Cottagecore Decor for the Home: 2023 Style Guide

Saffron Marigold - Updated: October 27, 2023

Cottagecore home decor is a charming and whimsical interior design style that celebrates the rustic beauty of the countryside. Inspired by the simplicity and coziness of rural life, cottagecore brings the outdoors in, with an emphasis on natural materials, floral patterns, and vintage elements. This style exudes a sense of nostalgia, evoking images of quaint cottages nestled in idyllic landscapes, where time seems to slow down, and the pace of life is gentle and unhurried. Whether you’re living in a bustling city apartment or a suburban home, cottagecore decor allows you to create a warm and inviting haven that feels like a retreat to a simpler, more romantic world.

Cottagecore bedding

A cottagecore bedroom starts with cozy bedding adorned in nature motifs such as florals, leaves, and other botanicals. Whether a ditzy floral duvet cover or a floral quilt bedspread, the key to cottagecore bedroom decor is high quality, handcrafted linens in a color palette that honors the outdoors.

A woodland cottage bedroom

Decorate your room in soft sage green, light blue, white, and brown for a relaxing effect. Since cottagecore is a way to escape the hustle and bustle of life, creating a woodland retreat is the perfect way to honor this design aesthetic.

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Early Settler

Round Carved Pedestal Table

A whitewashed or brown nightstand or accent table will pair nicely with the Woodland Ferns bedding for a nature-touched bedroom.

The Voyage Home

Kulen Tray

Handwoven by artisans from rattan and willow grass, a rustic chic tray such as this will add a cottagecore warmth to your bedroom.

Cottagecore bathroom decor

A cottagecore bathroom is most impactful when decorated with wooden furniture, tiles, and floral curtains. Display items such as books, vases, candles, plants, and towels for that characteristic lived-in feel. When possible, hang up floral wallpaper or wood frame mirrors in various sizes. An accent chair with a towel draped over it is also quintessentially cottagecore bathroom.

A tropical-inspired cottagecore bathroom

Using our Tropical Garden shower curtain and window curtains, you can create a cottagecore bathroom with a tropical twist. Pair this floral collection with wooden furnishings, classic floral rugs, and white walls for a fresh bathroom with vintage charm.

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Saffron Marigold

Mini Woven Plant Basket for Succulents – Multiple Colors

Cottagecore is all about bringing the outdoors into the home in various ways. Keep flowers and plants in these mini woven baskets to connect with nature.

Ginja B

Wooden Shelf Triple Hooks

Arrange planters, picture frames, and other petite decor atop this shelf in the bathroom to complement your cottagecore curtains.

Cottagecore kitchen decor

Open shelving, vintage accents, floral curtains, and a farmhouse sink creates a space that is reminiscent of simpler times. Embrace imperfections, handcrafted items, and vintage or vintage-inspired elements to achieve a cottagecore kitchen.

An English cottage kitchen

An English cottage kitchen is adorned in petite florals, charming dining sets, and a view of the outdoors. Again, vintage or vintage-influenced pieces will really bring your cottage kitchen together.

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Saffron Marigold

Dahlia Daydreams ~ Pink, Silver, & White Kitchen Apron

Cottagecore fashion embraces the rural lifestyle—this includes pastimes like baking and pottery. Why not hang up a floral kitchen apron to add a personal touch to your cottagecore kitchen?

Saffron Marigold

Saffron Marigold, Empress Gardens – CP ~ Elegant White Cloth Floral Napkins Set

These honeysuckle dinner napkins make us think of wholesome meals of freshly baked bread, garden-fresh produce, and other locally-sourced ingredients. Plus, the lovely floral print is peak cottagecore!

Cottagecore decor for the dining room

The dining room is where you can add vintage-inspired dishware, refurbished dining chairs, and cottagecore linens.

A French-inspired cottagecore dining room

Delightful tea sets, understated watercolor art, delicate kitchen curtains, and a beautiful tablecloth make for a picturesque cottagecore dining room. With our Morning Dew collection, you have a wonderful base for a dining room dressed in lovely pastel shades.

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Saffron Marigold

Morning Dew ~ French Country Provence Yellow Blue Tablecloth

Rustic and natural, this Provence tablecloth is a shoo-in for a cottagecore dining table. Set out plain white dishware and matching fabric napkins for a truly French feel.

Modern Turtle

Country Cottage Ceramic Pitcher

Roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and daffodils stir up romantic and nostalgic vibes, which ring true to the cottagecore aesthetic.

Cottagecore living room

A cottagecore living space incorporates textiles, traditional seating, classic lighting such as chandeliers and wall sconces, display cabinets, wall art, bookshelves, and creature comforts such as quilt throws.

Elegant pink cottagecore decor for the living room

Our floral collection Dahlia Daydreams lends itself well to the cottagecore aesthetic, particularly if you’re looking to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your version of this design style. With a fun, yet elegant color palette of raspberry sorbet pink, silver-grey, and white, Dahlia Daydreams can be called on to breathe life into a pink-dominant cottagecore living room.

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Saffron Marigold

Enchanted – Ivory ~ Floral Throw Cushion Cover

Mix and match florals for a cohesive cottagecore living room. Arrange several throw cushions on your sofa for a cozy, relaxed vibe.


Roseate Carafe Glassware Hand Blown Drinkware

Ribbed drinking glasses made by artisans in India in a lovely shade of pink to complement your Dahlia Daydreams curtains and pillow covers.

What is cottagecore decorating style?

The cottagecore decorating style is about capturing the essence of simple living and living in harmony with nature. Elements of the cottagecore aesthetic include vintage charm, high-quality, handcrafted goods, and nature-inspired furniture and art.

In the home, cottagecore decor translates to secondhand finds, self-sufficient hobbies like painting, baking, gardening, and knitting, natural fabrics and materials, and other items that evoke a nostalgic, pastoral feeling.

Other elements of a cottagecore home

Once you’ve got your linens covered, build out your cottagecore decor with these essential design elements of this style.

Color Palettes and Materials

  • Explore the preferred color palettes for cottagecore decor, such as soft pastels and earthy tones.
  • Natural materials like wood, cotton, and wicker.

Furniture and Arrangement

  • Rustic wooden tables, cozy armchairs, and vintage finds.
  • Create plenty of seating options in common spaces and layer textiles atop furniture to create a welcoming, cottagecore-inspired space.

Floral and Botanical Decor

  • Incorporate flowers, potted plants, and floral patterns into your cottagecore decor.
  • Dried flowers, botanical wall prints, and floral textiles also bring a freshness to your space.

Vintage Finds and Antiques

  • Hunt for vintage or antique items to enhance your cottagecore aesthetic.
  • Vintage pieces bring uniqueness and character to cottagecore spaces.

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Lighting and Ambiance

  • Introduce soft, warm lighting in cottagecore decor.
  • Use of candles, fairy lights, and lanterns to create a cozy atmosphere.

Personal Touches and DIY Projects

  • Personalize their cottagecore spaces with handmade crafts and decorations.
  • Display handmade quilts, embroidered pillowcases, or hand-painted signs

To summarize, cottagecore decor is rustic chic personified. Handcrafted items that mimic a self-sufficient, rural life such as cotton linens with floral motifs, quilted blankets, woven baskets, original watercolor paintings, and handmade pottery are essential in a cottagecore home. This enchanting decor theme celebrates the pastoral, the whimsical, and the timeless, allowing you to infuse your living space with an aura of tranquility and romanticism.

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