14 Cottage Curtains That Bring Charming English Country Style To Your Home

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 13, 2023

Hanging cottage curtains is one of the best ways to bring a touch of cottage style to your home. After all, the right window treatment can make–or break–a room. With that in mind, if cottage decor speaks to your heart, choose a block printed curtain to treat your windows with charm and style.

From floral window treatments and curtain panels with vintage prints and patterns to a cafe curtain set hung at the kitchen window, we have a cottage curtain design for you.

Floral curtain panels in classic cottage colors

Like a gorgeous watercolor painting, the companion print to our Enchanted collection features stunning colors and classic design elements inspired by nature. This Art Nouveau print celebrates the sweet melodies of nature from blooming pink buds to sweet birds chirping among the blossoms.

classic floral curtain panel in cottage style colors

An enchanting blue floral window treatment

A dreamy French provincial vintage floral pattern graces the deep azure blue background of this stunning window treatment. Once again, this print comes from our best-loved Enchanted collection. We envision using this in a cottage dining room, formal living room, or bedroom–anywhere you might want a bit of magic and romance.

cottage curtains with floral pattern on blue background

The perfect English country cottage curtains

The abundance of an English country garden finds itself sprinkled delicately and artistically across a milky white ground in our aptly-named English Gardens collection. From traditional interiors to feminine designs all the way to cozy country looks–these would be absolutely lovely in any cottage style home!

white and blue floral cottage curtains

Vibrant cottage style curtains

Shades of blue and white, pastel colors–these are always at home in cottage style decor, but you’re not limited to decorating with those colors and those colors alone. Case in point: our Tropical Garden design is a prime example of a lively floral pattern that puts rich greens and red to use in a cottage curtain.

Anchored on a golden tan ground, Tropical Garden delivers romance, color, and vintage vibes–just the thing for a cottage window treatment.

White cotton curtains for a classic look

Instead of hanging a plain set of white sheer curtains, try these white sheers with nature-inspired designs. This makes for a cottage window treatment that’s unexpected and yet right on target with the cottage aesthetic. For an incredibly elegant and charming way to nod to nature, look no further than our Dragonfly & Lotus design.

white cotton curtains with designs

Floral cottage curtains filled with color

If you prefer your cottage decor with a side of refined French country luxury, then turn to our Enchanted Ivory curtains. This pattern truly creates a stunning window treatment. Filled with blooming color and wild blossoms, this pattern has everything!

This is our ode to Mother Nature’s splendiferous show of artistry and beauty. Enchanted Ivory is French country style at its finest. Bonus: it offers a wide variety of colors for you pull from for the rest of your decor!

colorful floral curtain panels

Shabby chic curtains for pretty cottage style

Meet Ivy Lace, a pattern filled with the elegance of yesteryear. Even with its vintage roots, it’s still right in line with modern sensibilities. Ivy Lace is another of our elegant white-on-white block printed patterns, and she’s a beauty!

Here, delicate vines swirl and gentle leaves sway across a white ground. This print has vintage charm and lovely style. Cottage lovers, get the silver, the tea, and a good book ready!

Vintage country cottage curtains

Don’t you just adore the way late afternoon sunlight casts warmth on anything it touches? Everything feels warm, cozy, and prettier in that light. Orange Blossom is our effort to capture that vivid sun and the content feelings it creates. This print glows wherever you use it, but it’s especially beautiful in a kitchen that could use some added warmth.

orange floral cafe curtain

Classic white cottage curtains

Flowing, ethereal, and a touch vintage–this is what our mesmerizing Tulip Mist curtains are made of at heart. In reality, they’re handloomed onto finely-woven fabric to create the most gossamer of window treatments.

After this, we block print our stylized tulip design onto the fabric. Combined, this creates an absolutely stunning curtain for your English cottage, beach cottage, or cottage-inspired home.

Cozy cottage style window treatments with indigo blue

Light and airy isn’t for everybody, and we know that. Some of us prefer the feeling of wrapping ourselves in rich color for an ultra-cozy feeling–almost like a cocoon. That brings to mind Starry Nights, a deep indigo batik-inspired print.

This collection comes to life through the craft of resist printing (sometimes called discharge printing). With a quilt-like pattern of star shapes, this is a wonderful option for dressing windows in a cottage home.

indigo batik inspired curtains

Feminine shabby chic cottage curtains

When you love all things romantic and historical, and when shows like Bridgerton and The Crown top your recently watched list, then our Morning Dew pattern is for you. This pale yellow print captures the carefree elegance of high teas and the opulence of bygone eras.

Put another way, this print puts the “chic” in the “shabby chic.” In fact, there’s nothing shabby about it!

Sweet blue florals for a cottage style window treatment

Reminscient of hydrangeas, the companion print to our Moonlit Taj collection is right at home in any kind of cottage. Hang these curtains at the window, and you’ll feel like you’re in the start of summer, seeing the hydrangeas burst into their round, full-blossomed blooms right before your eyes.

The cornflower blue hue in our print also lends a cottage feeling–cornflower being a classic cottage color, after all!

blue hydrangea curtain

Ruby red and rustic window treatments

If your cottage has a rustic feel to it and if you love all things red and black, then you’ll love our Ruby Kilim pattern. Although the print found its inspiration in a traditional kilim rug, it lends itself easily to other styles.

We think this would be beautiful amid rustic and country cottage decor. And unlike black and red buffalo check, this pattern is timeless!

red and black valance curtain

Beach cottage coastal curtains for classic style

The companion print to Starry Nights is like the perfect pair of jeans–it goes with anything! We think this is just right for a vintage style beach cottage, a cottage on the lake, or a bedroom in any kind of cottage.

Here, a blue and white palette filled with stars encompasses all things nautical with a dose of Americana mixed in.

blue and white star print curtain

All of our curtains are available in several sizes of full-length panels, cafe curtains, and valances. See our shop to find even more patterns, designs, and options!

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