Summer Colors: Brighten Up The Season

Saffron Marigold - Updated: October 2, 2022

You want to decorate your home with summer colors that feels fresh and joyful, but you’re wondering just how those  colors of summer connect with your decor, right? No worries–it’s summertime, and the living–and decorating–should be easy!

We’ve paired the season’s hottest summer colors with our block print linens to make your summer decor even more beautiful and fun! Simply look to some of summer’s quintessential hallmarks for inspiration.  Read on to find out how you can apply these summer color trends to your summer decor–or ways to enjoy them all year long.

Summer decor with a soft summer colors

If you find neutral colors relaxing and if romantic cottage styles appeal to you, then use soft summer colors in your summer decor. A light summer color palette with sublet accents will add just the right amount of summer color to your space.  Look to these light summer colors for sweet summer style for your home decor.

Coral Pink & Tropical Garden

soft pink and white hydrangea

Coral pink is a lovely warm pink that feels likes glowing summer sunsets and tropical blossoms.  Our Tropical Garden print carries that same warmth with its pink floral accents and rosy blooms.

coral pink and tropical flower print

Faded Denim & Casablanca

Hydrangea blue feels peaceful, and we celebrate this color in Casablanca. This Moroccan pattern features blue quatrefoils scattered across a white ground.  It’s a fresh design that summons all sorts of summer imagery from blue skies to afternoons spent at the shore.

faded denim blue and moroccan pattern

Sunlight & Morning Dew

Like soft rays of sunlight streaming through the windows, this shade of yellow is gentle and lovely.  Morning Dew, our yellow French country-inspired print, reflects sunlight on freshly fallen dewdrops. It captures those mellow summer moments beautifully.


Cool summer colors for hot summer days

When the dog days of summer arrive, you’ll be glad you decorated for summer in cool shades of blue and white. What else is as refreshing?

Classic Blue & Midnight Lotus

Florals and a classic blue and white palette combine to create the ideal design for elegant summer decor. Depending on how you choose to style it, this vivid print can read as tropical, coastaltraditional, or bohemian.

classic blue and floral summer colors

Mosaic Blue & Moonlit Taj

The Pantone color Mosaic Blue represents a true teal, and Moonlit Taj is its perfect partner. This print found inspiration in the jewel-encrusted designs of the Taj Mahal. Here, vines and blossoms swirl atop a white ground, making a vibrant botanical print for summer.  These colors combined conjure images of sunny blue skies and summer days at the lake. 

mosaic blue, a teal blue, one of the summer's colors

Fair Green & Woodland Ferns

Fair Green is a core Pantone color, and it is a “restorative, restful green” like Woodland Ferns. However, this print is closest to Pantone’s Cambridge Blue, which is a medium tone spring green. Like notes of sage, forest floors, and ferns, Woodland Ferns features a soft green. We feel like it resembles a lush herb garden lawn upon which the bright summer sun casts its light, don’t you?


Warm summer colors that turn up the heat

Some of us truly relish the hot, steamy days of summer. If that sounds like you, then look for warm summer home decor that mirrors the season.

Orange Peel & Indian Summer

Orange Peel distills the essence of hot summer days and matches our Indian Summer collection. With a petite paisley pattern set against a background of mild tangerine, our Indian Summer colors call to mind fragrant mangos, ripe cantaloupes, and juicy peaches. In fact, this collection might be the perfect way to bring some orange into your kitchen!

summer colors of orange, red, and green

Saffron & Versailles

Saturated golden hues like Saffron energize a space, and our Versailles collection serves up silky shades of saffron in opulent style. Use this elegant print in any room that needs a touch of liveliness and grandeur.

summer colors: yellow saffron and white

Flame Scarlet & Spice Route

With toasty hues of turmeric and spicy cinnamon anchored on a ground the color of ancho chili powder, our Spice Route print is as fiery as Pantone’s Flame Scarlet. Spice Route makes for beautiful boho bedding, or use any linens from this collection to infuse your space with bold color and global style.

red summer colors

Potpourri & Dahlia Daydreams

Like raspberry popsicles, strawberry ice cream, and bubblegum cotton candy, Dahlia Daydreams is a more vibrant version of Pantone’s pastel Potpourri Pink. Create a romantic and extravagant space with Dahlia Daydreams, a collection inspired by the mesmerizing pompom dahlia. Its elegant, silver-grey elements makes this line a great fit for Mid-century modern style.

These versatile colors brim with sunshine and positive energy, so why not incorporate them into your home decor all year long? 

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