Midnight Lotus table linens

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 5, 2015

Pat Uzzell sent us a testimonial which included these words:

 I just wanted you to see how pretty my table looks with your beautiful tablecloth…….

Pat used the Midnight Lotus table linens to create a beautiful dining space. White lotus blossoms adrift on a deep blue ground, this print brings with it instant spiritual beauty and expression. While it lends itself to many different decor styles, Pat has used it to bring out the best in her setting that exemplifies “old world grandeur and elegance”.

Gorgeous coordinating dinnerware in blue and white, cobalt blue drink ware, an elegant pitcher…..it all tells me that delicate cucumber sandwiches, petit fours and champagne are going to be served. 🙂 I also love the raffia napkin holders which tie in so well with the sisal rug and the dining chair seating!

Midnight Lotus Tablecloth
Midnight Lotus Tablecloth
Midnight Lotus Napkins
Midnight Lotus Tablecloth and Napkins

If you have ever had the luck to see lotus blossoms in person, you will understand their stunning beauty and why this print captures the very essence of that. These linens will radiate joy and light in whatever space they are used, not unlike the flower that inspired it!

Midnight Lotus swatch
Midnight Lotus swatch

Pat – thank you for your heartfelt testimonial! We absolutely love what you have done with these table linens!