Artisans, monsoons, & good news: a COVID update

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 12, 2021
fair trade boutique specializing in Indian woodblock printing continues operations

Dear friend of Saffron Marigold,

We are extremely grateful that we can continue operate our fair trade boutique and serve our customers during this global pandemic–we know that many brick-and-mortar retail stores haven’t been so lucky. Our hearts go out to these business owners. Even though our lights are still on and our “door” is still open, COVID-19 has impacted our company in other ways.

Every Saffron Marigold piece is handcrafted through the art of block printing at our artisan studios in Rajasthan, India. Due to COVID restrictions, our studios were shut down for about two months.

While we’re thankful to have our fair trade boutique up and running, our artisans are working at reduced capacity in order to maintain social distancing recommendations. Upholding fair trade partnerships and a healthy work environment, we can only produce our one-of-a-kind goods so fast. 

Artisan wears mask and adheres to safety measures while woodblock printing for a fair trade boutique

In addition, our print production is often weather-specific as certain dyes require less humidity. We consider this part of the charm of woodblock printing. It is, in part, guided by Mother Nature! In India, we contend with monsoon season. This means that shutdowns and restrictions have made it impossible to include certain collections in our 2020 printing schedule.

And so…

You may see some items marked as Pre-Order on our site. What this means is that you may go ahead and pre-order your linens! The pre-order status indicates that the textiles are en route to our California warehouse, are awaiting shipment to the US, or are on the upcoming printing schedule. We encourage you to go ahead and order these items: we don’t charge you until we ship the linens from our warehouse to your address.  

Of course, shipping our handmade, fair trade items from overseas has also been more of a challenge in these times. Sometimes there will be a longer wait time if the products aren’t already on freight. You may have the choice to expedite shipping by air for an extra fee.

As you shop around, please feel free to reach out and ask questions if you don’t find the information you need.

Our team is working hard to fulfill all orders and to have our boutique fully stocked once again.

Thank you for your support, your patience, and your kindness. We love bringing our world of living textiles to your home.

Pre-order your favorite print

Wishing you health and happiness in these trying times!

Fair trade boutique creative, administrative, and artisan team