Honestly, if your Monday morning routine began in one of these spectacularly exotic baths, is there any chance you’d get to work on time?  Soak on, friends.  Enjoy!

white boho bathvia The Colors in My Mind

yellow bathSergei Semak Moscow home via Love is Speed

white bath cut outMarie-Paule Pelle Kenya home via 79 Ideas

 Modern Other Tile via Houzz

boho bathvia J’Adorable Home

cb_moroccan_style_quatrefoil_print_blue_shower_curtainCasablanca Blues Shower Curtain – Saffron Marigold

gypsy bathvia Love Begins Here

beaded bathvia Dishfunctional Designs

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vintage norweiganVintage Norwegian Bath via Decorator’s Notebook

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Ideas for Mother’s Day

by Heidi on Apr 13, 14

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we have put together some inspiring ways to tell Mom “thanks for everything” and for expressing love and gratitude to her. We’ll focus on high quality, hand made items, do-it-yourself projects and special recipes. These reflect our commitment to the personal touch–in our handcrafted linens, our genuine dedication to customer service and our belief that you find joy in what comes from heart and hand.

Show Mom you care
Show Mom you care

We first start with 3 ways you can pamper mom–sleeping on beautiful linens and breakfast in bed; a Sunday morning brunch and/or a bathroom makeover. We have gift ideas for your traveller mom, bohemian mom and sentimental mom. Finally we have put together a few ideas for mom who loves color and for mom who prefers the pure simplicity of white!

Three ways to pamper Mom

Mothers Day ideas

Pamper mom with a lazy day in bed

Dress up mom’s bed in our Asian Zen Pacific Blue. Allow the calm blue and white colors lull mom into sleep in for as long as she wants. And then when she is finally ready to open her eyes, serve up a delicious breakfast on a pretty tray with flowers from the garden.

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Mothers Day brunch

Fresh Ideas for a Mother’s Day Brunch

Make Mom’s big day extra memorable by planning a special meal served at a beautifully set table. We’ve picked three gorgeous prints, each with its own unique feel, along with ideas for a coordinating centerpiece, a tasty recipe and a new tradition.

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ml Collage.jpg

Mother’s Day Bathroom Makeover

Forget the giftcard to a spa and give Mom a spa like makeover of their very own bathroom. Get a friend to sneak mom out of the house. Then using one of the three prints we’ve suggested, explore these easy but bold moves to create magic.

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Gift ideas by type of Mom


Import a Global Makeover for Mom this Mother’s Day

If you’ve seen that far away look in Mom’s eyes, take her to Morocco, India and the South of France with exotic, globally inspired gifts on Mother’s Day.

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Gifts for the Bohemian Mom

Did you grow up with a free-spirited mother who loves all things beautiful and bohemian? You can thank her for her unique love and give a nod to her unique style with a gift from our collection of global, artistic and handmade finds.

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Mothers Day sentimental mom

Gifts for the sentimental mom

Does mom wear her heart on her sleeve? Then this Mother’s Day, wow her with gifts that are not only sentimental but modern, stylish and unique. We’ve suggested gifts around Filigree, Sultan’s Palace and Moonlit Taj linens, that will show mom how much YOU love that SHE cares!

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Colorful gift ideas

Mothers Day color

Colorful and vibrant pillow and sham covers for Mom on Mother’s Day!

Bold reds, mysterious purples or Mediterranean blues? What colors get mom excited? Embrace mom’s color loving side with carefully chosen gifts that echo her unique personality.

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white collage.jpg

Lovely White Linens for Mother’s Day…

As moms know, the simplest thing is often the best thing. This is absolutely so with our elegant white linens. Check out our fresh ideas for her special day, 3 ways – in Filigree, Ivy Lace and Vanilla Glacé! She’ll have ideas for Afternoon Tea, Girls’ Night, and a Formal Dinner when she’s done.

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As moms know, the simplest thing is often best. Nothing is more simple or elegant than white, so with that we introduce three of our freshest, cleanest and most ethereal white prints for Mother’s Day. Whether it’s the panache of old Hollywood dazzling through our Filigree print; the romantic scrolling florals of Ivy Lace; or the global gilded Vanilla Glacé, these table linens are versatile, unique and go quickly from everyday to holiday. Mom will love them!


Filigree Round Tablecloth


Ivy Lace Dinner Napkins


Vanilla Glacé Tablecloth

Let’s take a look at three simple ways Mom can use our elegant prints at the table…


Afternoon Tea

Filigree is magical in its ability to fit right in to almost any decor, yet stand out because of its quality and elegance. One might call it a “Sophisticated Stunner”. Mom will love using this round tablecloth as the backdrop for afternoon tea, or for any occasion when friends stop by for a cuppa and a chat. As long as she has a stash of her favorite teas in the cupboard (consider Coconut Mango Oolong by Stash!) and a tea kettle ready to brew, she’s set. If you’re gifting, you may want to include a basket of tasty Strawberry Cheesecake Muffins to perfectly set the scene!


