11 Colorful Curtains and Rug Combinations We Adore

Saffron Marigold - Updated: March 23, 2024

Colorful curtains are some of our most popular and best-selling linens here at Saffron Marigold. We often receive questions about how to style colorful curtains. What patterns go with a multicolor linen? How do you create a harmonious space with such bright linens? Today, we’ll provide some answers to the question “How do I match my colorful window covering with a colorful rug.”

What is the most popular color for curtains?

Some of the most popular color for curtains are neutrals like white, blue, and gray. Soft colors like sage green, pale yellow, and tan are also staples in home design. Beyond color, the most popular prints are botanicals, florals, and geometric patterns.

What are good colors for rugs?

Darker colors enhance a rich, moody design. Sunny colors like yellow, red, and orange provide warmth. White, off-white, and light brown rugs are ideal for making a room appear larger, but they may be more high-maintenance, especially when used in high-traffic areas like the living room, kitchen, or entrance.

When pairing a colorful rug with colorful curtains, one of the best design moves is to stick to the same shades of a color or use complementary colors. Patterned curtains with a pattern rug may not be as common as a plain curtain with a patterned rug (or vice versa), but this pairing is feasible.

Use similar motifs for both curtains and rugs (e.g. two types of floral patterns) or different patterns in a similar color palette (tile and chevron in different shades of green, for example).

1. Blue rug + blue curtains

Our blue patterned curtain, Midnight Lotus (the complementary print) has a chinoiserie feel—a floral print rendered in a blue and white color combination. Here, a round blue rug or a blue and yellow rug allows this intricate pattern to steal the show.

Midnight Lotus (CP) ~ Unique Asian Blue Floral Curtain Panel

Rug Ideas

Rugs with floral vines in blue on a pearl white background create a porcelain-like illusion, much like our Midnight Lotus collection. This aesthetic is fresh, crisp, and most of all, elegant.


Delphina Delft Blue Rug


White and Blue Chinoiserie Circle Rug

2. Red rug + red curtains

For rustic homes or living rooms with traditional accents, Ruby Kilim is one we recommend. Its geometric print is influenced by artisan kilim rugs, and red curtains pair naturally with a red area rug.

Ruby Kilim ~ Rustic Red Black Lodge Cabin Sheer Curtain Panel

Rug Ideas

What better duo than a kilim-inspired red curtain and an authentic Persian rug? The geometric prints are distinct, but they harmonize. If you want more contrast, try a navy blue rug that speaks to our Ruby Kilim curtains. Plus, navy and ruby is an underrated color combo that’s sure to make a statement in your home!

Abram Imports

Persian Handmade Mahal Antique Rug


Lemiuex et Cie Handwoven Dalao Rug

3. Purple rug + White curtains

Prefer to experiment with color rather than stick to neutrals? We do, too! While purple is an uncommon color for a rug, it’s arguably versatile and can be married to white, gold, blue, yellow, and orange. Here, we envision Dragonfly and Lotus (the white and gold iteration) with a purple and gold rug. Seems like neutrals still have a place in colorful homes, after all…

Dragonfly and Lotus ~ White and Gold Curtain Panel

Rug Ideas

A purple rug with an abstract or mystical print echoes the esoteric mood Celestial Embrace exudes. Any gold accents in your purple rug also brings out the gold orbs in this Mid-Century print.


Modern Purple and Gold Watercolor Abstract Rug

The Appollo Box

Round Purple Sun and Moon Rug

4. Orange rug + red and orange curtains

Invigorate a room with an orange rug-and-curtain makeover. We enjoy decorating with Indian Summer for its refreshing effects on the senses–plus, the red petite paisleys give you a chance to weave chic paisleys throughout your space.

Rug Ideas

An orange rug with a graphic paisley pattern brings excitement to a living room or bedroom, but a plain orange rug can help a room look more refined if you have another print already holding the limelight, i.e. Indian Summer. In the bedroom, a plain rug may also bring more calm than a patterned one.


Hand-tufted Wool Orange Transitional Floral Paisley Rug

Manhattan Rugs

Hand-Knotted Persian Wool Rug

5. Yellow rug + yellow curtains

If you enjoy yellow, but want something more toned down for the bedroom or living room, try yellow gold. The Gardens of Versailles yellow gold curtains are a perfect medium between neon orange and bright yellow. Scrolling gold vines are balanced out by silver-grey accents on a white ground.

Gardens of Versailles ~ French Yellow Gold Floral White Curtain

Rug Ideas

A gold and grey rug will enhance the beauty of our Gardens of Versailles French-inspired curtain. Similar shades like slate blue, stone, and oatmeal are also fine substitutes. Elegance is key with Gardens of Versailles and brings a yellow rug and yellow curtain combination to a whole new level–a taste of royal France, indeed.

