4 Orange and Yellow Sheer Curtains That Will Lighten Up Any Home

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 11, 2022

Imagine for a moment that it’s late morning on a Saturday and you’re lounging on your favorite side of the sofa, freshly brewed tea within arm’s reach on the coffee table. You’re ready to dive deep into the book club’s monthly pick, but the bright sun is harshing your mellow, hitting you square in the face making you squint and squirm for a new comfortable position.

The simple answer? Sheer curtains. Timeless and versatile, orange sheer curtains and yellow sheer curtains brighten up rooms in more ways than one. Here, we’ll go over the art of hanging curtains and several sheer curtain prints to try.

Why choose yellow or orange sheer curtains?

Although white is the top choice for sheer curtains, sometimes you need a little color to liven up your room and coordinate with the rest of your accessories.

1. Yellow and orange are the colors of positivity

Get this: Orange isn’t just an energizing color. It’s also known to improve appetites, making it a great choice for the kitchen, dining room, or living room. However, don’t count it out for the bedroom or the office. Orange ignites creativity and can make a dim room radiant.

In a similar vein, yellow brings joy wherever it goes. Use it to invoke calmness and feel-good vibes. Luckily, our versatile block prints are appropriate for most rooms in the home, so while they are bright, they are not loud.

2. Yellow and orange sheer curtains are less likely to fade

Lighter colors reflect light more effectively than darker shades, making yellow and orange panels more impervious to direct sunlight. Moreover, our natural cotton fabric curtains can withstand more heat and light compared to linen and some synthetic fabrics.

3. Warm-toned curtains invite sunlight in

Looking for ways to maximize natural light? Blackout curtains or dark, sheer curtains close off a room by absorbing light instead of distributing it throughout your space. Instead, choose sheer curtains to make your room airy and ethereal.

4. They make rooms appear larger

Similarly, lighter-colored curtains give rooms the appearance of depth and spaciousness. The prints and colors you choose for your furniture, rugs, and wall coverings also determine how spacious your room seems.

4 yellow and orange sheer curtains — plus 2 sheer layering pieces

Employ yellow sheer curtains and orange sheer curtains for a variety of themes including tropical paradise, mod style, or travel-inspired.

In addition to colorful sheer curtains, we review two white sheer curtains here you can layer to block out more sun or create the illusion of a wider window.

Saffron Marigold

Red Poppy ~ Indian Floral Sheer Yellow Curtain Panel

First off, Red Poppy is one of our more versatile floral patterns featuring a modest botanic print on an apricot canvas with a barely-there latticework texture. The result? This combination of geometric and floral motifs fully embodies the curtain print’s Mughal inspiration.

Saffron Marigold

Tropical Garden (CP) ~ Country Cottage Colorful Curtain Panel

Tropical Garden feels a little more traditional with its compact red blossoms and a bottom border featuring grand stargazer lilies in various colors. The bright prints, accompanied by green foliage, are striking against the warm tan background.

Saffron Marigold

Shimmering Goldstone ~ Orange Gold Sari India Curtain Panel

Shimmering Goldstone, inspired by the quintessential sari, is a slice of South Asian culture included in our Dreams of India collection. Golden globes dominate the panel with zari-inspired brocade borders in a matching golden tone, all on a regal orange ground.

Saffron Marigold

Indian Summer (CP) ~ Floral India Mango Orange Curtain Panel

Meanwhile, Indian Summer brings warmth to your living room or bedroom, thanks to its tropical, ready-to-eat orange shade. Plus, the graceful rose motifs in red and green match the double border below, evoking a cheerful nostalgia for carefree days.

Saffron Marigold

Ivy Lace ~ Country Cottage Sheer White Curtain Panel

Layer sheer and opaque curtains or combine sheer with sheer using Ivy Lace—a panel exhibiting an ornate arrangement of vines and stylized spades below. This classic print pairs well with floral motifs.

Saffron Marigold

Tulip Mist ~ White Floral India Sheer Curtain Panels

Last but not least, we have Tulip Mist. Elongated, off-white tulips dance across a milky backdrop made of hand-loomed fabric (Kota Doria) perfectly apt for diffusing sunlight.

What colors go well with orange curtains?

When determining what accents to pair with your bright orange curtain, look across the color wheel for inspiration. Orange calls blue its complementary soulmate, so match your orange curtain shade with a coordinating shade for a balanced feel.

For instance, Red Poppy features a muted apricot in its foreground. In this case, consider a powdery blue like Sky Blue, Baby Blue, or Maya Blue.

On the other hand, Shimmering Goldstone boasts a rich, jewel-toned orange dappled in gold. Hence, it pairs well with darker blues like Cobalt, Saphire Blue, or Egyptian Blue.

What’s more, colors next to orange on the color wheel (or various shades of orange) are always a foolproof choice. Yellows, browns, and warm pinks make a room with an orange curtain feel even warmer.

Design Within Reach

Lispenard Armchair

Take your shot at a mod-inspired room with this low-profile armchair in durable Doucale wool and solid hardwood. Why the Persimmon shade? The opulent orange has just enough personality to tie your bright living room together without being flashy.

