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This Fall, Transform Your Bath into a Rich Retreat!

The richness of Ruby Kilim can quickly take a bath from blah to beautiful, and since we’re at the turning of the seasons, there’s no better time to make the switch!

atd collage SR.jpg.jpg.jpg

Ask the Designer: A Global Shower Curtain in a Creamy Bath

A Saffron Marigold fan, Janis, is considering a new hand-printed shower curtain for her bath.  


Warm Up Your Bath with a Spicy, Global Shower Curtain

Combat the coolness of the air by adding warm fall color to your home by way of linens and accessories.

Quilted bedspread

A Fall Garden Party?

I am not much for Halloween decorations though the colors of fall are my all-time favorites- reds, oranges, browns and greens.


Vibrant Fall Colors Make Your Dining Room Sing

We are waiting with eager anticipation for the trees to change color.


Rustic, Classic Dining Room Decor for Fall

We offer a variety of table linens in Pacific Blue, from heirloom quality tablecloths, to rich table runners and nautical napkins.


Introduce the Natural Beauty of Indian Summer to Your Dining Room

Those of us who love autumn are already starting to note the small changes in the air–cooler night temperatures, mums at the garden shops, even a few leaves are beginning to color.  


“Orange Blossom”s to life one beautiful block at a time

Orange Blossom is one of our most difficult collections to prints.


Add Sparkle to Your Fall Decor with Shimmering Goldstone

Take all the deep orange/red hues of the season, and sprinkle them with gold dust and you will have this lovely print from our Dreams of India Collection–Shimmering Goldstone. 

REd Poppy Fall LR SM

Colorful Fall Decor for your Global Living Room

Experts say there are two times of the year that are best for planting poppy seeds.

Most-loved Posts


Table Runners for Round Tables

Using a runner on a round table is a fresh way to add color and texture to your dining space.  

SM Dorm Parent

Decorate your Dorm with Unique, Hand Printed Style!

For the travel-lover

Travel to Morocco from within the comfort of your dorm room by using Sultan’s Palace bed linens.


Bohemian Dorm Decor – For the Girl Who Dreams of Traveling the World

Bring a bit of your own design style along with you to college, and snuggle up with it every night too!


No More Dull Dorm Decor! Explore Dreams of India

Ah, yes – the ubiquitous boring dorm room. Are you doomed to spending night after night in a beige room with a popcorn ceiling?


Trés Chic! Try a French Moroccan Dorm Room on for Style

So it’s official! You’re off to school come fall, and you have to give up your cozy room at home and move into this space with bare, non-descript walls and dull furniture – your “dorm room”.


Create a Boho-Glam Dorm Room This Year!

Your dorm room is often your first home away from home, and we aim to show you that with just a few elements, you can really create a space of your own.


Bold, Graphic Dorm Decor with a Nautical Twist

Heading out for college is a lot about new-found freedoms, but sometimes the size of your dorm room (crawl space) may indicate otherwise.

Memories of Shalimar

Kitchen curtains ~ inspirational ideas

We are so excited to be launching our line of kitchen curtains.

SM Fil

Channel the Sultry Charm of Vintage Hollywood in your Dorm Decor!

Love the golden age of Hollywood? Let over-the-top elegance and the sophistication of the 1940s bring a little something truly unique to your millennial dorm room.


“Orange Blossom”s to life one beautiful block at a time

Orange Blossom is one of our most difficult collections to prints.