Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Bohemian Mom

Saffron Marigold - Updated: April 10, 2019

Did you grow up with a free-spirited mother who loves all things beautiful and bohemian? You can thank her for her unique love and give a nod to her unique style with a gift from our collection of global, artistic and handmade finds.

Start with Dreams of India

Give her shimmery, bold Jeweled Peacock, to be exact. This print is for the boho mom who loves a bit of sparkle, jingle and wild. A hand printed curtain in bold turquoise will brighten up her space in an instant, and add another layer of texture and color to her already colorful life.

She might also be interested in a stack of bohemian bangles piled up in a golden, mirrored tray! Because who wouldn’t be interested in that? Just to be sure that she knows you love her sunny, eclectic self, give her some bright floral artwork to hang up alongside Jeweled Peacock. Now that’s a room for the boho mom!


clockwise from top left

Perhaps Mom Wants Something Sultry

If so, she’ll adore our royal Sultan’s Palace print! Medallions, hand printed layer by layer, shine out from a brilliant purple-blue ground to brighten and excite any space. They whisper of the romantic, well traveled life. Your bohemian mom may want to design her entire space around this exotic fabric!

Of course, since the Sultana must have some bling and baubles, we present some additional lovelies for her Mother’s Day pleasure! Try a boho mama’s fantasy – a handmade, bold and useful bag! Perhaps add in fair trade earrings, and a lush wreath to capture all the color.


clockwise from top left

Still Not Sure? She’ll Love this One!

Our Dance O Peacock is gorgeous, and a customer favorite. The particular curtain you see below is actually the complementary print for our main Dance O Peacock series. It offers an intricate pattern on the curtain panel, bordered by bold, graphic feather motifs. Warm, organic and colorful, this print will make mom’s space unique and fresh.

Want to bring an instant smile to mom’s face, and keep her smiling for a while? Adding any of these bold, eclectic pieces will do the trick! Consider a handmade delight from Novica (the gorgeous peacock earrings) and two original artists’ pieces. She’ll feel young and hip while remaining true to her unique style. (Note: The original artists’ pieces may be one of a kind, but these artists are willing to do custom work and can create pieces very similar to what you see here!)


clockwise from top left

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite bohemian prints, but believe me, Saffron Marigold has so much more! Inspired by Indian, Turkish and Moroccan culture, we have one of the best globally infused boho collections around. Take a look at some of our other faves!

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we have put together some inspiring ways to tell Mom “thanks for everything” and for expressing love and gratitude to her. We’ll focus on high quality, hand made items, do-it-yourself projects and special recipes. These reflect our commitment to the personal touch–in our handcrafted linens, our genuine dedication to customer service and our belief that you find joy in what comes from heart and hand.