Japandi Style: Guide to a Rustic, Minimalist, and Functional Home

Saffron Marigold - Updated: September 16, 2023

You’ve heard of Hygge style, Scandinavian style, and Japanese style homes. Now comes the natural progression of this minimalist-meets-comfort trend: Japandi style, also known as Scandinese or Japanordi. Short for Japanese and Scandinavian design aesthetics, Japandi interiors uphold the same values as its parts: comfort, functionality, and minimalism.

This time, though, it emphasizes a higher degree of polish and warmth through clean, organic silhouettes, natural materials, and handcrafted home goods. Welcome to our guide to the Japandi style—let’s review what Japandi interior design entails and ideas for a Japandi style home.

Why is Japandi popular?

Scandinavian and Japanese design may appeal to you if you prioritize function and comfort, and you have a deep appreciation for natural materials and handcrafted treasures. Japandi design is all about the chic silhouettes in Scandinavian design and the elegance and simplicity of Japanese interior design.

Contemporary textures, organic materials like ceramics and woven items, plus neutral tones make up this rustic aesthetic for an extra welcoming home. This style may be right for you if you want decor that is timeless and easily customized–with colorful linens and wall hangings, for instance. People who value wellbeing and maintain a connection with nature will also find Japandi to be a spirit-boosting aesthetic.

Japandi style living room–a pared-down hangout spot

The secret to a Japandi style living room is a comfortable Japandi sofa and an open, relaxed layout. Low furniture, matching textiles, and lots of textures make a Japandi living room inviting and livable. Incorporate hygge elements like light-filtering curtains, soft colors, and warm throws for those feel-good vibes.

Get the look: Japandi decor

Sofas with short, thin legs, coffee tables that show off natural wood grain, and aesthetically pleasing decor with exceptional handmade qualities keep your Japandi living room comfortable but with an air of sophistication. Use neutral throws like Pacific Blue, Royal Mansour, or Vanilla Glace to complement wooden tones.


Scandinavian Tuxedo Arm Settee


Wood Coffee Table


Preserved Coastal Dune Grass

Viva Terra

Handcrafted Japandi-Style Porcelain Clay Organic-Shaped Vase

Japandi style bedroom–a zen-like retreat

Creature comforts meet relaxed elegance in a Japandi style bedroom. Platform beds made of solid wood draped with luxurious bedding call up the warmth of a Scandinavian and Japanese bedroom. Think Ikea but more refined. On bare surfaces, display items that bring you joy but don’t look out of place such as a landscape painting or a woven basket.

Photo: Black Dot Studio

Get the look: Japandi decor

A Japandi bedroom is laidback, yes, but it is intentional. Everything has a purpose down to the wicker hamper in the corner for your extra throw blankets. Introduce a simple accent chair for reading and lounging if space allows. White, tan, or gray bedding is expected, but you can inject more personality with bedspreads or duvet covers like Pacific Blue or Woodland Ferns. If you want to stick to white bedding, Vanilla Glace boasts delicate gold piping that excites in an otherwise ‘tame’ room.

Crate and Barrel

Carson Natural Wood Spindle Bed

Moku Park

Akai Rika – Cherry Wooden & Rattan Lounge Chair


Studio Pottery Ikebana Bowl – Japanese Flower Arranging


Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

Japandi bathroom–a natural oasis

With Japandi bathroom design, you want to combine cozy hygge style with elements of a classic Japanese hot spring resort. Feature natural materials like ceramic, stone, and timber if present, and use organic shapes in your mirrors, soap set, and other accessories.

Photo: Roper Rhodes

Get the look: Japandi decor

To create an atmosphere of effortless luxe, incorporate small pleasures like an essential oil diffuser, spa soaps, and handmade soap dishes. Other Japandi bathroom ideas include the use of lots light and a large tub. An ocean-inspired shower curtain like Pacific Blue is made for a luxe Japanese bathroom, as well as more monochromatic styles like Vanilla Glace and Royal Mansour if you wish to give the illusion of a larger room.

