9 Exotic Bedroom Ideas To Escape From The Plain and Ordinary

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 11, 2022

Exotic bedroom ideas and inspirations range far and wide from the block printing traditions of India to the grandiose Victorian era. Tropical landscapes, Eastern textiles, and unfamiliar sights come to mind when we hear exotic. But, even commonplace patterns like florals can be leveraged to create an extraordinary display in your bedroom. We’ll illustrate how to turn your mundane space into a page out of a travel book with our 9 bedroom design ideas.

What makes a bedroom exotic?

A natural inspiration for exotic bedrooms is travel. You might be encouraged to take a piece of your journey home with you, and whenever you step into your bedroom, you’re transported back to that wonderful moment.

  • Dream destinations
  • Traditional print inspiration
  • Unique, regional decor

Colors also make an exotic bedroom. Vibrant tones and eclectic schemes characterize global-inspired bedrooms, unlike minimalist or traditional styles that tend to be more muted or cohesive, respectively.

Exotic bedroom ideas

1. Mediterranean bedroom – A search for something special

Design inspiration: Morocco

Morocconan-influenced bedrooms are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Your Mediterranean space should arouse that same feeling of marvel and wonder you experience every time you step into a lively souk.

Saffron Marigold

Spice Route (CP) ~ Red Orange Moroccan Indian Bedspread

Turn your bedroom into a bustling bazaar with this intricate pattern of ornamental filigrees in a deep cream set against an red-orange backdrop. A sight of this exotic pattern stirs up memories of pungent herb stalls, multicolor rugs, and ceramic pottery in kaleidoscopic patterns.

Saffron Marigold

Royal Mansour ~ Moroccan Lattice Trellis White Curtain Panel

Offset the vibrant tones in a Moroccan-inspired bedroom with this white-on-white curtain panel inspired by the beautiful latticework gracing royal architecture in Marrakesh. It’s an homage to the fairytale-worthy Royal Mansour, a palace hotel commissioned by Moroccan King Mohammed VI.

1st Dibs

Pair of Moroccan Moorish Star Shape Ivory Side Tables

The colors in these eye-catching side tables complement the white, cream, and paprika of Royal Mansour and Spice Route. The star silhouette meshes well with the ornate designs carefully handpainted onto the wooden material. Use it for holding teacups, incense holders, or other small decor.

2. Oriental-inspired bedroom – Melting pot of cultures

Design inspiration: Pakistan and Japan

Inspired by the natural environs, Asian-influenced style is all at once stately and modest. You’ll find exotic bedroom decor ideas at both ends of the spectrum in this style, so it’s best if you enjoy mixing and matching various elements.

Saffron Marigold

Memories of Shalimar ~ Asian Oriental Green Floral Bedspread

Not your ordinary Oriental bedding, Memories of Shalimar is a tribute to the gardens of the same name, a formerly exclusive garden used by the Mughal royal family in Lahore, Pakistan. The floral flourishes are arranged neatly, and the color scheme (moss green, gold, blue, and chocolate) is a sensory delight.


Saffron Marigold

Pacific Blue~Rustic Navy Blue Ocean Oriental Asian Throw Pillow

Lean into the eclectic nature of Oriental design with something totally different—this seigaha (wave) pattern inspired by Japanese pottery. Use it on an armchair instead of the bed to help section off your room and avoid clashing with the Memories of Shalimar bedspread.

Joylove Store

Japanese-style Rattan Bedside Table

This two-tier, ash wood and rattan table unites exotic bedroom patterns such as florals and the Japanese wave. Best of all, rattan is a versatile material you can employ for various design styles like coastal, Bohemian, and cottage. It complements all colors in the bedroom.

3. Tropical bedroom – Easy, breezy ambiance

Design inspiration: Costa Rica

Tropical style is characterized by color, natural materials, and a carefree feel. Wooden furnishings in their raw form and colorful fabrics belong in this style of bedroom.

Saffron Marigold

Tropical Garden ~ Colorful Red Floral Country Bedspread

Build your own paradise with this attractive bedspread overgrown with red hibiscus and stargazer lilies sprouting on green vines against a tan backdrop. The red, orange, and yellow blossoms transport you to Costa Rica’s verdant La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park.

