Cheery Pink and Bright Blue Make for Romance in this Valentine’s Day Bedroom

Saffron Marigold - Updated: January 24, 2019

One of our favorite prints these days is Midnight Lotus, an Asian inspired floral pattern in bright persian blue and white. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought it would be fun to see what we could do by adding pops of pink along side this print. As always, I prefer to do a room in a way that looks great for months at a time—not just for a weekend—so you’ll find these ideas simple and perfect for a classic cheery, romantic bedroom.

Midnight Lotus

In this chilly season, you’ll probably want Midnight Lotus in a duvet, which you can fill with a lovely down or down alternative comforter.  It is also offered as a bedspread, perfect for milder weather. Just like all of Saffron Marigold’s fair trade linens, Midnight Lotus is hand printed on soft, high quality cotton. We’ll use the bed linens as the major blue element in our bedroom, and accent it with shades of pinks and white.

Cottony Pillows

Saffron Marigold

Midnight Lotus (c) Toss Pillow

Scatter a few blue and white pillows in a reverse color scheme against the darker blue shams in Midnight Lotus. The fresh floral motif will make you think you’re napping in a garden!

Kalyana Textiles

Leela Cushion, Rose

For a burst of contrast, add one bright pink pillow to this Valentine’s Day mix. I chose a block printed pillow from Kaylana Textiles to connect with the feel of our fabrics.

Flirty Accessories


The Botanist Towel Hook

Form and function have met and fallen in love in this gorgeous floral hook from Anthropologie. Everything about it is feminine and romantic, and just begs to part of the sweet scene you’re creating in your bedroom.

viva terra vases large
Viva Terra

Recycled Glass Balloon Vases

I always, always love Viva Terra’s recycled glass. The fully organic forms and muted natural colors make these a winner in any space that wants softness and light.

Sensual Fragrance

Khadi Natural

Rose Geranium Massage Oil

Created of essential oils and rose water to be a natural de-stressor, a rub with this aromatic oil would be the perfect way to ease into your Valentine’s Day weekend. Of course, a good massage shouldn’t require a special occasion. Keep this handy for any time that you need a little pampering.

Red Barn Mercantile

K. Hall Designs Peony Candle

While you’ve got the rose oil out, light a candle or two, and enjoy the ambiance. Soon, your bedroom will no longer be the place where the laundry is piled up, but will transform into a flowery love nest! (That’s what can happen when you turn out the lights. 🙂 )

Sweet Nothings

gold carraway compote vase SOC
Save On Crafts

Gold Carraway Compote Vase

I have a huge crush on this vase and arrangement. So sweet, and alluding to spring around the corner. Tie a blue ribbon around the stem of the vase to tie your palette together in perfection.

Adorbs Art

Peony Print

Would you just look at this? The palette alone has won me over. It’s perfect for our pink and blue floral bedroom, and it’s extra perfect for Valentine’s Day! If you love florals, and especially if you love pinks, check out Adorbs Art on Etsy.  Lots of loveliness there!

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