Bring Bold Summer Colors to Your Bedroom

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 9, 2019

The monochrome of winter turns into the pastel colors of spring that burst into a blaze of singing color in the summertime–there’s nothing quite like it! Bring that glory inside and design a bedroom that’s every bit as vivid and joyous as the summer days we long for all year through the bold hues and patterns of Moroccan decor.

Making the bed

Sultan’s Palace is a burst of opulent color and brilliant Moroccan design–it’s not your ordinary dark blue bed! Toss this luscious cotton print across your bed and create a cheerful, exotic Moroccan bedroom that you’ll love to come home to.

Saffron Marigold

Royal Blue Moroccan Medallion Bedspread

Bring a sense of bohemian beauty to your bedroom by adding a lightweight blue Moroccan bedspread.

Saffron Marigold

Moroccan Bohemian Royal Blue Duvet Cover

A dark blue Moroccan duvet cover in a reversible print allows you to modify your Moroccan bedroom according to the season.

Layering Softness

Offering texture and variety is essential to creating an interesting space.  To mix patterns, simply look for colors that connect between pieces–and be sure to keep everything light to stay cool on sultry summer nights.

Saffron Marigold

Sultan’s Palace Throw Pillow

Layer these Moroccan throw pillows on your Sultan’s Palace bed or use in an adjacent chair to spread the royal vibe throughout your boho bedroom!

Moroccan bedroom textile
Saffron Marigold

Sultan’s Palace Pillow Sham

These Moroccan shams feature the print found on the reverse side of the Sultan’s Palace duvet to complement your bed.


Linen Sheet Set in Plum

Play up the beautiful details of the Sultan’s Palace medallions with soft sheets in shades of plum.


Vintage Linen Sheet in Honey

Highlight the warm ochre in Sultan’s Palace with sheets the shade of warm caramel.

Adding Accessories

Moroccan home decor is one of those “trends” that sticks around–it will never look dated. After all, its bold colors and intricate designs have been mainstays in Morocco for generations. In your blue Moroccan bedroom, shiny metallics offer glamour, and playful patterns add layers of interest and texture.


Flowing Fern Table Lamp

Welcome a sense of the outdoors inside with this ceramic lamp.

 Moroccan bedroom Decor lamps
Viva Terra

Moroccan Hanging Lamp Collection

A sultan’s bedroom calls for a lanterns (or two…or three). These, made with etched metal, resemble lace.

Susan Goldstick

Cabinet Knobs

Knobs can easily set apart any piece of furniture, and these handmade gems are fitting with our global bright bohemian bedding.

 Moroccan bedroom Decor

Uriah Pouf

Boho patterns and a fun fringed edge are the stuff Moroccan bedrooms are made of.

Wall coverings

Moroccan design allows you to choose from a bright palette of shades and textures for your bedroom walls.

Moroccan bedroom color


What could be more romantic in a sultan’s bedroom than roses? When used in an otherwise navy blue bedroom, this shade of fuschia brightens and works as an understated neutral.


Nishi Weave

Golden grasscloth plays nicely with bold linens and accessories, adding texture and vibrance to your design.

Welcome to our Summer series. Here you will find many ideas to use Saffron Marigold linens to dazzle and cheer up your bedrooms, dining rooms, living spaces and baths!