10 Red Bedroom Ideas That Blend Luxury & Authenticity to Perfection

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 11, 2022

Daring, bold, and dramatic describe a room with red walls or red bedroom decor. Since it is such a stimulating color, some might balk at the thought of using red in the bedroom. But, as the wise actress and peace activist Mary Lou Cook once said, “Creativity is inventing, experimenting…and having fun.” Every risk has its own reward, after all, and choosing such a thought-provoking color like red takes some gumption. From block printed bed linen to global-inspired wall art, here are 10 red bedroom decor ideas that exhibit red’s untapped potential.

Why choose red for your bedroom decor?

Red evokes excitement and passion, but it holds other positive symbols and meanings.

  • In some Asian cultures, red represents good fortune, happiness, and wellbeing
  • Red bedroom decor boosts energy
  • Red bedroom decor is unconventional
  • A luxury red bedroom feels regal

Red bedroom ideas that aren’t for the color averse

How do red walls and red bedroom decor make you feel? Your reaction depends on the decor’s shade of red, the decor print, and the decor style. Let’s take a look at some red bedroom decor.

1. Luxury red bedroom

Saffron Marigold

Spice Route ~ Red Orange Moroccan Indian Duvet Cover

This splendid cover features a cinnamon-and-turmeric lozenge block print on a deep red background. Its artful mix of global style and elegance makes this a perfect choice for a luxury red bedroom with a lived-in feel. Warm tones keep the deep red from feeling too intense, which can happen with solid red bedding.


Gramercy Chandelier with Customizable Shades

This iron, faux candle chandelier complements Spice Route’s warmth, and it evokes a palatial feel without the need for extravagant flourishes like crystals and beads. Instead, thoughtful details such as the aged iron material and hanging chain make this bedroom decor feel authentic.

2. Grey and red bedroom

Saffron Marigold

Deco Glam ~ Grey and White Art Deco Elegant Sheer Curtain Panel

Graceful and timeless, this white and grey Art Deco curtain print grounds red bedroom decor. Highlight the curtain’s glam aesthetic with accents like an oversized armchair, brass table lamps, or a large, geometric-patterned area rug.


Red Scalloped Accent Chair | Eichholtz Trapezium

This sumptuous chair imitates the stylized print on Deco Glam, but the red is played down, thanks to the velvet upholstery. Best of all, it floats between your living room and bedroom seamlessly in case you need extra seating for entertaining.

3. Red and black bedroom

Saffron Marigold

Ruby Kilim (CP) ~ Rustic Red Black Pillow Sham Flanged

Influenced by Turkish Kilim rugs, this heritage print pillow cover combines rich ruby red, greyish-black, and cream flanged in the same deep red. This pattern is a strategic way to tie together a black and red room.

All Modern

Williams 2 – Drawer Nightstand

Modern without feeling cold, this black, solid wood Mid-Century Modern nightstand is a simple and effective decor for a red bedroom with black furnishing. The tapered legs holding up boxy drawers lend a touch of vintage that meshes well with Ruby Kilim’s rustic vibe.

4. Dark red bedroom decor

Saffron Marigold

Ruby Kilim ~ Rustic Red Black Designer Quilted Bedspread

Black, ruby red, and tan are expertly combined in this all-cotton, Turkish Kilim rug-inspired pattern fit for a global-inspired bedroom. This quilted bedding just makes sense if you’re looking for red bedroom decor ideas that harmonize with darker finishes like walnut, espresso, and mahogany.


Navy Abstract

Ruby Kilim is characteristically warm, but you can still achieve a moody, dark red bedroom using navy blue, a handsome partner for ruby red. This abstract artwork doesn’t need another ornate print to match Ruby Kilim, and it works well in a living room, in case you want to redecorate at the end of the season.

5. Red bedroom ideas for couples

Saffron Marigold

Ruby Kilim ~ Rustic Red Black Lodge Cabin Duvet Cover

Available in queen or king, this duvet cover is apt for shared beds. Size aside, the cozy, traditional print is a refreshing alternative to “neutral” bedding such as gray or all-white covers. In other words, it’s a fantastic print that’ll satisfy both parties. It stands out in spaces with lots of wooden fixtures and furnishings.

