Bedskirt Series: The green, blue and ochre hued Dance O Peacock

Saffron Marigold - Updated: October 30, 2018

Meet Dance O Peacock – the newest kid on the block in Saffron Marigold’s linen collection. A homage to the colorful plumed bird of India, Dance O Peacock with its big bold motifs of turquoise, green and ochre peacock feathers against a crisp white background is stunning and cool, a perfect pattern for summer. Paired with some light-as-a-feather white window sheers, or curtains from the same collection, it will make for a soothing oasis of calm and peace.

Dance O Peacock’s Queen Duvet Cover from Saffron Marigold

The best thing about duvets from Saffron Marigold, is that they are all completely reversible so depending on your accessories, or even depending on your mood…you can switch from sensual to serene, from exciting to mellow.

What is so great about a print like this which has so many beautiful colors in its pattern, is, it makes the task of picking the right bedskirt that much easier. Here you have a choice between a stunning ochre to keep it simple, a vibrant turquoise or a soft green for contrast, or a classic white to keep it cool.

1. Ochre bedskirt: This bedskirt from Kohls picks up the same color from the print. It is the perfect compromise…..not too vibrant and no too simple.

Box pleated bedskirt from Kohls; color “Incense”

2. Green or blue bedskirt: If color excites you, then this avocado green bedskirt from Heirloom Linens could be the best fit. Made of 100% polyester, their sheen and luster make them look like spun silk.

Faux spun silk bedskirt from Alamode, from Heirloom Linens

Heirloom Linens also makes a bedskirt in a Peacock blue, which appears to be a terrific match, but as always if you are trying to match the color perfectly, it is best to request a swatch from the company.

Colors available for bedskirts from Heirloom Linens

3. White bedskirt: For those of you wanting to keep it simple and classic, this white one from Garnet Hill will do just that. Its dainty lace edge showing below the fabulous duvet will look stunning. Plus you have the added advantage of using it with any of the other magnificent duvets from Saffron Marigold, without having to buy another bedskirt.

Embroidered bedskirt from Garnet Hill

Wow, what a lot of choices for bedskirts. Whichever one you decide to pick, it will complement and coordinate beautifully with the Dance O Peacock duvet, bringing a colorful, ethnic vibe to the bedroom. Accessorize with some dark wooden accessories, candles and lanterns, potted palms and tiled tables….and you’ll create a haven in your bedroom!

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