Bison Office

Henry Versailles Rug

Rug Studio

Exquisite Rugs Metro Velvet Hand Woven Gold – Ivory

6. Sage green rug + sage green curtains

A popular color in the bedroom and common spaces, sage green is fun to decorate with. Beyond this calming green, Woodland Ferns gives you white and blue to play with, plus its whimsical ogee and fern pattern.

Woodland Ferns ~ Sheer Curtain Panel

Rug Ideas

A trellis rug in sage green mimics the ogee pattern in Woodland Ferns, which can help a room look more cohesive. On the other hand, a plain sage green area rug allows your curtain to be the center of attention.


Grogu Trellis Sage Green Rug

Sundial Home

Unique Loom Davos Shag Sage Green

7. White area rug + white and gold curtains

If you want to create the illusion of space in a small room, try a white-on-white color combination. Bridal Veil, our white and gold curtain, is ethereal, lightweight, and delicate. It brings a quiet sophistication to a room in need of an upgrade.

Bridal Veil ~ White and Gold Lattice India Curtain Panel

Rug Ideas

When we think colorful rugs, a monochromatic palette probably isn’t what comes to mind. But, if you want to describe your space as glam and (near) neutral, look no further than wool rugs in colors like champagne, gold, ivory, ecru, and scallop seashell pink. Timeless designs like florals, abstracts, and lattice will serve you well for classic decor styles.


Elysium Tufted Neutral Area Rug


Marilyn Monroe Glam Dahlia Rug

8. Grey area rug + pink curtains

If extravagant is a better description of your style, consider pink curtains like the ones in our Dahlia Daydreams collection. Silver-grey sobers up the vibrant pink, and there are many shades of silver or grey to choose from when it comes to rug choices.

Dahlia Daydreams ~ Pink Floral Romantic Sheer Curtain Panel

Rug Ideas

A brownish-grey in geometric patterns fits Dahlia Daydreams’ modern flair, but a plain, glitzy rug in a color like oyster puts the ‘extra’ in extravagant. What makes these two examples work is that they play a supporting role to Dahlia Daydreams instead of vying for attention.


Oken Tectonic Gray Rug

Joss & Main

Adelia Silk Oyster Rug

9. Dark green rug + blue and green curtains

Moonlit Taj, with its tangle of blue and green vines on a milky white ground, makes for a colorful curtain that works year-round. Inspired by jeweled inlays on marble in the beautiful Taj Mahal, this blue and green curtain evokes a quiet grandeur accomplished with just a handful of colors.

Moonlit Taj ~ Exotic Floral India Sheer White Curtain Panel

Rug Ideas

Jewel-toned colorful rugs such as emerald, turquoise, jade, or garnet are gorgeous companions to Moonlit Taj. These rich colors also create a lush, moody feel to any space, particularly a smaller living room.


Electric Avenue


Optico Cowhide Geometric Area Rug in Green

10. Burnt orange rug + burnt orange curtains

Colorful curtains don’t have to boast every color of the rainbow–just take look at our Shimmering Goldstone curtain. Golden orbs shine bright against a burnt orange ground, complemented by border details in similar shades.

Shimmering Goldstone ~ Orange Gold Sari India Curtain Panel

Rug Ideas

Shimmering Goldstone is a colorful curtain that demands attention, so one idea is to choose a colorful rug with burnt orange accents and other desaturated colors. This will help create balance with a solid color curtain like our orange and gold panel.


Harput Area Rug Burnt Orange


Aleece Traditional Medallion Area Rug Burnt Orange

11. Colorful area rug + multicolor curtains

Searching for multicolor curtains that’ll pair well with a colorful area rug? Tropical Garden is one to seriously consider. Its palette includes an apricot ground that houses orange, red, pink, and green blooms and foliage. There is also a rich yellow in the border detail, which means lots of directions you can go with your choice of a vibrant rug.

Tropical Garden ~ Country Cottage Floral Sheer Curtain Panel

Rug Ideas

For lovers of graphic patterns, a tropical rug with bright flowers and greenery will counter Tropical Garden’s lively mood. Other floral avenues you might take include understated, vintage-inspired designs in a less saturated palette.


Hollander Handmade Looped/Hooked Wool


Captiva Tufted Wool Area Rug in Green/Red/Blue

What curtains go with grey walls?

For grey walls, white curtains are a favorite choice. However, since grey is a neutral, it can accommodate any color curtain, from blush pink to indigo blue. For a monochromatic, use a different shade of grey with your curtain.

How do I pick the right color curtains?

In the design world, the rule of thumb is to choose a curtain color that is a complementary color or shade to your room’s walls. On the other hand, you can choose a curtain color that contrasts with your wall color if you want your window treatment to be theidni center of attention in the room.

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