Ask the Designer: A Curtain Quandary

What fun, Sharon is updating her kitchen! And she has some wonderful ideas to make her small space come alive. Design Elements Walls, flooring, countertops and cabinets have all come together beautifully, but Sharon wants curtains and a valance for her paned kitchen windows and door.

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Ask the Designer – Can I Get Custom Drapes?

Meenakshi wants to make pleated drapes for her light-filled high rise windows. She is planning to custom order some of our printed fabric by the yard, and is wondering which will work best with her yellow-cream walls. …as you are very creative :), can you suggest some great curtain choices for the living room please?

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exotic asian bath

Ask the Designer: Build a Bath Around My Mirror

One of our customers has a fantastic, one of a kind mirror that hangs in her bath.  She wants to incorporate a Saffron Marigold shower curtain and valances, but isn’t sure which ones to choose.  I’ll offer a recommendation, as well as ideas for towels and a fresh wall color.

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