Linen Storage: Storing Linens For The Seasons

Saffron Marigold - Updated: June 8, 2021

Linen storage doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Whether you switch your linens in and out for the seasons or just need some ideas for how to store linens, you’ll find plenty of tips and ideas for storing linens in this post. We’re covering everything from how to organize your linens to how to store your bedding and tablecloths along with linen storage solutions.

5 tips for easy and organized linen storage

Whether you prefer a sophisticated or simple storage solution, these five tips will help you stick to your chosen system.

woman carrying stack of fresh blankets
photo: Dan Gold

1. Put it away clean

Always put everything away freshly laundered! This should be a given, but we’re human and we all succumb to moments of laziness. Even if you had the tablecloth out just for one meal and don’t detect any spills, there could be a crumb or two lurking around, and the last thing you want to do is attract moths or other bugs to your stunning block print linens. Be sure your linens are washed and 100% dry (moisture encourages mold and mildew) before packing them up for the season.

stack of fabrics folded neatly in linen storage

2. Let the folds face you

When storing linens in a linen closet, keep the pieces you use most frequently at eye level with the edges–not the folds–facing you. Seasonal pieces can be stored out of sight. (Better yet, keep your linens stored in the room where you’ll use them most frequently–more on this later.)

wooden ventilated shelf with folded linens

3. Ventilate

Replace old, sold-paneled closed shelves with ventilated shelving to win the battle against humidity, mustiness, and mildew. Ventilated shelves (like the kind pictured above by John Louis Home) allow for air to circulate.

navy indigo blue bedding with ocean theme

4. Cycle through your sets

If you have multiple bedding sets, make them last longer by cycling through their use. When putting linens away, simply lift up the stack and place the freshly washed linens on the bottom. This way, you won’t overuse one set too frequently.

freshly dried linens, block print, hanging on a line

5. Freshen things up

Once the weather warms up, take the opportunity to air out blankets and duvets on a line outside. This is a great way to shake things out and introduce the irreplaceable scent of freshly line-dried linens.

How to store bedding

Now, while our reversible cotton duvet covers can be used year-round by simply removing the insert and using the duvet cover as a lightweight bedspread, you still might enjoy switching your bedding out for the season or giving your bedroom a seasonal makeover. When considering how to store bedding, be sure that you’re packing it away for the season in breathable linen storage.

orange floral bedding

The best way to store bedding is to keep it tucked inside of a fabric–not plastic–container. How come? Well, plastic isn’t air-tight, so not You can dedicate a closet shelf to bedding, or use breathable (not plastic) under-the-bed storage by placing bedding in fabric storage bags if you’re short on space. A simple way to store bedding in the off season is to fold the duvet cover into an extra-cotton drawstring laundry bag or in a king-sized pillow case.

Try to avoid weighing down the duvet insert; you want the duvet to stay as full and fluffy as possible. This is especially important if you use a down or down alternative duvet insert.

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How to store sheets

If you want to know the best way to store bed sheets, we’re going to let you in a little secret: it’s easier than you think. Storing sheets doesn’t require any specific organizing tool or linen storage system since a set of bed sheet essentially serves as its own linen storage! Simply fold your freshly-laundered flat sheets and fitted sheet together along with any extra pillow cases, and insert the entire set into one king pillow case. Here’s the step-by-step how-to on storing bed sheets:

, white pillow case block printed pillow
  1. Fold the flat sheet in half horizontally, and then fold it in half again vertically.
  2. Do the same with the fitted sheet, and lay this on top of the flat sheet.
  3. You have two choices here: you can fold the pillowcases and insert the entire stack into one king-sized pillow case, or you can “tuck and roll.” To tuck and roll, simply place both pillowcases at one end of the stack you created with the fitted and flat sheets. Beginning at that end, roll the set up and place into a king pillow case.

With this simple plan, you’ll keep your bedsheets stored together, clean, and dust-free.

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Linen storage: tablecloths

How do you store tablecloths, and more importantly, how do you store them without wrinkling? Good questions! There are a few different ways you can approach tablecloth storage, but one of the most important things to keep in mind is to choose vertical storage in order to minimize wrinkling.

teal and yellow round tablecloth with french moroccan block print

Fold a table runner or tablecloth in half and hang it on a padded hanger or comforter hanger in a closet. If closet space is running short, then consider installing a rack on the interior of the closet door. These are usually used for hanging garments, but nobody said you couldn’t use them to store table linens!

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If you use your cloth napkins daily, then try keeping them in a lined basket for ease of use. You can store cloth napkins from hanger clips and hang in the closet. Fabric linen organizers provide another longer-term storage solution for any cloth napkins you keep on hand for special occasions.

photo: Claudia Reese, Ciao Newport Beach Blog
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You can store cloth napkins from hanger clips and hang in the closet. Fabric linen organizers provide another longer-term storage solution for any cloth napkins you keep on hand for special occasions.

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Linen storage: what to avoid

While all storage solutions serve a purpose, they don’t serve different fabrics and materials equally. Our Indian woodblock printed linens are handcrafted at our artisans’ studio in Rajasthan, India. They’re made from high-quality cotton, and so you’ll want to store them accordingly. Avoid keeping your cotton linens in the following:

Plastic storage containers

photo: Syed Hussaini

Plastic doesn’t breathe, and because it isn’t breathable, it can wreak havoc on cotton linens, ultimately causing yellowing or streaking. Because of that, we advise against storing cotton linens in plastic bins, containers, and under-the-bed plastic storage bins.

