10 Ways to Decorate With Floral Prints and Patterns

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 3, 2024

A great floral print distills the essence of the blossoms it depicts and brings that bouquet to life. Our block printed floral patterns conveys imagery from English cottage gardens and fields of wildflowers to tropical botanical species. We designed each of our floral prints with a specific journey in mind. You can use our floral prints to transport yourself to those places or to conjure a specific place and time that’s meaningful to your journey. Whether you want to add a floral accent or express your passion for gardening, we have a floral fabric for you.

a bed made with floral bedding in blue and white and sign that says decorating with florals

Flowers are like friends: they bring color to your world. 

How to find a floral print you love

To find a floral pattern you truly love, consider what appeals to you about floral prints you’ve seen. Are you drawn to a specific color or color scheme? Do you cherish a favorite blossom? Maybe certain flowers carry rich memories for you, like the roses you carried in your wedding bouquet or the tulips Mom planted in the front yard. You might find that you gravitate towards large-scale floral prints or prefer a riot of colors in your floral fabric choices.

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What patterns go with floral prints?

You can pair other patterns with floral prints easily. In fact, this kind of pattern mixing is what keeps a room from looking contrived (or worse, boring!). The trick is to find a color that connects the designs together and to recognize that some patterns simply make better matches for pairing. Stripes and floral prints form a classic combination while polka dots lend whimsy. A monochromatic plaid pairs elegantly with florals. Get a little wild and throw an animal print (think zebra or leopard) in the mix. And you can certainly bring other botanical patterns into your own stylish bouquet! Have fun placing a few of your floral fabrics and floral home decor alongside other prints.

yellow and white polka dots, yellow and white stripes, yellow plaid, and a poppy yellow floral pattern floral fabric
Polka dots, stripes, and plaids all play nicely with floral prints

Decorate with a floral print in any room

Our love for flowers stays in full bloom. After all, a great floral pattern is always in style! They’re a perennial favorite in interior design, and they appear in all kinds of homes. There isn’t anything inherent to a floral print that designates it as ‘grandma,’ ‘over-the-top,’ or ‘old-fashioned.’ From cottage style charm to the collected look of bohemian wanderlust, there’s a floral pattern that fits your home and suits your taste. Here are a few ways you can decorate with floral prints to express your own unique style.

a block print pillow featuring an elegant floral pattern in cream, orange, and green

Hang floral curtains for beautiful window treatments

It’s easy to decorate with floral prints when you make your windows the star of the room. Floral curtains bring color and pattern into a space: simply hang them up for an instant update! Along with our vintage floral patterns, our blue floral curtains and purple floral curtains are among our customers’ favorite floral fabrics.

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Refresh the bath with floral shower curtains

Pull a flower shower curtain around the tub, add fragrant soaps, and it will be as if you stepped into a vibrant garden. Hang an orange shower curtain or one with yellow blooms for an energizing start to the day. Unwind behind a red shower curtain filled with hibiscus bloom to (temporarily) escape to the tropics.

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Beautiful floral bedding helps a bedroom blossom

By now you might be dreaming of a few ways you can decorate with floral prints to bring garden style indoors. Don’t forget the bedroom! Make the bed with one of our floral duvet covers or lightweight floral bedspreads. In colder climes, cover your duvet in a floral pattern with one of our floral duvet covers. The simple act of smoothing fresh floral bedding over your sheets will renew your spirit, and you’ll turn your space into a scenic oasis.

Dahlia Daydreams ~ Pink Floral Romantic Duvet Cover Dahlia Daydreams ~ Pink Floral Romantic Duvet Cover
$247.50 - $270.00
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Enchanted - Blue ~ French Vintage Floral Duvet Cover Enchanted - Blue ~ French Vintage Floral Duvet Cover
$200.00 - $255.00
SALE: up to 20% off
English Gardens ~ Cottage Style Botanical Duvet Cover English Gardens ~ Cottage Style Botanical Duvet Cover
$212.50 - $270.00
SALE: up to 15% off
Moonlit Taj ~ Blue and Green Floral India Duvet Cover Moonlit Taj ~ Blue and Green Floral India Duvet Cover
$212.50 - $270.00
SALE: up to 15% off
Tropical Garden ~ Colorful Country Floral Duvet Cover Tropical Garden ~ Colorful Country Floral Duvet Cover
$200.00 - $255.00
SALE: up to 20% off

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Find fun floral pillows to revive your space

Try your hand at pairing prints by tossing together a few different floral cushion covers. Our collections feature main prints and their complements, which makes pattern mixing easy. On the other hand, you can venture into other collections for to collect an assembly of floral throw pillows. It’s easy to do: just find a color that serves as a connecting thread and voila! Alternatively, try combining a bold, large floral pattern with a small floral print for an eye-catching design.

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Grace your kitchen window with floral cafe curtains

From cafe curtains to valances (or tiered sets), a floral curtain is simply at home in a kitchen.  Depending on the pattern and colors, you might feel like your floral curtains transport you to right to your mother’s kitchen, or a charming kitchen in the countryside. Whether you prefer a vintage look or a streamlined design, your kitchen will always be in style with floral kitchen curtains at the window.

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4 ways to connect one floral print to another 

It can be great fun to design a room based around the concept of a favorite flower or garden inspiration. If you love the idea of blending in a few floral accents with your flower print linens, then consider a few of these touches to go with your Saffron Marigold linens!

A floral pattern curtain finial


One Allium Way

Pensford Curtain Single Rod

This rod is a classic, standard rod in many ways, but note the finial: doesn’t it resemble a bouquet of roses? What a charming and subtle way to connect to your floral curtains!

Urban Outfitters pressed flower curtain tiebacks


Urban Outfitters

Pressed Floral Curtain Tieback Set

Enter a new way to display pressed flowers: forever preserved in glass, these finals are the perfect finishing touch to any set of curtains.

Lotus wooden tea light holder
Saffron Marigold

Lotus Bloom ~ Hand-Carved Wooden Tea Light Holder

Celebrate the season at hand with a scented tea light in this floral candle holder.

a floral bouquet with pink roses, peach tulips, calla liloes, and eucalyptus
The Bouqs Co.

Summer Love

Calla lilies, roses, and more—fresh flowers are a must in a flower-inspired space! Go ahead, treat yourself to a bouquet, you deserve it!

Have you found your favorite floral print yet? Still narrowing it down? Maybe you’d like to see some of our other prints to pair a little something different alongside your blossoming linen collection. We can’t wait to see which one you choose and how you style it!

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