Thanksgiving Colors: 7 Palettes For Your Table & For Your Home

Saffron Marigold - Updated: September 23, 2021

Thanksgiving colors take their cue from autumn’s vivid palette. From leaves to the harvest bounty, we journey into nature’s wondrous display to inspire our Thanksgiving place settings, fall table colors, and Thanksgiving decor.  Today, we’ll look at some pretty Thanksgiving color palettes to help you decorate for Thanksgiving beautifully.

Our block printed fabrics, artisan-made and fair trade, lend the perfect handcrafted touch to your Thanksgiving table. We have a few in mind that are ripe with color and pattern. Each one gives you lots of options for Thanksgiving centerpieces and fall table decor, so we know you’ll find one that you’ll enjoy!

What are Thanksgiving colors?

Classic fall colors take their cue from the changing of the leaves and the bounty of the harvest season. Candy apple red, ripe plums, plentiful pumpkins and gourds–each of these provides a Thanksgiving color palette for you. However, metallics like copper, brass, and gold are beautiful Thanksgiving colors, too, as do shades of wine like burgundy, champagne, and merlot.

Rich Thanksgiving colors for the family table

Plum, sage, lemon, and orange sound scrumptious, and they look just right for Thanksgiving. Our Orange Blossom floral pattern captures these rich, earthy colors. The orange and green color combination here is classic, and the plum and yellow notes add a fresh twist. With its intricate design and colors, it’s a great choice for a Thanksgiving tablecloth.

Plum, lemon, and sage for Thanksgiving colors

Blush & rose with grey for an elegant Thanksgiving table

Why not reach for a grey tablecloth to set the Thanksgiving table? A rich charcoal grey table runner or cloth grounds a number of fall tablescapes and Thanksgiving table settings. It’s always elegant and chic, especially when treated to gilded or copper accents. We love pairing grey with wine colors: blush, rosé, and merlot are the first that come to mind while champagne and brandy notes work nicely, too.

Sunny autumn skies captured in a fall tablecloth

What’s better than a crisp autumn afternoon spent hiking, apple picking, or touring wineries? Clear blue skies overhead and changing leaves bring Mosaique Bleue to mind. The sky blue and chocolate brown make a great color combination with orange. Inspired by intricate Moroccan tile work, this colorful cloth makes it easy to accent Thanksgiving colors.

Sky blue, chocolate brown, and burnt orange for Thanksgiving colors

A floral tablecloth filled with warm Thanksgiving colors

Golden pears, bright persimmons, ruby red pomegranates–these delights are the joys of fall markets. Rendered in similar hues, our Red Poppy floral tablecloth makes a lovely presentation for autumn vignettes, harvest treats, and Thanksgiving tablescapes. The hunter green and burgundy/crimson notes in the floral pattern are beautiful fall colors that you can use to transition to the holidays, too!

Pumpkin, ginger, and mustard for Thanksgiving colors

A navy blue tablecloth to anchor your fall table decor

If you love decorating with blue, the news is good: keep blue around for fall! Try our blue and cream collection, Pacific Blue, at your fall table. A blue Thanksgiving is unexpected, but gorgeous. Sure, it’s not your typical Thanksgiving tablecloth, but its deep indigo provides the perfect foil for the russets, ochres, and reds of harvest.

Decorating with blue and cream, crimson, and pumpkin for Thanksgiving colors

A boho chic Thanksgiving table with ruby red

Add a red table runner or red tablecloth for a lively Thanksgiving table setting. Just like a fine wine, a bold red is sure to warm up the table. Spice Route conjures the fragrances of your favorite Thanksgiving desserts. From pumpkin pie to gingerbread, notes of cinnamon, clove, and cardamom will fill the air!

Dark gold, deep teal, ruby, and beige make for lovely, unexpected Thanksgiving colors

Create a stunning tablescape filled with fall colors

Don’t let the name fool you–Our Indian Summer collection finds its way onto tables year-round. This print features lovely fall-inspired hues like mango, saffron, and rose. Topped with table decor and accents in cinnamon or plum, or try an orange, yellow, and green color palette similar to the hues found in the print. However you style it, Indian Summer creates a stunning fall table setting.

Find inspiration for your fall table

Whatever your design mantra is, we have inspiring ideas and helpful suggestions for you. Use a couple of these ideas, or mix and match with a few of your own, for a really memorable holiday table that reflects your unique, authentic self. Celebrate!