6 Charming Floral Curtains For Your Living Room And Kitchen

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 13, 2023

Floral curtains are a fantastic way to bring fresh new life to your space. Our block print floral patterns are anything but old-fashioned. Hanging floral window treatments–along with using indoor plants and wooden finishes–have become all the rage in modern homes. And after all, bringing nature inside has been at the forefront of many interior design movements in recent years.

Today we’ll take a closer look at six of our floral collections that help any room blossom with beauty and grace. Use them in your living room, your kitchen, or any room that could use a colorful, natural touch.

Our favorite floral curtains for living room windows

Orange floral curtains

Our Orange Blossom curtains bring a dash of the Mediterranean to your window. The Persian-inspired flower pattern makes warms up your decor decor and helps any room feel even more inviting. In this design, blooming buds are accentuated with purple trims while hints of greenery and a neutral ground the flower imagery.

orange floral curtains

This style works wonders with:

  • White or other pale living rooms. Color-match your small decor pieces and cushions for bonus points.
  • Dark brown interiors for a warm touch. These fiery blossoms combine well with chocolate tones to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Vintage wooden furniture. Turn your home into a comfy time capsule with soft couch cushions, small carpets, and our textiles.

Green and blue botanical window treatments

Our Moonlit Taj curtains boast a gorgeous Indian design that blends tradition with class. The midnight-blue vines with blossoming buds and green leaves create an intricate motif that captures attention. The light green border frames this work of art, indeed!

green and blue vine print curtain panels

The soft tranquility of this pattern is particularly enchanting with:

  • Cottage interior design style with its layers and textures. Its mellow shades stand in contrast to the rich wood, producing a lovely contrast.
  • Grey furniture, carpets, and walls. Grey needs brighter elements to truly come alive. This floral print will expand the space.
  • Soft Victorian aesthetics. This classic style brings a certain old-age magic to your new-age home. Use these curtains to brighten the area for modern vintage style.

Yellow floral curtains

Our Gardens of Versailles curtain blends botanical beauty with regal charm. Here, golden yellow vintes find themselves entwined with one another (similar to the look of forsythia). The pale background and gray details of the vines and border make the design more subdued, allowing it to work in elegant spaces and country cottages alike.

yellow and grey botanical curtains

These curtains go with nearly everything, but they truly shine with:

  • Opulent living room designs with rich sofas and wooden tables. This design provides a beautiful backdrop for your luxurious pieces.
  • Light furniture and thick, soft carpets. We all love beige and greige, but they can look pale and lonely on their own. These curtains add a splash of color without stealing attention.
  • Spacious rooms with floor-length windows and plenty of houseplants. These textiles are soft and light, allowing the sun to shine through.

Our favorite floral kitchen curtains

These patterns soften modern kitchens, add color to white kitchens, sprinkle elegance into rustic spaces.

Tulip Mist

Our Tulip Mist curtains are a soft milky-white shade with dreamy tulips painted on their surface. This silken fabric welcomes light and air through its weave, creating a serene atmosphere. There’s no need to compromise between privacy and natural light in your space with this curtain.

white sheer curtains with floral pattern

It’s dazzling when combined with:

  • A boho aesthetic, especially with plants on the windowsill. The carefree texture adds layers of softness and texture.
  • Dark surfaces, specifically cherry wood and marble. The sheer white fabric contrasts these furniture pieces beautifully.
  • A white kitchen–because is there anything more chic than a monochromatic design?

Victorian Lilac Ivory

Our Dahlia Daydreams floral kitchen curtain design is a gorgeous romantic floral that celebrates extravagance and opulence. This print frames pompom dahlias against an ivory ground, with endless details for your eyes to explore. The pale fabric lets the sunlight pass through, and its presence alone makes the room seem brighter and more luxurious.

These raspberry sorbet pink beauties particularly shine through in:

  • Vintage modern kitchens with colorful decor. Our pink textiles blend seamlessly with plain walls and floral or striped wallpapers.
  • All-white kitchens that put cleanliness first. Pair these with other details in the same color. Add a vase of natural dahlias when in season.
  • Mid-century modern kitchens with geometric and glossy accents or kitchens with distressed white wooden furniture. These textiles add elegance to your heirloom pieces.

Enchanted Blue

Our Enchanted collection is a customer favorite, and it’s easy to see why! A large flower pattern offers a throwback to the French provincial style, with an entire garden of gorgeous blossoms fitted within its borders. The white and gold border adds a touch of class to the otherwise playful design.

blue floral cafe curtains

The following kitchens will look simply enchanting with this pattern at the windows:

  • Spacious kitchens with plenty of natural materials and plants. This pattern speaks of nature’s abundance, and it pairs well with other items that do the same.
  • Country-style kitchen designs, especially if the wooden furniture is light. This curtain complements this cozy, vintage style.
  • Glass-and-marble modern kitchens. If you appreciate slick light-reflecting surfaces, these charmers will accentuate the primary qualities of your kitchen.
Enchanted - Blue ~ Kitchen Curtain Enchanted - Blue ~ Kitchen Curtain
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Enchanted - Blue ~ Table Runner Enchanted - Blue ~ Table Runner
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Make your space vibrant & inviting

Why not bring the garden inside with our floral curtains? Open up your rooms and add some magic to dreary winter days.

Remember these tips when deciding and decorating:

  • Choose curtains that are several shades darker than your walls for contrast. If you opt for white or very bright curtains, create contrast with darker furniture.
  • Remove conflicting patterned items to avoid making the space seem crowded.

What curtain sizes are available?

Our store offers various curtain dimensions to suit floor-length and regular windows. The table below outlines the sizes you’ll find in our shop.

KitchenLiving room
44 cm x 20 cm44 cm x 63 cm
44 cm x 30 cm44 cm x 84 cm
44 cm x 36 cm44 cm x 96 cm
 44 cm x 108 cm

What materials do you use?

We hand block print our designs onto high quality cotton. All of our curtains are sheer/semi-sheer and flow beautifully!

Do you sell matching curtain sets?

We sell handmade full-length curtain panels, valances, and cafe curtains. Mix and match to create a window treatment or set that’s perfectly suited and sized for your windows.

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