Pottery Barn

Gilt Wood Gallery Frames in a Gold, Set of 6

Break up the red and black with this gold-finished frame set made of solid poplar wood. Hang up your family’s most cherished memories above your headboard or on a bare wall to create a personalized gallery wall—the various sizes accommodate different photos.

How do you brighten up a luxury red bedroom?

Red is commanding, and you will need to be creative with how you utilize it in your space. Here are other red bedroom decor ideas to try.

6. Break up the red with patterned wallpapers or rugs.

We know a thing or two about patterns, and in this case, a patterned wallpaper may be the right choice for brightening up your sleeping space. Use a patterned wallpaper to create an accent wall.

One idea is to cover the wall behind your bed, making your bedding the focal point in the room. Another idea is to wallpaper just the top or bottom half of your bedroom walls, so the red doesn’t feel overwhelming. This is also a useful trick for bedrooms with wainscoting or other molding types.


Red Damask, Brights – Inspired by Color

This elegant print will feel at home in a luxury red bedroom gracing the wall behind your headboard or your vanity. The print has ample personality, but the monochromatic scheme doesn’t detract from other red bedroom decor.

7. Incorporate glossy red bedroom decor.

Warm tones like brass, aged iron, copper, and gold belong in a luxury red bedroom. Unlike stainless steel or chrome, these metals emphasize red’s warmth—helpful when you’re trying to create an inviting bedroom atmosphere.

Pottery Barn

Decorative Metal Disc, 38″, Brass

This grand wall decor is handcrafted from pounded iron and finished in vintage brass. It boasts just the right amount of shine, and, while ornate, it ties well into any style red bedroom. Match it with brass light fixtures for a uniform look.

8. Use a furry throw for some texture.

Another way to balance darker color schemes like ruby red and black is by incorporating texture into the mix. A furry throw, rug, or accent chair may be the piece you need to brighten up your space without changing its dramatic feel.


SHEEPSKIN Red X Throw Genuine Leather Sheep Skin Decorative Rug

Enlist this genuine sheepskin piece as a cozy sofa throw or colorful floor covering—it’s just the right size to embellish a luxury red bedroom without overpowering other decor and accent colors.

9. Coordinate your bedding and curtains.

One way to ensure cohesion is by choosing the same print for your bedding and window treatment. This design tactic can also cheer up a red room, especially in striking prints like Ruby Kilim and Spice Route.

Saffron Marigold

Spice Route ~ Red Orange Moroccan Indian Sheer Curtain Panel

Couple the Spice Route curtain with the Spice Route bedding, and you have the recipe for a larger than life bedroom that doesn’t step into gaudy territory. Bring out the tan and orange in Spice Route using similarly-colored accessories.

10. Use red as the accent color.

Many interior designers opt to use red as the accent color instead of the dominant one. But, that doesn’t mean red is not the star of the show. Even supporting roles can leave a lasting impression.

If you want to minimize the red in your bedroom, use red in places like your pillow sham, pillow cover, lampshade, and seating.


Amber Lewis for Anthropologie Floral Lamp Shade

Sneak red into your bedroom decor with this pleated burgundy and black lampshade. Pair it with a neutral lamp base like beige, white, brown, or black, depending on your bedroom’s style.

Saffron Marigold

Fete Royale ~ Pillow Cover

This festive pillow cover incorporates a handful of lively prints such as chevron and polka dots, resulting in a graphic display that pops against a solid bedsheet. The alternating red and off-white squares transition well from one holiday to the other.

What color curtains go with red bedroom decor?

Red is a statement color, but it’s able to share the stage with others, too. Try these colors in your curtain to see just how versatile red can be.

  • Red, cream/beige, and black
  • Red, white, and black
  • Navy blue and white
  • Reds and oranges
  • Gray and white

What is a good accent color for red?

If you’re looking to add another color or two to your red bedroom, here are some options.

  • Turquoise, teal, or navy blue
  • Gray
  • Tan or cream
  • Black or white
  • Orange and yellow
  • Brown

Final thoughts on red bedroom decor ideas

Before kicking off your room makeover, keep in mind that the shade of red you pick determines the atmosphere of your room. For instance, ruby red and Venetian red are glamorous and bold, making them a premium choice for luxury red bedrooms. By contrast, softer shades like orange-red, light coral, and rose feel more romantic. No matter which shade you choose as your dominant color, remember that the finishing touches make the final look.

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