A Spice Route testimonial

Saffron Marigold - Updated: December 31, 2020

This was our question to Krista:

We are eagerly waiting to hear what you think of your new Spice Route Duvet Cover………

And this was Krista’s answer:

I love it! Redecorated my whole room around it. Here are two pics…

Here is one of the pictures. One word: Beautiful!

We love the whole look and especially love the turquoise accents. The artwork picks up the same red and blue notes of the print, the black and white prints are a great contrast, the ocher walls highlight the turmeric hues of Spice Route and tell me if I am mistaken, but it looks like even the books are color coordinated? And to crisp it all up, a fresh white sheet under the duvet! WOW!

Spice Route Duvet Cover
Spice Route Duvet Cover

Want to create a similar vibe in your room? Check out the Spice Route collection. It is our most popular print and is it any wonder? A Moroccan inspired print emblazoned with gorgeous deep earthy colors it embodies exotic appeal and global style.

Krista – we love your room. Thanks for the testimonial.