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Featured series: Valentines Day

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Green Kitchen

Ask the Designer: A Curtain Quandary

What fun, Sharon is updating her kitchen! And she has some wonderful ideas to make her small space come alive.


Share Your Valentine’s Day Ideas, and WIN a $25 Store Credit!

One of our favorite things about having a small, boutique-style shop is hearing from you, our customers!

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Cheery Pink and Bright Blue Make for Romance in this Valentine’s Day Bedroom

One of our favorite prints these days is Midnight Lotus, an Asian inspired floral pattern in bright persian blue and white.

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Romantic Ruby Updates for a Stunning Valentine’s Day Bedroom

Sometimes a few foundational updates are all you need to create a new, romantic feeling in your space.

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Spend Valentine’s Day in Casablanca! (Or at least in Casablanca Blues!)

If you could spend Valentine’s Day weekend anywhere, (and money, travel time, childcare were not issues) where would you most love to go?

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If You Love Bright, Bold and Exotic, Our Moroccan Valentine’s Day Inspirations are For You

Moroccan romance is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…  If exotic, fun and flirty sound good to you, then you’re sure to love, love, LOVE our Moroccan decor ideas for Valentine’s Day.

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Get Your Bath in Step with Dancing Paisleys!

Think about it… lush red fabric, shimmering with bold paisleys and hints of ocean blue.

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Re-Do Your Bath with a Bit of Mosaique Magic!

Intricate and elegant, this bright combination of tangerine and turquoise will breathe life back into your bath in the minutes it takes to hang a new shower curtain!

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A Luscious Valentine’s Day Bath in Blue

Of course, February 14th gives all of us a wonderful excuse to be a bit extra-romantic and to indulge all that is lovey-dovey.  

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Create a Rosy, Romantic Bath Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!

Bath time: definitely relaxing, and maybe even romantic… Today we’ll look at a collection of soft, floral and feminine items that work together to create an indulgent, private spa scene–whether you’re pampering yourself before a night out, or just enjoying a night in.

Most-loved Posts


Table Runners for Round Tables

Using a runner on a round table is a fresh way to add color and texture to your dining space.  


Valentine’s Day Ideas from Saffron Marigold

Ready for romance Welcome to our Valentine’s Day series. There’s only a little time left until that sweetest of days, Valentine’s Day.

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Fresh Whites and Blushing Reds Make for Romance on Valentine’s Day!

There’s only a little more than a month left until that sweetest of days, Valentine’s Day, so for the next few weeks here at Saffron Marigold, we’ll be taking you through ideas for creating romantic settings in your home.

Memories of Shalimar

Kitchen curtains ~ inspirational ideas

We are so excited to be launching our line of kitchen curtains.


Sizing up our summer lightweight bedspreads

Our lightweight bedspreads are more like lightweight sheets meant to cover the mattress with just enough overhang.


Bath Towels: 5 Fair Trade and Handmade Choices

We’ve recently rolled out a new line of our fair trade, hand printed, 100 % cotton linens – a print called Sultan’s Palace – and everyone here at Saffron Marigold is very excited about this!  

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Re-Do Your Bath with a Bit of Mosaique Magic!

Intricate and elegant, this bright combination of tangerine and turquoise will breathe life back into your bath in the minutes it takes to hang a new shower curtain!

Exotic and lavish - Sultan's Palace wedding collection

L’amour Moroccan style!

Its wedding season and a reception with a theme is always fun and memorable.


Celebrate Love: Ideas for a Tropical Wedding Reception

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding, or something close to home that feels like an island paradise, Tropical Weddings are lush with opportunities for creative, colorful decor.  

Voile Bedskirt from Pottery Barn

Much Ado About Bedskirts

Whether bedskirts were designed to hide a bed’s box spring or to use the space under the bed as storage or not…….one thing we know – for home decor, a bedskirt offers a way to add style, pattern, and color to the bedroom.