Much Ado About Bedskirts

Saffron Marigold - Updated: April 16, 2018
Whether bedskirts were designed to hide a bed’s box spring or to use the space under the bed as storage or not…….one thing we know – for home decor, a bedskirt offers a way to add style, pattern, and color to the bedroom.
But bedskirts come in a mind boggling array of sizes and patterns – they can be tailored, pleated and ruffled; in whites and shades of white; and in all the colors of the rainbow……so how does one go about choosing the right bedskirt?
Pleated bedskirt
Ruffled bedskirt
Tailored bedskirt
In today’s post we are going to break it down and make it easy for you to choose the right bedskirt for you.

While hunting for that perfect bedskirt, things to consider are the style, color and pattern!

STYLE and COLOR: Below are 3 examples of how the choice of style and color can affect the overall look. All beds have linens with vivid floral patterns.

In pic #1, the solid pleated bedskirt not only complements the print, but at the same time does not distract from your gorgeous linens.  It creates an overall simple understated look, one of quiet elegance.

Both pics  #2 and #3 have floral duvets, but you will notice how depending on the style of the bedskirt, the whole effect can change. The ruffled bedskirt creates a totally feminine look. It accentuates the floral graceful print on the bedspread, whereas a tailored white bedskirt creates a more understated almost orderly appearance.

Pic # 2 – Ruffled bedskirt
Pic #3 – straight bedskirt

All 3  bedskirts are neutral colors, an advantage, since they can be used with a variety of prints and patterns. An important thing to keep in mind while building your Saffron Marigold collection!

PATTERN: You can also be really adventurous and try the ‘mix and match” approach! Here again both images below have floral bedspreads.

Pic #4 is accented with a printed ruffled bedskirt. The tiny floral print on the bedskirt accentuates the bold print on the bedspread, the colors coordinate with one another to create a wholesome “put together” look.

Pic # 4 – Printed bedskirt with floral duvet

If you want to get really adventurous, you can combine stripes and pattern like pic #5. The effect can be rather dramatic, so make sure your colors complement one another.

Pic # 5 Striped Duvet

So as you can see, there’s a lot to consider while choosing a perfect bedskirt. But as always, remember to have fun. We love hearing from you, so do share your projects and ideas with us!

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