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Sultan’s Palace, one of your all time favorites, is back and better than ever! Still the bold, vintage Moroccan look that you fell for the first time, but now with a deep, variated blue background. (We’d heard that you love blue!) Can’t wait for you to see it in person.

Sultan’s Palace for Every Room


For the Bedroom

From sheets and pillows to furniture and lighting, here are some dazzling ideas to accessorize your Sultan’s Palace linens for the bedroom.

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For the Living Room

Royal, mystical, spiritual and stylish – create a Bohemian purple themed living room with Sultan’s Palace curtains and pillows!

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For the Dining Room

Here are some ideas for using Sultan’s Palace table linens in your dining room that are as tantalizing as the spices used to create Moroccan culinary fare! Bon Appétit!

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For the Bathroom

Big, bold and beautiful Moroccan inspired medallions in fuchsia, turquoise, ivory and white set against a lush deep purple background, the Sultan’s Palace shower curtain is striking and flamboyant!

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SP Collage

Mix & Match Ideas

We’re stirring up the color pot with Sultan’s Palace. Purple with pink, purple with blue, purple with gold… endless color combinations for you to create that perfect room with Sultan’s Palace linens!

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3 responses

  1. What color rug would you suggest as a compliment for this bedding? I’d like to be able to incorporate more colors into the room as you show (oranges, teals, greens, reds, etc.) but am wondering if I should stick with a neutral color.

  2. What color rug would best compliment this bedding? I’m trying to bring in more colors as you show in your design ideas with this print(oranges, reds, turquoise, greens), but am not sure if I should stick with a neutral carpet and add color with accents.

    • Cindy, it really depends on how much in love with Bohemian decor you are 🙂 If you love the rich color and vibe of this print, then by all means go for a bold, colorful rug which will only add to the vibrancy. On the other hand if you want to being in some quiet tones, a neutral rug might be the way to go. The added advantage is being able to use it with other prints. Tough choice, I know 😉

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