All Modern

Storm Bookcase

Ethnik Living

Aorganik Mirror by Irregular Mirrors Collection


Japandi Soap Dish


Smoked Wood Diffuser Set

Japandi kitchen–an open, airy concept

With a Japandi style kitchen, you want to maximize function while preserving that cozy chic style. Bring in wooden bar stools for your kitchen island or replace your dining chairs with wicker or wooden chairs. Statement task lighting like glass or bamboo pendant shades make up for bare counters and walls.

Photo: Bradshaw Design LLC

Get the look: Japandi decor

Use light curtains like Bridal Veil or Dragonfly and Lotus to keep your kitchen looking airy. A single indoor tree or a couple of potted plants break up a Japandi interior style white and brown color scheme while helping you connect with nature, too. To go with timber and green elements, use sheer, ivory curtains like Bridal Veil, Dragonfly and Lotus, and Royal Mansour.


Randle Tractor Counter Stool

West Elm

Linear Wood LED Pendant Dark Bronze – Walnut

Maison and Coeur

Japanese Style Retro Seasoning Pot

Bergdorf Goodman

White Maple Decorative Tree

Japandi dining room–warm wood tones with drips of color

Focus on utility with touches of comfort in a Japandi style dining room. Wooden furnishings, handmade pottery, and organic patterns define your zen dining room. Floor-length curtain panels accentuate tall windows and glass doors, and rugs with simple designs bring it all together.

Photo: Decorilla

Get the look: Japandi decor

Many people forego table cloths in a Japandi dining room, but this is a missed opportunity to imbue your space with that cozy, yet upscale vibe. Use a table runner or table cloth like Pacific Blue for Asian influence or Woodland Ferns for a fresh take on the neutral Japandi color palette. Inject color to your tablescape with the English Gardens complementary print or Woodland ferns complementary print.


Miles Dining Table with Bench and 2 Chairs

Lulu and Georgia

Gerard Footed Bowl

Japandi style office–minimalist design with doses of nature

In a Japandi home office, you’ll find utilitarian chairs and clean desks and shelving. Space-saving layouts and furniture play a key role in Scandinavian and Japanese interior design, particularly in a home office setting. Keep clutter to a minimum, but don’t shy away from displaying treasures like bulbous ceramic vases and wooden baubles.

Photo: HousetoDecor

Get the look: Japandi decor

Bare, neutral offices with lots of wood grain and textures are the norm, but if you love patterns, choose an accent like the Scandinavian-esque English Gardens complementary print or the monochromatic Celestial Embrace in White. Allow space between decor on shelves and tabletops.

Burke Decor

Carmel Desk, Natural Mango


Gusfa Oak Chair


Japanese-Inspired Glass Vase


Kana Lamp

Japandi style decor color palettes

Scandinavian and Japanese interior design is defined by shades of brown and white. Japandi style, a more refined combination of the two styles, focuses on warmer tones. Deep reds, sage green, and black are also used sparingly.

Color palette idea 1

Soft, muted earth tones create an easygoing vibe that’s rooted in classic Scandinavian and Japanese color stories.

Photo: Eva Bronzini

Color palette idea 2

Green, brown, and gray are a powerhouse trio in a Japandi style home. Soft greens like olive or sage green are a perfect choice for big furniture.

Photo: Katja Rooke

Color palette idea 3

Just because colors are muted in Japandi style doesn’t mean you can’t go for more daring hues like amber, ochre, and bronze. Complement with a mellow fire brick red, barn red, or blush red.

Photo: Tatiana Syrikova

Color palette idea 4

Prefer blue for its calming effects? Cooler colors don’t take away from the warmth of your Japandi home! Pair browns and creams with indigo, pigeon, or french blue.

Saffron Marigold, Pacific Blue – Table Runner

Prints to try for Japandi style

Decorating with prints in Japandi interior design is a game of restraint. Both Japanese and Scandinavian cultures are flush with pattern and color, but Japandi is lean when it comes to patterns.

Choose one or two prints in neutral colors like blue, white, or monochromatic palettes to keep the Japandi spirit alive, but with a joyful Saffron Marigold twist. Luckily, many of our collections are available in two iterations–mix and match for a home full of textures and global-inspired stories.

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