Saffron Marigold

Tropical Garden (CP) ~ Country Cottage Colorful Curtain Panel

Next, take yourself to a quiet, tropical villa with this matching pattern in curtain form. The delicate blossoms are printed on the same warm, tan cotton, giving your room a decidedly luscious atmosphere, especially when paired with greens and natural furnishings.


Tiara Rattan Open-Frame Headboard

No need for a new bed to achieve those tropical vibes. This standalone headboard complements vacation-inspired themes well, from Bali to Santa Teresa. The ray florets resemble a blossom or a figurative sun, adorned with a chevron pattern that are reminiscent of tropical palms.

4. Cottage inspired bedroom – Florals and pastels galore

Design inspiration: France and India

Cozy and warm are two adjectives we ascribe to cottage bedrooms. For a bedroom to feel like home, it should include inviting prints and fabrics, plus accessories that indicate that the space has been lived in to its full potential. Distressed furnishings and light walls are foolproof choices.

Saffron Marigold

Enchanted – Ivory ~ Duvet Cover

Let life’s troubles melt away when you slumber under this delicate duvet cover adorned in a familiar-feeling vintage pattern featuring dusty ultramarine, orange, and yellow blossoms with green and red foliage.

Saffron Marigold

Moonlit Taj ~ Exotic Turquoise Pillow Sham Flanged

Double down on the cottage flair with this pillow sham with floral scrolls akin to Enchanted Ivory but in turquoise, lapis, and dark green. The floral explosion is a welcome aspect of a rustic-inspired bedroom.

Antique Farm House

Cottage Decor Lantern Set of 2

Ever in style, glass pane lanterns add that extra special touch to a bedroom inspired by an English countryside or a French cottage by the shore. Fill this set with faux candles or create a mini terrarium inside for a personal touch.

5. Royal, Victorian bedroom – Regal with a touch of vintage

Design inspiration: England

Dignified and aristocratic, this type of bedroom makes use of stylized prints and popular themes from the Victorian era. Look for vintage-inspired decor or genuine reproductions to perfectly depict the opulence of this age.

Saffron Marigold

Victorian Lilac Ivory ~ Purple Floral Boho White Curtain Panel

Victorian bedrooms are replete with pools of ornate fabrics, baroque patterns, and gilded furnishings and accents. Our Victorian Lilac curtain evokes the same ostentatious feel, but leaves your room feeling airy, not stuffy. Double up on panels if you want to stay on brand.

Saffron Marigold

Victorian Lilac Ivory ~ Purple Lace Throw Pillow Cover

This matching pillow cover takes the lace border on our Victorian Lilac curtain to give you a dignified bed accent. The lilac filigree is contrasted against an ivory background, giving you all the drama you want in a Victorian bedroom.

Victorian Trading Co.

Vintage Moth & Butterflies Wall Decor

Butterflies were a popular motif during the Victorian age, particularly in women’s fashion. This print set comprises four replicas of 19th-century buttery illustrations in timeworn frames for that authentic personality.

6. Nordic bedroom – Not your ordinary Hygge bedroom

Design inspiration: Sweden and Finland

Scandinavian design isn’t all-white and all-gray, as you might see on most design guides. In fact, vibrant prints in contrasting colors are part of Nordic folk and modern Swedish design. Floral motifs and other nature elements are incorporated into these prints.

Saffron Marigold

English Gardens (CP) ~ Decorative Throw

Though inspired by British artist William Morris, English Gardens touches on Nordic design, with its humble, but intricate foliage print. The piping keeps this throw modern and fresh to match with other vibrant Nordic designs.

Svenskt Team


Josef Frank admired William Morris as a designer, and he aimed to exceed the latter’s prestige. Frank fled Austria and moved to Sweden where he co-founded modern Swedish design—a masterful mix of natural motifs and colors, all on a neutral ground, like this exemplary wallpaper print.


