First in Line: Get Exclusive Access to Our New Appliqué Curtains

Introducing our collection of appliqué curtains that celebrate the rich heritage of Indian textile ornamentation. Each curtain stunningly showcases a unique double craft technique—traditional appliqué embroidery with the intricate artistry of mirrorwork. This is scheduled to launch in Mid April! Sign up now to get first dibs.

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Photograph of a table covered in a blue and sage green tablecloth with decor on top and a banner below that reads "10 Round Table Decor Ideas"

10 Round Table Decor Ideas for Elegant Circular Charm

Join us as we explore 10 stunning round table decor ideas that perfectly complement the beauty of a round table. From classic floral arrangements to tiered displays, these ideas will inspire you to create captivating and sophisticated table settings for any occasion.

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Blue floral bedspread in Provincial French pattern

13 Lively Bedspreads to Beat the Winter Blues

Ah, winter – the season of cozy sweaters, hot cocoa, and holiday celebrations. But, as much as we love building snowmen and sipping eggnog, the winter season can play tricks on our mood too. Many of us live in relatively mild climates year-round, but the days are shorter, colder, and snowier for many of us, too!

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Cottagecore Decor for the Home: 2023 Style Guide

Cottagecore home decor is a charming and whimsical interior design style that celebrates the rustic beauty of the countryside. Inspired by the simplicity and coziness of rural life, cottagecore brings the outdoors in, with an emphasis on natural materials, floral patterns, and vintage elements.

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Lunar New Year Decoration Ideas, Customs, and History: 2023

Lunar New Year 2023 is a holiday filled with ancient customs, delicious food, and beautiful decorations. Also known as Spring Festival or the Chinese New Year, it is the biggest holiday in China. However, billions across the world celebrate it—both within pockets of communities of Chinese descent, in certain indigenous groups, and in other Asian countries like Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

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Hero Image of mirror on floral print with overlaid text painted mirrors and sheer curtains

13 Wall Art Mirrors and Sheer Curtain Panel Pairings

Handpainted mirrors are a popular home decor, gracing empty walls, mantels, and tables in their effortless way. In terms of home decor, mirrors are a staple: they enhance light in dark rooms, create the illusion of space in small rooms, and beautify bland spaces.

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