Cardboard linen storage

Karolina Grabowska

Oh, where to start with the problems that come with cardboard linen storage? Well, practically speaking, this storage method isn’t waterproof, so it can’t fight against humidity whatsoever. Plus, anything you store in cardboard is at risk of water damage. Next, the cardboard’s acidity is notorious for its powers of discoloration. Lastly, pests of all kinds find themselves attracted to cardboard, and they’re more than happy to chew it up…along with whatever contents they’ll find within the cardboard box.

Cedar linen storage

dresser for linen storage
photo: Julian Hochgesang

Heirloom cedar chests are a treasure, to be sure. However, storing your linens inside of a cedar chest raises the odds that they will discolor, become brittle, or even deteriorate. This can happen thanks to the natural gases the wood emits. If you simply must use a cedar chest to store linens, take extra steps to protect them.

Basement, garage, and attic storage

photo: Mika Baumeister

Sheds, basements, attics, and garages serve a great purpose when it comes to seasonal or long-term storage–but not for your linens. All of these storage spaces are notorious for their natural ability to attract pests (like mice, spiders, and other insects). Basements also are prone to flooding at worst and invite moisture (read: mildew) at best. Keep your linens away from such places! Instead, keep them in the rooms where you usually use them. For example, store bedding in the bedroom, table linens in the dining room or hall closet, and so on. And yes, not every room come with a closet, and the closet space that exists might be precious real estate. We understand, so keep reading and scrolling for creative linen storage ideas.

10 linen storage solutions

How do you store linens without a linen closet? Easy! By re-thinking your space and how you use different pieces of furniture, you can have stylish, functional linen storage in no time–and without spending a ton of money. Even if you don’t currently have linen storage in your home, you don’t have to worry about shelling out big bucks to build a custom linen closet; on the contrary, there are a few easy ways for keeping your linens organized, easily accessible and in good shape.

1. Armoires for storing linens

Use an armoire for something more than clothing storage–try it as a gorgeous linen closet!

West Elm mic century armoire for linen storage
West Elm

Mid-Century Armoire in Acorn

This armoire has ample space for holding your table linens, your off-season duvets, and more.

2. Comforter hangers

Keep your bedding on hangers in the back of your bedroom closet for convenient storage.

comforter hanger for bedding storage
The Container Store

Chrome Metal Blanket & Comforter Hanger

Slip your bedspread, comforter, or duvet over the hook–and that’s it! Could storing bedding be any easier?

3. Linen storage bench

Placed at the foot of the bed to store bedding or under a window as a charming window seat with hidden storage in the dining room, a storage bench is multifunctional and lovely.

yellow shutter cabinet bench
Beachcrest Home

Indiatlantic Velvet Cabinet Storage Bench

Put your lightweight bedspreads, throw pillow covers, and any soft cotton linens in this colorful storage trunk with a velvet lid.

4. Trunks

Trunks are classic pieces of storage furniture, and you can use them anywhere: as a makeshift footboard for the bed, a coffee table in the living room, beneath a row of hooks in the entryway as easy seating for slipping shoes on and off before heading out the door.

del ray trunk with natural ventilation for linen storage
Studio Anansi for CB2

Del Ray Trunk

We love this unique storage trunk that comes with natural ventilation. Made in Indonesia with mindi and mango wood, this is a stylish linen storage solution that you can leave out in plain sight.

5. Door valet

Why not repurpose a functional storage unit intended for clothing as a place for storing your linens?

door valet for over the door linen storage
Whimor, Inc.

Moth Proof Metal Door Organizer

A metal door organizer like this is great for hanging your table runners and tablecloths.

6. Quilt rack

Who said storage had to be hidden away?

six barrel quilt rack
Red Barrel Studio

Six-barrel Quilt Rack

Warm up your space with the handcrafted beauty of your quilts, and keep them both stored and on display with a wide quilt rack like this.

7. Scented sachets

Scented lavender sachets are a delight–and they do more than just enhance the fragrance of stored linens.

organic lavender sachets for linen storage
Yaya & Co.

Organic Lavender Sachets

Moths hate the scent of lavender, so keep them away from your linens by stashing a few of these sustainably-sourced lavender sachets in your linen closet or tucked in with the rest of your linen storage.

8. Duvet insert storage

It’s easy to store you duvet when you have smart storage like this.

down comforter duvet bag
Eastern Accents

Down Comforter Storage Bag

If you didn’t keep the bag your duvet insert came with, no worries–this breathable storage bag will keep your insert free from yellowing, dirt, and dust in during the off season. Just don’t place anything heavy on top of this to avoid squashing down your fluffy duvet!

9. Fabric storage bag

Invest in a few fabric storage bags to protect your linens.

fabric linen storage bag from the laundress
The Laundress

All-Purpose Storage Bag

Use this 100% cotton storage bag for your lightweight bedspreads, quilts, or for any other linen storage.

Canvas extra-large storage bag

An extra roomy storage bag is great for storing away all of your larger linens.

canvas extra large linen storage bag
The Laundress

Canvas Extra-Large Zip Storage Bag

A large bag like this is great for long-term storage. This particular bag should prevent yellowing over time and keep pests away from your linens.

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