spring. Check out our white Wedding India Block Print Tablecloth. With an elegant backdrop like this, your placemats can be just about any color or pattern.

Use cloth mats with a cloth tablecloth. Pair your cotton tablecloth with cotton placemats to maintain an even textural theme

Do not use placemats on a buffet table. For a buffet table, use a floor-length tablecloth without placemats. This will allow the floral pattern on the tablecloth to really stand out.

Strike a balance: There should be a visual balance and harmony between your floral tablecloth and your placemats. You can use the pairing to create visual interest, but be sure to keep them in the same color family.

Many believe that it is necessary to use placemats to protect your tablecloth from heat and spills. According to KitchenSeer, although they are not required, they are beneficial if you have a tablecloth that is susceptible to damage. But by being creative, you can use placemats to add some extra design pop to your table. https://kitchenseer.com/should-you-use-placemats-with-tablecloth/


Rectangular Rattan Placemats

A set of handwoven solid rattan placemats is perfect for pairing with a floral tablecloth. Choose from black, light natural or honey options.


Dahlia Brass Round Placemats

This round plastic placemat covered in metallic foil adds dimension and delicacy without interfering with the tablecloth’s floral pattern.

What are the benefits of a cotton floral tablecloth?

When shopping for a new tablecloth, you can choose among cotton, polyester (or a mix of the two), linen, silk, organza, vinyl and even paper. Cotton tablecloths are particularly popular, in part because they are easy to produce and therefore can be relatively inexpensive. But here are some other benefits for choosing a floral tablecloth made from cotton.

Easily Washable: Most cotton tablecloths are machine washable and can be spot-cleaned with a damp rag or sponge. Ours can be machine washed in cold water and tumble-dried on a warm cycle.

Durable: Few fabrics are as long-lasting as cotton.

Absorbent: Cotton is an absorbent fabric that will soak up most kinds of spills.

Lots of Choices: Because cotton can be easily dyed and embroidered, they are available in a wide range of floral patterns, colors and sizes.

As a result, cotton tablecloths are a great choice for everyday use, in a breakfast nook or dining room.

What patterns and colors go with floral tablecloths?

Floral prints are very trendy right now. But it takes a good eye to pair them with other patterns. Here are a few tips:

Other floral prints: Too many different floral patterns can be overwhelming. If you already have a floral print in your dining room, choose a tablecloth with the same background color so the look is not too complicated.

Other patterns that go with floral:  Try mixing your floral tablecloth with polka dots, plaid, stripes, geometric designs and leopard print.

Color: Floral tablecloths are by definition colorful. Pair them with neutral tones for a modern look. If you like the classic look of black-and-white flowers, you can go bolder with other colors in the room.

Scale: It’s easier to pair small-scale floral prints than large-scale ones with other patterns in the room. You can scatter smaller floral designs around a space more easily. A tablecloth with a large, bold floral print works better as the centerpiece of your room.

Texture: Interior designers use texture to keep a space from looking one-dimensional. It also adds warmth to a room. You can count on floral prints to add visual texture to a space, even neutral, toned-down ones. Bolder floral prints add even more.

Saro Lifestyle

Barry Napkins in Black

These 100% cotton table napkins with a subtle plaid pattern pair beautifully with any floral pattern.

Jayes Studio

Leopard Spots Enameled Napkin Rings

You can’t go wrong matching one of our floral tablecloths with a faux floral centerpiece. Splurge on this realistic-looking hand-made orchid in a stunning gold bowl.

Country Peddler

Black & White Large Check Moving Flame Pillar Candle

Set the mood with an elegant black-and-white striped candle that goes hand-in-hand with a floral tablecloth of any pattern.


Faux Purple Orchid in Gold Bowl

You can’t go wrong matching one of our floral tablecloths with a faux floral centerpiece. Splurge on this realistic-looking hand-made orchid in a stunning gold bowl.

We hope you are inspired enough to take the plunge with a rectangular or round floral print tablecloth. We offer a such a wide range of table dressings, we are confident you will find one to fit your needs.