Getting creative with the floral red and gold hues of Tropical Garden.

Saffron Marigold - Updated: June 20, 2014

I’m always amazed at DIY’ers. Like this customer we received a testimonial from, who so impressed us with her innovative twist on a Tropical Garden bedspread.

Matthia from Gloucester, MA:

Hi, we did receive the bedspread and it was turned into a patio door curtain by attaching clip on rings to it and hanging it on a decorative rod. It looks very nice and much cozier than those plastic office looking patio panels that seem to be the only alternative.

Tropical Garden bedspread turned patio curtain

Tropical Garden bedspread – used as a patio door curtain

 In case you’re as blown away as I am and are curious to know how she did it, here is how:

I just bought a decorative rod and clip rings and hemmed all 4 edges of the spread so the length would be right. I do have a 5 foot patio door, not sure how it would fit on a 6 foot one, but  I think it would still be fine as there is plenty of fabric.

Isn’t that simply genius?

Tropical Garden has a distinct “tropical” fair with its red, gold, amber colors and will bring a touch of the sultry sweltering vibe into any decor.

Tropical Garden swatch

Matthia lives in “not-so-tropical” Massachusetts, but her home looks like a sun drenched villa in the Mediterranean!

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