Peacock Bath Decor Inspired by Dance O Peacock

Updated: August 2, 2014

For the final piece of our Dance O Peacock “room by room” series, we’re loading you up with great ideas for peacock bath decor.  We’ve sourced everything from linens to lighting to peacock perfume, so inspiration for your own peacock inspired bath is right here at your fingertips!

Dance O Peacock Cotton Shower Curtain

The brilliant, graphic elegance of our Dance O Peacock cotton shower curtain is center stage in this bath design.  Crisp ivory cotton, hand printed in turquoise, navy, forest and ochre brings a timeless sophistication to your space.  This peacock print is stunning, yet not overwhelming….the white space is used for  maximum impact.

Because our inspiration piece is not overwhelming, we can really play up lots of great bath accents….

 Bath Linens

peacock colored bath towels
Company Cotton Towels, The Company Store

ideas for a peacock themed bath
Guest Towels, Sharyn Blond Linens

Several colors from this The Company Store collection will work wonderfully with our Dance O Peacock shower curtain. To coordinate,  choose Evergreen (third from top left), Larkspur (fourth from bottom left) and navy (bottom left).

What do you think about these fabulous hand embroidered peacock guest towels from Sharyn Blond?  They definitely are in the “should I really dry my hands on these?” category!


fancy fern peacock rectangular wall sconce
Fancy Fern Peacock Wall Sconce, Stacy Garcia

peacock bath ideas
Quoizel Global Style Wall Sconce, Brand Lighting

I favor clean modern lines, so I just love this rectangular wall sconce from Stacy Garcia.  A pair of these would go a long way toward creating a cohesive look in your peacock inspired bath.  We can’t, however, overlook art nouveau style lighting when it comes to peacock decor, and this hand blown feather sconce is perfectly lovely, and picks up well on the ochre tones of our print.

Window Treatments

Dance O Peacock Beaded Valance

peacock bath ideas
Cottony Sheer Shades, photo Country Living

Saffron Marigold offers a beaded valance to match your Dance O Peacock shower curtain perfectly.  Use a layer of sheer cotton shades underneath for a naturally luminous look. is a great place to start looking for window treatments, and offers a variety of roman shades and other sheer shades.

Wall Art

bathroom decor peacock
The Feathers Iron Mirror, GI Designs

peacock decor
The Modern Poster, William H. Bradley

Mirrors and wall art round out the aviary theme in this bath.  GI Designs, a great source for unique nature inspired decor, stocks this wonderful feather mirror, a perfect echo of the simple elegance of our shower curtain.  “The Modern Poster” is an authentic nod to the historic use of the peacock in 20th century design.  Prints of this poster can be purchased from various retailers, and you will find subtle variations of tone available from print to print.


peacock bath decor
Peacock Tray, Blue Rose Pottery

peacock decor
Peacock Candle, Pier 1

ideas for peacock bath decor
Peacock Dustpan and Brush Set, Boston Warehouse

Bath accessories can play off colors, themes or pattern… here, I’ve gone strictly with theme, but I’d use these sparingly to achieve a noteworthy, uncluttered look.  First, The Peacock Tray from Blue Rose Pottery: a woman’s bath by nature has to accomodate lots of “little” things, and a tray is a perfect way to round them up.  In this case, we’re repurposing a bread tray for the bath!  From Pier 1 we take this large, gilt and aqua candle for soothing ambiance.  From Boston Warehouse, we’ve pulled in this attractive and functional peacock dustpan and brush set.  Yes, I know it may be a little over the top, but how perfect for chasing down those pesky dust bunnies that propagate in every bathroom!


peacock theme bath
Turquoise Rock Soap, Villa

peacock bath accessories
Peacock Republic Soaps, Anthropologie

peacock inspired bath
Waikiki Pikake Perfume by Pacifica

Finally, a few pretty, scented  goodies to finish off the look with flair.  Have you ever seen soap that looks like real turquoise?  It really is amazingly similar to the beautiful stone itself.  The turquoise will touch on the peacock tones you’re using in your bath.  For soap that you’d like to use, rather than just look at, I recommend “Here Comes the Sun” from Peacock Republic, available at Anthropologie in a hand pump and facial bar.   Top off your countertop with a glamorous peacock perfume bottle (and sweet perfume) from Pacifica – maker of all natural scents.

Dance O Peacock Swatch

A peacock themed bath would be the ultimate in glamour and fun… Hope we’ve gotten you off to a good start in designing your own!  If you’re interested in our Dance O Peacock shower curtain or valance, but would like to get your hands on the fabric before you decide, I recommend purchasing a swatch.  These are generously sized and will really help you to coordinate with tile, linens, etc.

As always, let us know how you’re using your Saffron Marigold!  Comment on this post, or on our Facebook page! And remember we have our entire series on Dance O Peacock here.

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