Stash Coconut Mango Oolong Tea

(photo: Blisstree)

bodum glass teapot williams sonoma

Bodum Glass Teapot

Williams Sonoma


Strawberry Cheesecake Muffins

Sweetpea’s Kitchen


Girls’ Night with Wine and Cheese

No matter how “mature” mom gets, she’s never too old for time with her friends. This is where Girls’ Night comes in! As soon as she brings out the wine, cheese and her hand printed Ivy Lace cotton napkins, everyone will know that a special evening is underway! Add to her gift with DIY wine glass charms, a slate cheese board, and slice of heavenly Aged Gouda.


DIY Wine Charms

Centsational Girl


Cheese Board

Brooklyn Slate


Aged Gouda

It’s Not You It’s Brie


Formal Dinner

So, the true beauty of Vanilla Glacé is that in the swap of a place setting, it can go from a boho girls’ night to an ultra formal dinner party. Mom will love the easy elegance of this print! Her place settings will get an instant boost from the gold trimmings and white on white scrolling of this pattern, and almost any accents – simple or elaborate – will be right at home. Here are a few suggestions for formal entertaining with Vanilla Glacé: use gold trim wherever possible (just little hints of sparkle all over the place!), choose from a sleek ice bucket to glamorous flatware to chic stemless glassware. Don’t you want to throw a party now? Vanilla Glacé makes it so easy to be fancy!


Brushed Stainless and Gold Ice Bucket


gold ware

Almoco Flatware Gold Matte

Design Within Reach

west elm gold rimmed wine glss

Gold Rimmed Stemless Glassare

West Elm

I know, I know…. we’ve left you with a dilemma! Three fabulous, party worthy linens, and only one mom! Can’t decide? Scoop one up for yourself, and invite mom over for dinner!

Show Mom you care

We have many more ways to make mom feel special. Continue on to the next post in our Mothers Day series.


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Does Mom love color? Is she instinctively drawn to high voltage shades that perk up spaces with vibrant color? Whether it is earthy reds and oranges that rock her boat, or rich pinks and purples that get her ooh-ing and aah-ing, or Mediteranean blues that have her sighing in pleasure–we have just the print for her.

If you are unsure what to give her, think pillows. There is nothing more versatile than shams and pillows. Euro shams can be placed against the headboard on the bed, or tossed on the floor for casual lounging. Accent pillows can be stacked on cozy chairs, or used as fun accessories on the bed too. And boudoir shams will add that certain… umm… je ne sais quoi to her bedroom!

So do think about some lovely cushion and sham covers for Mom. Pair them with some coordinating gift accessories like a good book, a candle, a piece of jewelry, a potted plant, a handmade card, a soft throw… and celebrate her on Mother’s Day.

For a mom who loves deep reds

If earthy reds and oranges rule in mom’s home and her closet, she’ll love this assortment of gifts. Our Spice Route print is smart, stylish and irresistibly exotic all at once. The main print has a bold medallion-ed pattern, the complimentary print has a modern graphic edge. Either way they are lovely.

Give mom a book aptly titled “The Saffron Kitchen” a stunning family drama that tells the story of Maryam Mazar and transcends culture in the desolate mountains of Iran. Add a gorgeous necklace made of metal, brass, rhodium, acrylic, glass, dyed jade, polyester, turquoise to the mix. And then to spice things up in the kitchen, gift mom a bottle of Mourad’s Harissa, Morocco’s very own version of ketchup!

Spice Route

For a mom who loves rich purples

Is mom a purple-phile? Did she clap her hands when Pantone announced Radiant Orchid – a harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink – as Color of the Year? Then gift her pillows and shams in Mystic Amethyst, a shimmering print from our Dreams of India collection.

Pair the linens with these lustrous earrings made of fuchsia quartz and white amethyst, a glittering tealight rimmed with hand painted mosaic tiles in amber, and top it off with a simple, hand made card in pretty pink. Mom deserves every bit of it.

Mystic Amethyst

For a mom who loves deep blues

Are mom’s bookshelves lined with travel books that describe the magic of the Mediterranean? And does she dream of azure blue skies, white sandy beaches and endless cups of mint tea? Casablanca Blues was then made for her. Evoking all the intrigue and romance of Morocco, shams in this print will add a global, exotic vibe to her room.

Until such time that mom can travel to Morocco, give her this book so she can flip through these pages and be instantly transported. Bring some of the glitter of lanterns to her room with the sparkly gold votive, and a touch of Mediterranean flavor with a stunning print of a minaret against the skyline.

Casablanca Blues

Show Mom you care

We have many more ways to make mom feel special. Continue on to the next post in our Mothers Day series.

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Continuing on with our Mother’s Day series, today we want to inspire you with ideas for “The Sentimental Mom”!

Mothers who are soft and sensitive and wear their hearts on their sleeves, who love romantic movies, who dream and let their hearts rule. From luxurious linens to add romance to her space, handmade gift ideas to wow her and movie suggestions that are guaranteed to arouse her senses and emotions.

