Relaunching Spice Route: Recreating the moroccan souks

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 20, 2014

Spice Route, our signature Indian Moroccan inspired print, has been a perennial favorite for many years now. This season we decided to pay our respects to this print by re-photographing it. You can see the end results on the Spice Route collections page. I will share the “behind the scenes” look at the photo shoot here.

Invariably with every photo shoot there is one component that ends up taking much longer than originally thought. For Spice Route, believe it or not, it was the red, yellow and brown cones – these are meant to mimic the mounds of spices: chili, turmeric and cumin respectively – that you find in the souks of Morocco.




Take 1: the old fashioned way

Find color, makes paper cones, fill cones with color, turn them upside down and hope that they hold. Needless to say, given that our photoshoots typically span days, if not weeks, this was wishful thinking. It was a miracle when the cones lasted for even a few hours. Making these was taking a long time too. For some reason, the yellow was particularly finicky.

The setup
The colors

We got to a point where making these cones was taking the focus away from the actual hard work of taking product pictures. Someone or the other shrieking if anyone ventured even close to the plate holding the cones, or the refusal to open the door,  or to  switch on the fan lest the cones disintegrate didn’t help matters much. It was time to find another solution.

Take 2: Play Dough comes to the rescue

Making the cones was a simple matter of shaping the play dough! Rolling the cones in color (and in brown sugar) got them ready to go. These are hardy and most likely will last for years 🙂

Play Dough comes to the rescue

Here’s how they look in context.

Spice Route Table Runner
Spice Route Table Runner

You can see the collection of  this grand moroccan inspired red orange print here.