Bedskirts series

Saffron Marigold - Updated: July 3, 2014

We have put together a series on how to buy coordinated bed skirts or dust ruffles for your favorite Saffron Marigold linen. Click on the links below to find inspiration and ideas that you can use to create a welcoming retreat in your own home. We love hearing from you, so do write in and share your thoughts and comments!

Much Ado About Bedskirts – everything you need to know about bedskirts but were afraid to ask
Finding the right bedskirt for the black, tan and red Ruby Kilim linen.
Watching the deep golden tan and dark chocolate pattern of the Purple Moon rise
Bedskirts for the pink, cream and purple India Rose.
Bedskirts for the burgundy and green Maharaja.
Finding the perfect bedskirt for Red Poppy’s honeyed golden apricot ground, textured with delicate floral latticework.
Bedskirts for the cinnamon, turmeric and imperial blue that are patterned on a deep cranberry red ground of Spice Route.
Bedskirts for the orange and red Indian Summer.
Live like a queen with the regal Moroccan inspired Sultan’s Palace, with ivory, ochre and turquoise patterns.
A bedskirt for the elegant, peacock feather print in forest green, ochre, turquoise and cobalt blue of Dance O Peacock!

Have more ideas on what would work with these fabrics? Send in your ideas and pictures!