We’ve offered you three distinctly different linens, pick the one suited to your mom’s personality. Pair each linen with coordinated gifts and a movie that resonates with the inherent feel of the print.

A box of tissues close by might not be such a bad idea too ;-)

Vintage Hollywood glamour: Filigree

Audrey Hepburn, Vivien Leigh….if mom loves and admires these women, then the Filigree print is what she deserves. Channeling vintage 1940′s Hollywood glamour and style, the black and white print is timeless and classic, bringing her joy for years to come. Add on some vintage inspired accessories – like personalized stationery and a silver pocket pendant – to heighten the beauty of Filigree.

And for a movie suggestion – Gone with the Wind! No matter if she has seen it before, its one of those movies you can watch again and again! Vivien Leigh with her sultry beauty and the dashing Clark Gable exemplify 1940′s Hollywood style.


Intrigue and suspense: Sultan’s Palace

Romances set against the backdrop of exotic locales with a sprinkling of suspense are the best kind of movies – IMHO! :-) Sultan’s Palace conjures up visions of the mysterious alleys and labyrinths of Morocco, dark, handsome men and gorgeous Moroccan women!

Bring a bit of that Moroccan vibe into Mom’s bedroom with soft comfortable slippers for her feet, the cottony feel of a beautiful Sultan’s Palace duvet, a plump cushion to sit back against and finally an ever popular movie – Casablanca!

Sultan's Palace

Far East travel and adventure: Moonlit Taj

The allure of Moonlit Taj celebrates the love of Emperor Shah Jahan for his wife. Capture the luminous translucent quality of the print in gifts that shimmer and resonate with the same pearly light for a mom who likes romantic movies shot in the heat and dust of enchanting India.

Begin with cushions, a must have for a movie afficionado. A few tea lights to set the mood and add sparkle and shine, a lovely pendant around her neck making her feel like an Indian princess and then a movie that will make her laugh and cry all at once.

Moonlit Taj

Show Mom you care

We have many more ways to make mom feel special. Continue on to the next post in our Mothers Day series.

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Did you grow up with a free-spirited mother who loves all things beautiful and bohemian? You can thank her for her unique love and give a nod to her unique style with a gift from our collection of global, artistic and handmade finds.

Start with something from our Dreams of India Collection…

…shimmery, bold Jeweled Peacock, to be exact. This print is for the boho mom who loves a little bit of sparkle, jingle and wild. A hand printed curtain in this bold turquoise hue will brighten up her space in an instant, and add another layer of texture and color to her already colorful life.

peacock boho mom txt

She might also be interested in a stack of bohemian bangles piled up in a gold striped zebra tray! Because, who wouldn’t be interested in that? Just to be sure that she knows you love her sunny, eclectic self, give her some bright floral artwork to hang up along side Jeweled Peacock. Now that’s a room for the boho mom!

Perhaps Mom would prefer something sultry…

…like our our royal Sultan’s Palace print! Medallions, hand printed layer by layer, shine out from a brilliant purple-blue ground to brighten and excite any space. They whisper of the romantic, well traveled life. Your bohemian mom may want to design her entire space around this exotic fabric!

SP Boho txt. jpg

Of course, since the Sultina must have some bling and baubles, we present some additional lovelies for her Mother’s Day pleasure! Noonday Collection is a bohemian mama’s dream – everything is hand made by artisans from around the world – this clutch is youthful and useful! Perhaps add in a mosaic bracelet for her wrist, and some brightly patterned bowls in which to store her jewels.

Still not sure? She’s sure to love this one…

… our dazzling Dance O Peacock print is gorgeous, and a customer favorite. The particular curtain you see below is actually the complementary print for our main Dance O Peacock series. It offers an intricate pattern on the curtain panel, bordered by bold, graphic feather motifs. Warm, organic and colorful, this print will make mom’s space unique and fresh.

DOPeacock boho mom txt

Want to bring an instant smile to mom’s face, and keep her smiling for a while? Adding any of these bold, eclectic pieces will do the trick! Consider another delight from Noonday Collection ( the cool leather earrings!), and two original artist pieces. She’ll feel young and hip, while remaining true to her unique style. (Note: The original artists pieces may be one of a kind, but these artists are willing to do custom work and can create pieces very similar to what you see here!)

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite bohemian prints, but believe me, Saffron Marigold has so much more! Inspired by Indian, Turkish and Moroccan culture, we have one of the best globally infused boho collections around. Take a look at some of our other faves!


Casablanca Blues Tablecloth


Morning Dew Duvet


Spice Route (c) Euro Sham


Kilim Noir Table Runner

Do you think your mom might like one of these gypsy gems? If so, take our survey below, and vote for your favorite find! If you’d like to take a look at more ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, you can see them all here!

Show Mom you care

We have many more ways to make mom feel special. Continue on to the next post in our Mothers Day series.

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