Ideas for Home Yoga Studio Decor

Saffron Marigold - Updated: April 28, 2020

Practicing mindfulness and self-care is more important now more than ever.  Breathing and stretching exercises calm and center us and provide countless health benefits. If you’re a regular yoga practitioner, or you simply want to incorporate more yoga into your life, then why not create a dedicated space for yoga at home? You’ll be inspired to roll out your mat and breathe deeply when you enter this peaceful, calming space.  As long as you have space to get into downward-facing dog, any room can become a home yoga studio.  Here are a few simple inspirations for yoga studio decor that you can explore in your own home!

yoga artwork
Yoga-Calm-Blue by Kacey Stafford, available on Etsy

Fabric Wall Hangings After your room is cleared and clean, the quickest way to add warmth and ambiance is to create a focal wall with a colorful fair trade tapestry.  We offer a variety of handcrafted, block print Indian bedspreads that transform beautifully into wall art.  Choose from any one of our collections, and the rest of your yoga decor will fall into place effortlessly.

Asian Oriental Green Queen Size Bedspread
Memories of Shalimar hand printed cotton bedspread

Purple Blue Moroccan Vintage Queen Bedspread
Sultan’s Palace hand printed cotton bedspread

Blue Asian Style Oriental Floral Queen Bedspread
Midnight Lotus hand printed cotton bedspread

Luxury Pink Floral Indian Sari Print Queen Bedspread
India Rose hand printed cotton bedspread

Our bedspread are available in 70″x 90″, 90″x 90″, 108″ x 90″, so there’s a size to fit any wall you choose.  (Bonus – if you ever decide to change color schemes, just throw the fabric in the wash, and use it in the bedroom instead! 🙂 ) Storage Baskets While decor in your home yoga studio should be minimal, it can add to the serene feel as well as perform a function.Just one or two large storage baskets in the corner of the room are the perfect hide-away for your mat, strap, block and bolster.  Serena and Lily’s oversized woven baskets should last forever.

yoga storage baskets
Senegalese Storage Baskets – Serena and Lily

yoga studio storage baskets
Seagrass Basket – Serena and Lily

Lighting Lighting is an important element in any space, and possibly even more so in your studio.  A natural light source is ideal, complemented by diffused ambiant light that adds just a touch of warmth.  Twinkly white string lights, paper lanterns, and LED candles can contribute nicely to an overall lighting scheme.  Round the look out with an unusual lighting piece, such as Ikea’sFillsta Floor Lamp.

home yoga studio decor
Use string lights for twinkly ambiance! (photo: Dallas Design District)

home yoga studio lighting
Fillsta Floor Lamp – Ikea

home yoga studio decor
Hang illuminated paper lanterns in your space (photo: Yoga Bhoga

home yoga studio decor
Square Wax Luminaries – Q Candles

Sensories The fun is often in the little things, isn’t it?  A simple scented candle (high quality soy is best) or a few drops of essential oil diffused in the room will create an entire experience in your space, as your body moves and breathes in it.  (Hint:  a few drops of doTerra‘s Lemongrass oil can be mixed with white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and used to freshen and clean your equipment).

yoga and aromatherapy
Lemongrass Essential Oil – doTerra

yoga decor
Ecoya Lotus Flower Soy Candle – Monarch’s Heaven

Hope that any of you Saffron Marigold fans who also are yoga practitioners might have gotten a bit of inspiration for your own special space at home.  Doesn’t that sound nice?  (And really, not too hard to make a reality).  Let me know if any of you make this a weekend project.  I’d love to see the results!