How To Use Blue In Your Fall Table Decor

Saffron Marigold - Updated: September 19, 2023

Blue fall decor–does the phrase conjure images of blue pumpkins and leaves in your mind’s eye? It doesn’t have to! If you love decorating with blue (or blue and white), then you can absolutely use blue in your fall decorating. We’ll show you how by starting with a simple, elegant fall table setting dressed in blue.

a twilight setting (sign) over a blue tablecloth

Inspiration: twilight time

There’s a certain magic found in autumn’s earlier evenings. The world gets quieter sooner, and the clear, crisp air makes way for extraordinary star sightings. From sunsets to campfires and moonlight, autumn nights cast a glow that makes even ordinary objects look special.

photo: James Wheeler

Starry Nights takes these beautiful gifts of nature and incorporates them into a print you’ll love using for a fresh take on fall decor.

Starry Nights ~ Blue and White Fabric Swatch with Batik Styling

Using blue in fall decor should be a given: deeper shades of blue form the perfect foil for traditional fall colors like terracotta, crimson, plum, and gold. This fall, set your table with a blue tablecloth or table runner to anchor a fall tablescape dotted with fall colors and table decor.

Dress a fall table in a navy tablecloth

When you’re setting a fall table, don’t shy away from blue fall decor. Just think of how glorious all of the gold, copper, and brass finishes will look against a navy blue fall table runner! (And naturally so: golden hues fall opposite of blue on the color wheel.) Of course, our handcrafted, block printed blue tablecloth is such a wonderful choice for a fall tablescape. The deep blue print buzzes along with the moss greens and rust reds of autumn. 

Top a blue tablecloth with a fall centerpiece

Use organic accessories and textures whenever possible in your fall table decor—think dark wood, natural fibers, and dried flowers.  Mix in a few white pumpkins–these form a striking contrast against navy blue table linens! Remember to add a few lit candles for a table setting that has a warm, cozy glow and mimics the shades of the sunset. If you love decorating with blue, rest assured that indigo and navy blue decor prove to be fantastic alongside your fall table decor.

fall table decor leaves
Viva Terra

Mini Copper Leaves

Set a copper leaf at each table setting or scatter them down your table runner. Either way, they lend organic, delightful charm to your fall table.

Photograph of white and cream candle holders to complement blue fall decor
Bear & Fairy

White Pumpkin Candle Holder

These clay candle holders look like authentic gourds, but they’re a table decoration you can pull out year after year. Fill with fall fragrances like roasted pumpkin, cider, or bonfire scents–this candle is pure autumn.

Fall floral bouquet in shades of orange, burgundy, and white to complement blue fall decor

Beautiful Harvest Centerpiece

A bouquet of orange, burgundy, purple, sage, and cream brings color and a fresh, seasonal touch to your table decor.

fall table decor
World Market

Wood Bark Pedestal Stand

This wooden pedestal gives natural warmth to the table (great for farmhouse fall decor) and would be at home in any number of fall tablescapes.

Finish with a bit of blue fall decor

Starry Nights makes way for all sorts of fall table settings. For a refined yet rustic approach, set your table with cloth dinner napkins and gilded napkin ring.  Cream-colored china and a sleek charger pull the look together and offer contrast to your navy decor.

blue napkins for blue fall decor
Saffron Marigold

Pacific Blue Cloth Napkins

Mix in another blue print like this one that features an organic shell print against a bold blue ground–perfect as blue fall decor.

Saffron Marigold

Starry Nights Blue Cloth Napkins

What twilight-inspired table would be complete without a set of night sky napkins?

The Modern Houseware

Gold Mesh Handmade Napkin Rings

These handcrafted napkin rings act like jewelry for your table setting and bring in the golden hues of the autumn sunset. 

Pewter Charger
West Elm

Pewter Charger

For an easy fall table setting, place your plates upon chargers to serve up a large dose of style (with little effort!).

Bring the beauty of autumn twilight and that magical, crisp fall feeling into your home, with Starry Nights or with our Pacific Blue collection!

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