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Luxury Indian Bedding ~ Decorative Handmade Unique Bedding from India

Warm enveloping scents of cumin, cardamom, ginger, and turmeric; the reflective twang of the sitar and the rhythmic tap of the tabla; brilliant rainbow-hued fabrics with vivid palettes of deep indigo, sultry pinks, and passionate reds - these are just a few of the evocative elements that capture the essence of the Indian home.

If you are looking to add a touch of sensual Indian elegance to your home, you have come to the right place. Explore our range of exquisitely handcrafted Indian bedding and linens consisting of exuberantly patterned and vibrantly hued Indian Bedspreads, Duvet Covers, Unique Fabric Shower Curtains, Sheer Tab-Top Curtains, Decorative Pillow Covers, and Table Linens. It takes only a few well chosen accents to infuse a room with Indian flavor.

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Draped casually yet artfully over the back of a sofa, any one of our exquisite Indian Bedspreads or hand embroidered Quilted Bedspreads will infuse instant drama to a living space.

Hang a couple of our gorgeously hued sari inspired cotton voile tab top curtains . As they flutter gently in front of a window they will delicately tint the surrounding walls in a manner that will enchant and delight.

Give your bathroom an instant makeover. Hang one of our magnificent, unique Shower Curtains to transform your bathroom into an exotic retreat.

Bring a sense of distinction to an ordinary table with one of our opulently printed tablecloths. Accessorize lavishly with any one of our beautiful handcrafted table napkins. Finish the look with a brass bowl filled with a marigold or rose petals.

In the bedroom, use our beautiful Duvet or Comforter Covers, Indian Bedspreads, and pillow covers to create a romantic sanctuary. Our Indian Bedspreads may also be used to fashion canopies that will add instant drama. Burn a couple of sticks of sandalwood or jasmine incense and elevate the sensory experience to the sublime.

Remember that Indian style has a flexibility that always leaves ample room for individual flair. We encourage you to linger through our cyber aisles and check out our distinctive collection of luxury Indian Bedding and Linens. Take your time to look around... ponder over the feel you wish your rooms to evoke... be bold and adventurous... mix pattern and color to achieve your own unique expression of Indian style.