Pacific Blue in Every Room

Saffron Marigold - Updated: January 24, 2019

Pacific Blue

A chance encounter with a friend, an accidental brush with centuries old Japanese pottery and an attempt to channel a relaxed coastal lifestyle – all these inspired Anisha to create this magnificent print. Say hello to Pacific Blue… Find ideas for the dining room, living room, bedroom, and bath, as well as prints that mix and match.

Set the Table with a Relaxing, Coastal Vibe

Dine seaside all year round when you cover your table with our indigo cotton Pacific Blue table linens. These exceptional tablecloths, runners and napkins are created in small batches by a select group of artisans who’ve gained expertise over years of work. Your dining room will speak of serenity and unique authenticity when you enjoy these rustic Japanese inspired linens.

Product Inspirations

Crate & Barrel

Water Hyacinth Charger

Layer a few easy, naturally elegant elements on your table, such as woven chargers in natural water hyacinth.

Crate & Barrel

Tourron Dinnerware

Yes, French ceramics have a place at this table, too. Especially pieces that practically glow with rich, reactive glaze in a star-struck navy blue.

West Elm

Open Weave Pendant Lamps

Organic and modern, these intricate and understated lamps will set a scene of sophisticated ease.

Michael Vermeij

Handmade Fruitstand

This gorgeous hand carved piece will fit right in with the artisanal feel of your Pacific Blue dining room. Expect this, along with your linens, to be family heirlooms.

Viva Terra

Azure Tea Set

No dinner or afternoon gathering is complete without an aromatic pot of tea. Why not serve it in an exquisite, traditional set? This piece comes from a century-old Japanese manufacturer, and will keep tea at a constant, warm temperature for at least an hour.

Create a Naturally Beautiful Living Room with Rustic, Coastal Style

Pacific Blue is a truly special fabric not only for the rich, classic design, but because of how it is made. Each piece of fabric is dyed a deep navy blue, and then the wave pattern is made by removing the blue dye. That’s right, the waves are not applied to the blue fabric, but the dye is pulled out, leaving creamy waves in its wake. Use Pacific Blue with either California Coastal or rustic Japanese living room decor.

Product Inspirations

Saffron Marigold

Pacific Blue Throw Pillow

The best way to give your space a sense of connectedness is to touch various pieces with similar pattern and color. Use our cottony throw pillow cover to extend the look of Pacific Blue around the room.

Lamps Plus

Copper Faux Wood Table Lamp

For this living room, choose rustic, organic lighting. This copper tinted lamp is a well priced piece which will capture the sense of Pacific Blue beautifully.


Divvy Dusty Indigo Blue Rug

Finish the room off in stylish comfort by centering it around a great floor covering. The color in this woolen indigo dyed rug from CB2 couldn’t be a better compliment to our Japanese curtains.


Perasima Bowl

Of course, you’ll want to entertain in your cozy space, so a few snack bowls will come in handy. This stoneware bowl is a shout out to traditional, but boldly bright, so you can serve snacks and be stylish all at once!

Vintage Art Posters

Reproduction on Canvas

Accessories in our room should be as unique and eye catching as the Pacific Blue print they’re inspired by. A vintage print of boats and water builds on the occidental, coastal theme we’re creating.

Inspire Your Bedroom with Rustic Coastal Style

You have been daydreaming about a bedroom like this for a long time… a peaceful retreat reminiscent of the shore, replete with rustic, natural patterns and textures. Our Pacific Blue suite is framed around a love of nature and the sea. Unique in our collection, hand printed Pacific Blue is sure to find a place and make a statement in your home.

Product Inspirations

Mud Pie

Woven Tassel Throw Blanket

First of all, make your bed extra cozy with this beautiful throw from Mud Pie. The warm cream and nut-brown stripes are in perfect balance with the indigo and ivory of our Pacific Blue duvet.

Pop Up Greens

Opposite Arrows Mudcloth Pillow

Toss on one of these sumptuous mudcloth pillows (from yet another California boutique!) to complete the natural sensuality of this bedroom collection.


Marble Top Side Table

Rustic and polished natural elements come together to make a table which will resonate wonderfully with the waves of our hand printed duvet.

Clay Stuff Studio

Stoneware Vase

Created in a traditional manner, this gorgeous white glazed vase appears to have have been hewn from the earth. Fill with seasonal flowers or bunches of leaves to keep your Pacific Blue bedroom alive with nature, year round.

Viva Terra


Because one can never have too many plants and flowers, add a terrarium to the nature-scape in your bedroom! A terrarium is a simple way to introduce life and organic beauty to your space.

Create a Naturally Inspired Bath, Full of Peace and Energy

Imagine yourself adrift on a boat, the sun on your face, the warm wind in your hair. That’s the feeling Pacific Blue will evoke in the bath. Printed in indigo and ivory, and resembling ocean waves cresting and falling, Pacific Blue creates an energized and peaceful space.

Product Inspirations


Turkish Bathtowel Set

Peshtemals are traditional Turkish towels used in the Turkish baths or hammams, and are hand woven on looms in Turkey. Ooooh, just lovely for your private bath!

Viva Terra

Tumbled Stone Wall Hooks

Elements of nature, particularly in the colors of the seashore, will find an easy welcome in this bath. With that in mind, smooth, tactile river rocks are a perfect material – here, used as towel hooks.

Viva Terra

Black River Rock Bath Mat

I’ve long loved the looks of these mats, but not until I stepped out of the bath, and onto one at a lovely Northern California Air Bnb, did I discover that they feel as lovely as they look!


Natural, Handmade Soaps

Handmade of organic and sustainable materials, and beautifully colored and scented, these muted jewels will continue to set your naturally styled bath apart!

Pottery Barn

Perry Hamper

Dark seagrass will add richness and heft to your Pacific Blue Bath, and as the bath must not only be inviting, but function well, a large, but trim hamper is just the thing.

Mix and Match Saffron Marigold

If you love the look and quality of Saffron Marigold linens, then you may well want to build your style with some of our other global prints! Take a look at these, which work well with Pacific Blue.

Saffron Marigold

Spice Route

Imagine that you’ve sailed across the sea, and discovered the Spice Route – this is how the rich, bold red print will play alongside Pacific Blue.

Saffron Marigold

Memories of Shalimar

I love the muted grass green of this pattern against our dark indigo Pacific Blue. With a nod to the glamour of eastern design, this print will add a hint of the exotic to your space.

Saffron Marigold

Starry Nights

Another print inspired by the colors of sky and sea, Starry Nights, allows you to layer on pattern and color while still staying within the sense of rich, global style.