Starry Nights in Every Room

Starry NightsIf you’ve long loved to stare up at the night time sky and wonder what’s out there, or if you love nights “down here” under sweet starlight, you’ll love introducing our star studded, hand printed indigo print to your home.

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Bedskirt Series: The green, blue and ochre hued Dance O Peacock

Meet Dance O Peacock – the newest kid on the block in Saffron Marigold’s linen collection. A homage to the colorful plumed bird of India, Dance O Peacock with its big bold motifs of turquoise, green and ochre peacock feathers against a crisp white background is stunning and cool, a perfect pattern for summer.

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how to store linens

How to Store Seasonal Linens

I’ve always fantasized about the hallway long, multi-drawered and cabineted, gorgeous built in linen closet in my grandparents’ grand 1930’s home.  I would make many a sacrifice of other amenities to have one of those in my house today! Even if you (like I) don’t currently have such elegant linen storage in your home, there are a few simple, inexpensive tricks for keeping linens organized, easily accessible and in good shape.

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