Our favorite bed linens for Dad, and great sheets to go with!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 6, 2014

As has become a ritual, we come out with a series for every special occasion during the year. The Fathers Day series is always tricky. We don’t know many fathers who look forward to receiving linen as their Fathers Day gift. However, we also don’t know many fathers who do not appreciate a good night’s sleep on some high quality, but good value, linens. If those linens have a story to tell, then I am sure, it’s all the more special!

Here you will find our favorite 6 bed linens for Dad. We hope you find a few ideas, albeit non-conventional ones, in them. This may not be the main gift, but it could definitely be a supporting one!

Spice Route

Spice Route

Take Dad to Morocco with deep red exotic Spice Route. Evocative of the camel trails in the desert, of the clamor of spice markets, of the exotic souks, and of the opulent scent of incense in the warm evening air.

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Kilim Noir

Mysterious, exotic and stunningly unique, the ochre motifs printed on a rich black ground in Kilim Noir will help create just the right bold bedroom that will whisper to Dad of far away lands.

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Pacific Blue

Crested white waves rise and fall against the deep indigo blue of beautiful Pacific Blue, bringing a sense of calm and the ocean as Dad drifts into peaceful slumber.

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Starry Nights

Off-white stars on a deep indigo background and a decorative striped border of the resist printed batik inspired Starry Nights will get Dad ready well in time for the 4th of July weekend!

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Sultan’s Palace

Rooms cocooned in velvets, smooth ivory marble floors, cool turquoise water fountains, ornate brass lanterns… make Dad feel like royalty in the opulent pleasures of Sultan’s Palace.

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Blue Brown Duvet cover

Ocean Breezes

Summon the blue sky, the wet sand, and the white foam, with the decidedly nautical colors of this print. Bring the ocean to Dad this Fathers Day with Ocean Breezes.

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3 responses

  1. Have you considered making a Hawaii style shirt, jacket, bath robe from you fabrics? Some men might find it appealing. just a thought.

    • Interesting idea, Marjorie!
      I am always curious as to what creative ideas our customers may think of for “off label uses” of our linens!
      – Heidi

  2. Happy Father’s Day to you, and thank you for posting the sweet note and pictures of you and your beautiful little boy.

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