Yoga Room Decor: 7 Ideas For a Relaxing Yet Vibrant Space

Saffron Marigold - Updated: January 21, 2022

Your ideas for a home yoga studio may differ from someone else’s yoga room ideas–and that’s totally ok. Just as all of our bodies look a little different as we hold poses, each of our home yoga spaces looks the same. The good news is this:  as long as you have space to get into downward dog, you have space for a home yoga studio–all it takes is the right yoga room decor. 

yoga room ideas and yoga studio decor

Yoga room ideas you can use right away

Whether you’re new to yoga or a yoga class regular, consider creating a zen space for yoga at home. With a few key pieces of equipment, gorgeous fabrics, bohemian curtains, and some yoga decorations, you’ll be able to create a home yoga studio that inspires your practice. After all, practicing mindfulness and self-care is more important now than ever. Given this, let’s take a look at some yoga room ideas that will stimulate your imagination and motivate your home yoga practice as well as your yoga decor!

Indian bedspreads as yoga studio decor

Hang an Indian bedspread as a tapestry for instant color and texture in your home yoga studio. Ours are handmade by master artisans working to keep the heritage craft of block printing alive. That’s right–they come with good karma! We offer a wide variety of block print Indian bedspreads that work beautifully as wall art. Choose our collections of Indian textiles as a starting point for your yoga room decorations.

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Boho curtains for your home yoga room

Lightweight cotton curtains offer light-filtering privacy and a sense of softness. By hanging gauzy boho curtains at your yoga room windows, you’ll have a visual reminder of easy, free-flowing movement. On the other hand, yoga studio curtains don’t have to be full length. In fact, you might prefer a room in which the sunshine pours in! In that case, let in more light and consider a bohemian beaded valance with dangling gems that sparkle in the sunshine.  

Cushions and pillows for your home yoga studio

Cushions are an important element in any yoga space. Not only do they add to your yoga room decor, but they’re also functional as props. You may find that you knees appreciate a cushion during floorwork, or you might want a few cushions on hand for a restorative yoga session. They should fill you with delight just as much as they fill your space with beauty! Here are a few gorgeous block printed throw pillow covers that deliver good vibes:

4 home yoga room essentials

Whether or not you hang a full-length mirror, use blocks, or turn on music is up to you. If you prefer to practice in the sunshine of the day or in the twinkling fairy lights of night and if you have a full-fledged home yoga studio or have worked to carve out a corner dedicated to your home yoga practice, make sure this is a space you enjoy. It’s vital that this room inspires you so that you keep using it and continue to practice yoga!

1. Easy storage

You’ll find it easier to focus in room that doesn’t feel chaotic, so having easy storage to streamline your yoga gear will help keep things organized and clutter-free. How do you store your yoga equipment? A few storage baskets in the corner of your home yoga studio can make the perfect hideaway for your mat, strap, blocks, and bolster. However, if you need every inch of floor space for movement, then turn to your walls for simple vertical storage solutions.

African Baskets

Tall White Yoga Mat Holder

A tall, deep basket like this is deal for storing a few yoga mats in your home yoga studio.

Reilly Creation

Personalized Wall Mount Shelf

Choose your own stain and number racks of for this wall mount shelf to meet your needs. You can also add candles and inspirational items–even your water bottle–on the top shelf.

2. Inspiring artwork

Find artwork that encourages you and motivates your yoga practice. You might find a poster filled with poses to be helpful, but you might also enjoy imagery that causes you to pause, reflect, and take a deeper breath.

yoga room ideas
LovRich Artwork

Inner Yoga

Along with serving as a focal point, this watercolor art print brings added color to the walls.

Urban Wild Studio Supply

Sun Salutation 1–Golden Poster

Artwork that helps reinforce your learning and your practice benefits both you and your zen home decor!

3. Sensory delights

It’s important to keep a few sensory delights on hand that help you center yourself and draw you into the present. Use fragrances for a sense of calm (or for a sense of renewed energy).

Plant Therapy

Passive Lotus Diffuser

Why choose a generic diffuser when you could have one that looks beautiful and filled with symbolic meaning? Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil directly to the flower and enjoy!

yoga room ideas
Fair Trade Winds

Minted Garden Wind Chime

Delicate wind chimes aren’t meant for the garden alone. You can certainly use this as yoga decor or as decorative wall art, but why not hang this from a chain near a window to enjoy sound of twinkling bells?

4. Plants in the yoga studio

No guide to yoga room ideas would be complete without mentioning plants! Houseplants fill your home with lush verdant color, but they also fill your home with life! Healing, air-purifying, and easy-to-nurture plants are an unexpected but beautiful addition to your home yoga room decor.

Ansel & Ivy

Peace Lily

This plant will add to your zen room while purifying the air–a true win-win!


Ponytail Palm Plant

The wild look of the ponytail palm exists in contrast to easy-to-maintain nature. Yin meets yang within this plant–a must have for zen homes and yoga decor.

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