Design Within Reach

Raawii Strøm Jug

Like a delicate, fruit-topped pastry, an orange and blush room entices the senses. This overlooked combination may be uncommon, but they mesh well. Beyond color, this handcrafted ceramic jug’s matte finish gives it that little extra something from an otherwise ordinary piece of decor.

What colors go well with yellow curtains?

Similarly, when you marry yellow with oranges and browns, you get a warmhearted, tropical, and Earthy feel. Yellow also goes well with blue greens and warm grays.

When coupled with a complementary color, again, make sure that the shade of yellow in your curtain matches the shade of blue or purple in your decor. For example, the yellow and gold tan in Tropical Garden goes with another vibrant shade like Cadillac, a mid-bright berry, or Palatinate Blue, a true blue.

Aqua, Daffodil, and Buckingham Gardens Green can also help you create a greenhouse-inspired palette.

Victoria Morris Pottery

Small Orb Lamp – Sea Green

For a touch of blue green in a sea of sunny colors, try this simple, but sophisticated light fixture from LA native and independent artist Victoria Morris. The sea-green ceramic base and ivory linen shade sing when placed in a room with yellow curtains.

Ocelot Market

Single Boxed Hand-Painted Pillar Candle – Bongazi Design

Inspired by African design, this hand-painted candle is a nice touch to empty spaces on end tables, coffee tables, or counters. Ocelot Marker is a fair trade company that supports disadvantaged communities through sustainable and ethical production, to boot.

Why choose sheer curtains?

With so many different window treatments available like Roman shades or the classic Venetian blinds, you might wonder if sheer curtains are still worth it. The short answer is yes! Sheer curtains offer more functionality than you might recognize.

1. They add privacy without blocking out light

Most homeowners choose sheer curtain panels for their light-filtering capabilities. The bright sun, when shining through yellow sheer curtains or orange sheer curtains, is softer and hazier. Unlike the harsh, direct light that beams through an open window, filtered sunlight not only helps preserve your indoor temperature, but it’s easier on the eyes, too.

Beyond sheer curtains’ light-filtering qualities, these practical window coverings give you privacy in areas like the living room where your large picture window might face the street. Chances are, you enjoy a bit of sun during the day, and block-out curtains might deprive you of that simple pleasure.

2. They layer well with sun-blocking panels

Often, you’ll need multiple panels and curtain types to complete your window treatment. Combining sheer panels with opaque panels is a common technique that makes your window treatment more versatile.

During the day, you can block out all light using both panels, or pull back your opaque panels to let sunshine through. At night, you can close all of your curtains for total privacy or block out light if your room sits under a street light.

3. They help balance patterns and solids

Best of all, sheer curtains make it easy to harmonize patterns and solids on your rugs, bedding, and furniture. With our wide range of one-of-a-kind prints, coordinating solid curtain panels in complementary colors is effortless.

Note that when you pick a solid panel in a similar color to your sheer curtain, you retain your sheer curtain’s dominant color scheme while giving you the option of total privacy or darkness.

What size curtains do I need for my window?

Most curtains are hung slightly above the window frame using a curtain rod. But, your curtain rod may rest under or just in line with your window frame, if you have one.

As a general rule of thumb, your window curtain length should be at least twice as wide as your window frame. For this reason, most people install at least two panels for each window, unless it is a small one. There are several standard curtain lengths to choose from.

  • 44 x 63 inches: Floating length
  • 44 x 84 inches: Apron length
  • 44 x 96 inches: Floor length
  • 44 x 108 inches: Puddle length

The apron length, 84, lies between your window sill and your floor. By contrast, the 96 and 108 lengths either touch the floor or puddle on the floor, depending on your rod installation height.

However, even the longer curtains like 96 and 108 may still float above the floor, especially if you have very high ceilings, and thus, very high windows.

Other common measurements include the 44 x 24 or 44 x 36 lengths, which are referred to as cafe curtains. These fall right at the window sill hem, and they’re great for smaller openings like kitchen casement windows.

Do Saffron Marigold pockets have tabs or rod pockets?

Our 63 and 84-inch panels have both pockets and curtain tabs. However, our longer panels 96 and 108 are made only with the 3-inch rod pocket.

How do you make sheer curtains look good on a wide window?

Natural light is a sought-after feature among home buyers and homeowners. Wide windows allow light in and blur the line between your home and nature. Maximize their visual appeal by dressing them up in sheer curtains.

1. Install multiple panels for volume

For extra wide windows or achieving a full, seamless look that melds all your panels together, try window curtains that total over two and a half times your window’s width. Mix blockouts, sheers, and opaque panels to complete the look.

2. Pair them with other window treatments

South-facing, wide windows may need additional coverings to protect sheer curtains and furnishings’ color. Your options include blinds, shades, and shutters. Materials range from woven fabrics, bamboo, wood, faux wood, vinyl, and more, depending on the treatment type.

3. Line your sheer curtains

If you want to use a liner instead of a different type of window treatment, choose a blockout curtain. Installing the liner behind your sheers using a double curtain rod grants you options during the day and night. Check out our detailed guide on how to line sheer curtains courtesy of a beloved Saffron Marigold customer.