Dancing Paisleys come to life one block at a time

Saffron Marigold - Updated: March 20, 2015

In this post we will walk through the making of Dancing Paisleys – one beautiful block at a time. This is a Kashmiri shawl inspired vintage paisley print consisting of blue, red and cream paisleys patterned across an opulent red ground.

Clicking on any of the images will bring up a larger version in a carousal view. We start with the printing of the border.

Border is done. We move to the main print.

And now the blocks that were used for this print.

Dancing Paisleys is inspired by the classic paisley motifs found in Kashmiri shawls and carpets. The magical interplay of the print’s rich palette of reds, blues and creams, and the lyrical movement of the gorgeously bedecked paisleys pirouetting like dancers across a dark red velvet ballroom, their graceful swirling arms stretched to the heavens, infuses the print with sumptuous opulence. This is how the print looks in its final form!

Hope you enjoyed this visual journey into the making of Dancing Paisleys. You can see the collection here.