A Bedding series – sourcing sheets for our linen!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: October 27, 2018

Here at Saffron Marigold we get so many requests and questions on finding the coordinating sheets for our lovely duvets and bedspreads, we decided the time had come- time to put together a series on the perfect sheets for your favorite Saffron Marigold linen.

Click on the links below to find ideas and suggestions that you can use to achieve the look you want your bed to have from classic and simple to lush and lavish.

 Get the perfect sheets for the deep red exotic Spice Route.
  The right sheets for Kilim Noir – Black and gold opulence with a dash of blue.
  The best sheeting options for our Asian, coastal Pacific Blue
  Ideal sheets for our exclusive resist printed batik – Starry Nights. 
  Turquoise, pink, ochre – Sultan’s Palace offers some stunning choices for sheets.
Ocean Breezes duvet The best sheeting ideas in azure blue and brown for our coastal Ocean Breezes. 


Turn Your Day Bed into a YAY Bed!

Global Glam Guestroom Print Mix

My French Country Master Makeover featuring ‘Peacock Tales’

update? Bring in the stars with our blue and white bedding

We hope this series will make finding the perfect sheets for you an easy decision. We have more linens lined up…so stay tuned.

4 responses

  1. I have a bed spread from you which I bought several years ago. I put it on my bed. I have a spare room where the dogs are allowed on the bed but this bed spread will be to light allowing the dirt to pass through from the dogs. Do you have any with a liner or that are more dense in the fabric. This woould be very useful in one piece as opposed to an extra sheet etc. Thank you. Jeff

    • Jeff, while our bedspreads are one layer, as you noted, our duvet covers are two layers. These obviously can have an insert in between the layers as well. Perhaps this would be a better solution for you.

      – Heidi

  2. @JeffFort you might even consider laying a sheet of plastic inside that duvet cover or having a sheet of plastic stitched to the back of the bedspread, almost like a waterproof quilt. The plastic doesn’t have to be obnoxious, klunky and thick. The same thin material used as temporary storm windows to cut down drafts is wide and relatively easy to work with as well as inexpensive! Should also stand up to light washing but I’d keep it out of the dryer.

    I would get a second bedspread for when humans are using the guest room. Just a thought.

    • Ben,
      Thanks for the awesome and creative idea! I imagine more than one of our animal lovers will thank you for that. 😉
      – Heidi

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