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Saffron Marigold - Updated: March 31, 2024

Introducing our collection of appliqué curtains that celebrate the rich heritage of Indian textile ornamentation. Each curtain stunningly showcases a unique double craft technique—traditional appliqué embroidery with the intricate artistry of mirrorwork.

This is scheduled to launch in Mid April!

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Photograph of a blush pink textured curtain featuring a pinwheel pattern on a semi-sheer cotton organza fabric

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Rediscover the beauty of textile ornamentation with our heritage collection of appliqué curtains. Handcrafted by skilled women artisans of the Meghwal community situated near the India-Pakistan border, these textured curtains showcase mesmerizing appliqué and mirrorwork achieved through intricate cutting, sewing, and weaving.

Mirror Magic Collection

Our applique curtain is adorned with small mirrors called ‘abhala’ that are stitched onto fabric, creating alluring patterns that catch and reflect light, adding a touch of magic to your space.

Pinwheel Parade – Snow

The Pinwheel Parade – Snow curtain brightens your space, while the handsewn pattern exudes an air of playful elegance.

Photograph of a textured white curtain featuring a pinwheel applique pattern on white cotton organza fabric

Pinwheel Parade – Blush

The Pinwheel Parade curtain weaves its spell, enchanting your home with whimsy, romance, and the delicate allure of rosy hues.

Photograph of a blush pink embroider curtain featuring a pinwheel applique embroidery pattern

Leafy Veil – Snow

Leafy Veil – Snow bathes your room with white light, while the leaf pattern channels the serene beauty of a pristine winter landscape.

Photograph of a textured curtain featuring a leaf pattern applique stencil on top of white cotton organza fabric

Leafy Veil – Fern

Embrace nature’s splendor with the Leafy Veil curtain, inviting the essence of a fern-filled garden into your living space.

Photograph of a textured green curtain featuring a fern leaf pattern on a green cotton organza fabric

Arabesque Arches

The Arabesque Arches curtain presents a captivating dance of seamless, interlaced curves that elegantly intertwine, evoking the enchanting allure of a Moroccan palace, where mystery and fascination abound.

Photograph of a white textured curtain featuring an ogee pattern on a semi-sheer cotton organza fabric

Butterfly Ballet

A flutter of butterflies takes flight, bringing an air of elegance and ethereal wonder into your space.

Photograph of a white textured curtain featuring a butterfly applique pattern and mirrorwork embroiodery

The Inspiration Behind our Appliqué Curtains

Welcome! Warmest greetings from Anisha, owner and designer here at Saffron Marigold. Join me on a journey to explore the captivating fusion of techniques and artistry found in our exquisite appliqué curtains.

Appliqué, meaning ‘to apply’ in French, is a form of textile ornamentation. Nestled in the endless desert sands close to the India-Pakistan border lies a realm where cultures converge. Here, the skilled women artisans of the Meghwal community weave tales of tradition and vibrancy into the fabric. Through intricate cutting, sewing, and weaving, they create masterpieces of tradition and skill: mesmerizing applique work cotton curtains.

The applique and mirrorwork embroidery process

Through the ancient arts of applique and mirrorwork embroidery, we honor the traditional craftsmanship of the Rajasthan and Kutch regions of India.

The process begins by folding the fabric and tracing the design onto the top fabric layer. Next, the design is cut out of the fabric using a chisel and hammer.

Photograph of an artisan hand-embroidering an applique design onto fabric to create a textured curtain
Photograph of artisans handcrafting a textured curtain using applique and mirrorwork embroidery techniques

After the top layer is pasted onto an organza layer, skilled women artisans work their magic, employing the intricate techniques of applique and mirror embroidery. We embellish each of our textured curtains with Kutchi mirror embroidery, originating from the Kutch region in Gujarat, India. This age-old technique involves stitching small mirrors, known as “abhala,” onto fabric, creating breathtaking patterns surrounded by intricate threadwork. These mirrors elegantly capture and reflect light, casting a spellbinding radiance throughout your space.

Close-up photograph of a woman artisan cutting off excess threads n a textured white curtain
Close-up photograph of an artisan ironing a textured curtain that is folded on top of an off-white fabric

Once the fabric is washed, finished, and the two layers stitched together, each curtain is individually checked and then ironed, ready to grace your home with its enchanting beauty.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques passed down through generations, our textured curtain collection showcase the timeless beauty of applique embroidery and Kutchi mirrorwork, making each piece a true work of art.
Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on this exclusive collection! Our applique curtain collection launches in April.

Anisha Ghosh, Designer

Dive deeper into the process by watching our short behind-the-scenes video…

The finished work of art

Six distinct applique designs and colorways to transform your living spaces.

About Saffron Marigold

Our handcrafted curtains carry within their folds wondrous tales inspired by faraway places and natural beauty, bringing the world to your doorstep, and each purchase makes a positive impact that reverberates worldwide throughout generations.

Style with substance and soul—our appliqué collection is entirely made by hand in collaboration with skilled women artisans of the ancient art of ornamental needlework. Each appliqué curtain is a captivating work of art, becoming a symbol of craftsmanship and cultural celebration.

Transport yourself to the vibrant villages near the Indian-Pakistan border, where skilled women artisans of the Meghwal community bring these appliqué curtains to life. Embellished with small mirrors called “abhala,” these curtains showcase the timeless beauty of appliqué embroidery and Kutchi mirror work—two distinct handicrafts in one stunning piece.

Your Saffron Marigold block print linen purchase provides tangible support that improves the lives of artisans and apprentices and their families, sustains the craft of textile ornamentation, and celebrates the original works of art that bring joy to your family in this moment and into the future.