Announcing Dragonfly and Lotus – With this collection we’ve taken our inspiration from nature itself

Saffron Marigold - Updated: September 27, 2018
Each year we work with our amazing artisans to develop a few limited edition “concept” prints – exclusive patterns printed in only very small quantities. Testing which designs best capture your imagination helps us decide whether they deserve a permanent place in our catalog.

This season, we’d like to introduce Dragonfly and Lotus: a collection that celebrates new beginnings and joyful living!

In 3 colorways.. 


We launched the white-on-white colorway a few weeks back. Doris, from Georgia, had this to say about her new panel:

The lotus and dragonfly panel is absolutely luminous gracing a bathroom window letting in just the right amount of light while providing privacy.  Thank you for making the exchange when I made the mistake of ordering too short a panel.  I’ve had several friends take down the name with intentions to buy.  I’ve actually dared someone to look at your offerings and not buy!

💕 Thank you Doris! 💕

The essence of this lovely print is captured by Sarojini Naidu’s evocative ‘Cradle Song’. Known as the ‘Nightingale of India’, Sarojini Naidu was a noted poet and independence activist.

From groves of spice
O’er field of rice,
Athwart the lotus stream
I bring for you
Aglint with dew
A little lovely dream…..
When the silver sunbeams call
Dragonfly, dragonfly,
To humble bees and humming birds
I wonder as you shy
In such a crowd to spread
Your wings of green and red
And to gathering lotus honey
From the pools, dragonfly?

With this newest collection, we’ve taken our inspiration from nature itself. What does Dragonfly and Lotus signify?  The effortless grace and agility of a dragonfly, reminding us to adapt and enjoy life – with all its surprises. And the poise and purity of a lotus, rising above even the muddiest waters to bloom with remarkable beauty.

Each delicate dragonfly and lotus is cocooned within an exquisite Mihrab – exotic design elements which originate in Islamic architecture. Printed in white across a white ground, this print has a timeless, soothing vibe to it that is simultaneously glamorous and casual.

This colorway is printed in fuchsia and sky blue across a white ground. 

Our Dragonfly and Lotus print comes alive with the passing of each new day. Each piece is handcrafted using intricately hand-carved wooden blocks and printed on superior-grade cotton voile – a soft, gossamer weave with exceptional light-filtering properties.

Morning dawns on delicate outlines, then the print slowly comes alive in the glow of the midday sun. As dusk settles, it takes on a magical, luminescent quality under the gleam of interior lighting.

Available in three styles to choose from (panel, hand-beaded valance, and tiered curtain), Dragonfly and Lotus will provide privacy, gently usher in the sun, and remind you to enjoy life.

And this one in gold across a white ground. 

We’re excited to announce this limited edition print, and wanted you to be among the first we share it with! We would love to hear your feedback on Dragonfly and Lotus! Can you envision this exclusive print in your home? What are you most excited about with this new collection?

Remember, quantities are limited, so place your order soon!

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