Scandinavian Home Side Chair

Once you’ve had your fill of bright prints, you can anchor them to the room with this simple, wooden, upholstered chair. The low back and unfussy silhouette are quintessentially Nordic, although you can switch out the cushion if you desire more color in your bedroom.

7. Divine bedroom – Spiritual, awe-inspiring motifs

Design inspiration: The stars

Galaxy-inspired bedrooms are popular themes for children’s rooms, but there is a way to elevate these child-centered themes into exotic bedroom ideas for adults.

Saffron Marigold

Celestial Embrace – Blue ~ Duvet Cover

Ancient textiles and traditions reflect our inherent reverence for the sky and all its inhabitants. This duvet cover captures that awe-inspiring reaction when one looks upon a clear sky, the stars shimmering faithfully behind the moon.

Saffron Marigold

Starry Nights (CP) ~ Blue Batik Pillow Cover Sham Flanged

To keep up with the celestial theme, use this pillow sham cover in multiples. It’s designed to coordinate with our Starry Nights print, but it meshes just as well with Celestial Embrace, in our opinion.


Falling Stars Wall Hanging

Instead of fairy lights or glow-in-the-dark stickers, try this elegant wall hanging that has an impact on your bedroom aesthetic even during the daytime. It’s handcrafted from brass and hammered to achieve a sincere, authentic texture.

8. Fantasy forest bedroom – Botanicals and natural tones

Design inspiration: Australia and New Zealand

If you’d rather step into Australia’s abundant Daintree Rainforest or New Zealand’s hilly Tu Urewera National Park instead of an ordinary bedroom, consider a fantasy forest theme.

Saffron Marigold

Woodland Ferns ~ Duvet Cover

Call on the silver ferns and towering tree ferns found throughout Oceania with the verdant Woodland Ferns duvet cover. It takes the best of tropical greenery and presents it in a refined, but modest way.

Saffron Marigold

Dragonfly and Lotus ~ White on White Curtain Panel

Along woodland streams, you can find dragonflies, though admittedly not lotuses. But, this is your fantasy forest to create, and the Dragonfly and Lotus curtain panel lets sunlight shine through—delicate and comforting—as if through the forest canopy onto the fern-strewn floor.

Black Forest Decor

Hooked Wool Pinecone Bench

This quirky piece of furniture handmade by a Vermonter folk artist is inspired by redwood forests. See: the pinecones and evergreen foliage seat. Its hickory legs and wool upholstery lends a more homely feel compared to the previous duvet cover and curtain, but it’s a welcome addition to your fantasy forest collection.

9. Indian dream bedroom – Discover something new

Design inspiration: India

Looking to paint your bedroom in dynamic colors that encapsulate a memorable Indian summer? Try these exotic bedroom ideas.

Saffron Marigold

Indian Summer ~ Orange Paisley Exotic Sari Print Bedspread

Sit under the shade of a mango tree at Dwarka Homestay, a popular lodging for visitors wanting to experience village life. Our Indian Summer bedspread encapsulates that refreshing spirit for a more cheerful bedroom.

Saffron Marigold

Indian Summer (CP) ~ Decorative Orange Paisley Throw Pillow Cover

This coordinating print matches the floral blossoms on the Indian Summer bedspread, although the rich orange is the star here. Pair the color with other saturated shades like imperial red, indigo, and marigold.

Crafts n Chisel

Dhokra Rajasthani Photo Frame Set

Bring home a piece of West Bengali culture with this frame set made in the centuries-old metal art form Dhokra, a wax-casting technique using clay and sand. The wooden frame with its brass center and embossed details make this a genuine piece for the home.

How do I choose an exotic theme for my bedroom?

Choosing a theme for your bedroom can come naturally if you have a particular set of tastes or interests. If not, here are some exotic bedroom ideas to mull over.

  • Color
  • Dream destination
  • Print
  • Style
  • Personal interest (Hobbies, favorite painter, etc.)
  • Travel mementos

Feeling overwhelmed? You can always start with the smaller items—pillow shams, pillow covers, and tabletop decor then move onto bigger items like bedspreads, curtains, and furniture. No one said design has to be linear, and you’re free to pursue as many concepts for your exotic bedroom!

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