Spice Route and Ruby Kilim – an oasis of color!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: July 29, 2014

A customer created an warm oasis in the middle of Manhattan madness!

Dear Saffron Marigold,

I did receive the beautiful Ruby Kilm Shams. I love your textiles and am very pleased with how your linens enhance my bedroom.  I live in the hustle and bustle of NYC and your bedding has contributed to making my bedroom space into a personal sanctuary.
Attached is a photo of your lovely linens…and curtain valances!
Thank you!
Kind regards,

As you can tell Sheri already had a lovely global vibe going on with a Spice Route duvet and a coordinating valance in the complementary Spice Route print she had ordered. She added on to that exotic look by accenting her bed with Ruby Kilim pillow shams in the complementary print. Here is a perfect example of how well our linens work together. The bold, baroque motif of Spice Route pairs beautifully with the kilim like geometry  of Ruby Kilim. Both prints are imbued with warm, earthy colors, and both get their inspiration from the mysterious by-ways and alleys of far flung locales in the East, Morocco and Turkey. A kilim rug on the floor in similar earthy hues, warm wood furniture and a sparkling, beaded scrollwork chandelier all help accentuate this global feel. For a touch of the unexpected, and clearly a reflection of the interesting person who occupies this space – the flouncy, fluffy sheepskin pillows!

Spice Route duvet
A Spice Route duvet with Ruby Kilim (c) shams

Spice Route is evocative of camel trails in the desert, of the clamor of spice markets, exotic souks where spices are displayed in colorful mounds and of the opulent scent of incense hanging in the warm evening air. Ruby Kilim is a bold, dramatic, geometrical palette of ruby red, deep cream and grey-black, and draws its inspiration from the famed Turkish Kilim rugs.

Spice Route
Spice Route

Ruby Kilim
Ruby Kilim

Sheri – thank you. We love your picture. It conveys the sense of well being and happiness that must radiate from within you as you step into this little slice of heaven amidst the craziness of New York city.