9 Round Table Cloths to Match Your Whimsical Mushroom Mug

Saffron Marigold - Updated: September 16, 2023

If you’re like us, you’re always on the hunt for eccentric and often eclectic home goods, from vintage bread boxes to estate sale paintings. Here’s a new one: mushroom mugs! Mushroom mugs are a trending decor item for the way they add whimsy to a breakfast nook or dining table. More fun than your plain white coffee mug, mushroom coffee mugs help you create a picture-perfect breakfast table setting. Here, we’ll take a look at nine round table cloths and two fungi-themed mug recommendations for each to help you come up with a breakfast table setting theme!

1. Orange Blossom for a tropical treat

You wouldn’t know it at first glance, but Orange Blossom is accented by deep purple—a beautiful contrast against the playful orange of this tropical-inspired print. Hence, a purple mushroom mug would also shine against this round table cloth.


Coffee Mushroom Mug


Violet Cortinarius – Purple Mushroom

2. Woodland Ferns – Main Print to bring the outdoors in

We can’t think of a more fitting round table cloth for a mushroom coffee mug than Woodland Ferns. Deep in the rainforests of New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii, you’ll find ferns of all shapes and sizes, their verdant arms clamoring for space in all directions. The blue, green, and white colorway of this restorative collection makes us reach for a brown color mug—the earth to the woodlands’ green foliage.


Mushroom mug, Handmade stoneware


16oz Mushroom Mug, Handmade Ceramic

3. Woodland Ferns CP for a classic look

Wander a little further into the woods, and you’ll come upon a tangle of wild blackberry brambles, dog rose, ruby crowned kinglets, and rose hips. A felicitous canvas for your fun, fungi mug. Keep to the theme with blue and green mugs accented by the stereotypic red cap mushroom.


Forest mug Chanterelle Mushrooms Handmade ceramic


Heavily textured purple and blue ceramic mug with toadstools and drippy glaze, mushroom mug

4. Dahlia Daydreams for a feminine touch

When we think mushroom, we don’t think of pink or silver grey. But Dahlia Daydreams has something to say, and it’s that it is a versatile print that’s worthy of being the backdrop for your photo-worthy coffee moments. Stick to soft shades like peach or beige to complement Dahlia Daydreams’ vibrant raspberry sorbet pink, white, and silver grey.

Unique Vintage

Mushroom Cuppa Color Ceramic Mug


White Mushroom Mug, Ceramic Stoneware

5. Enchanted – Ivory for a pastel dream

There’s something fairy tale-like about mushrooms, particularly the fly agaric, a red capped mushroom dappled with white. No better pairing than a round table cloth from our Enchanted collection for this iconic mushroom. Or, lean into the pastel accents of the Ivory iteration of Enchanted, and choose a mint color mug.


Mushroom Mug Ceramic Handmade

Shop Harvest Moon Home

Mushroom Ceramic Mug

6. Enchanted – Blue for a more dramatic vibe

Looking for something a little darker for your dining and kitchen? Try the blue version of our Enchanted print—the same fairy tale magic woven into its fibers, but with a rich royal blue canvas. A cream-colored mushroom mug is a fine choice, as is a multicolor mug to match the colorful blooms on the print.

Glass City Reclaimed

Vintage 70s Set of 6 Mid Century Modern Terra Cotta Mushroom Coffee Mug

Magpie Mugs

Watercolor Mushrooms Coffee Mug

7. Pacific Blue for a perfect morning coffee

Cozy and rustic, Pacific Blue is an excellent choice for handmade mushroom mugs. The more textured and organic, the better. That’s why we recommend drinkware in earthy colors and partial glazes for this navy blue round table cloth.


Handmade Wood Fired Ceramic Mushroom Mug Cup with Ashy Celadon Glaze

Clay Mason Studio

Handmade Ceramic Mushroom Mug

8. Fete Royale to get into the holiday spirit

The holidays call for warm drinks and nostalgia, and we concur. Mushroom coffee mugs adorned in graphic designs are perfect for the holidays, and, naturally, our Fete Royale round table cloth. A festive gathering of chevrons, polka dots, squiggles, and other vintage-inspired elements reminiscent of traditional Christmas wrapping paper.

Antique Farm House

Holiday Greetings Stoneware Mushroom Mugs Set of 4

Cups A Art

Designer model irregular hand-painted embossed mushroom mug

9. English Gardens for tea time

Create a functional table centerpiece by displaying your mushroom mugs and teapot set atop our English Gardens round table cloth. We recommend pink, mint green, or similar peppy shades to enhance the playful and bright qualities of English Gardens.


Glass Tea Cup Cute Mushroom Mug Infuser

Flower Child Ceramics

Hand-made Ceramic Mushroom Tea Pot – Tea Cup Set