Orange and yellow sheer curtains

4 Orange and Yellow Sheer Curtains That Will Lighten Up Any Home

Imagine for a moment that it’s late morning on a Saturday and you’re lounging on your favorite side of the sofa, freshly brewed tea within arm’s reach on the coffee table. You’re ready to dive deep into the book club’s monthly pick, but the bright sun is harshing your mellow, hitting you square in the face making you squint and squirm for a new comfortable position.

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Blue and white bathroom ideas

15 Blue and White Bathroom Ideas For A Modern Decor Style

Are you looking to decorate a blue and white bathroom with a modern touch? Blue is the quintessential bathroom color, reminiscent of water and a precursor to relaxation. On the other hand, white is characteristic of modern decor and it’s a foolproof choice if you want to evoke elegance and freshness.

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White light filtering curtains

4 Swoon-Worthy Light Filtering Curtains That Inspire Romance

Light filtering curtains are the best window treatments for anyone who loves romantic style. A sheer curtain streams soft light into your home, making the room feel more inviting. And because our curtains aren’t completely sheer, they do a great job of letting natural light filter through the window while maintaining a degree of privacy at the same time.

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Blue and white duvet covers

8 Blue And White Duvet Covers That Feel as Good as They Look

When it comes to calming colors for the bedroom, you have several choices — yellow, green, silver, and blue. The last one can’t do without its partner in crime, white, and together, they make an iconic duo. Here, we’ve curated a list of our handcrafted, block printed blue and white duvet covers that not only improve your bedroom ambience but feel heavenly to lie on.

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Red bedroom ideas

10 Red Bedroom Ideas That Blend Luxury & Authenticity to Perfection

Daring, bold, and dramatic describe a room with red walls or red bedroom decor. Since it is such a stimulating color, some might balk at the thought of using red in the bedroom. But, as the wise actress and peace activist Mary Lou Cook once said, “Creativity is inventing, experimenting…and having fun.”

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