8 Gorgeous Ways to Style a Blue and White Tablecloth

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 3, 2022

A blue and white tablecloth is a versatile staple in your collection of table linens. It’s essentially the little black dress of tablecloths, and it can be used with an endless array of other colors. Here are a few of our favorite blue and white tablescape ideas to inspire your creativity and table settings.

A natural take on a blue and white tablecloth

A blue and white pairing naturally gives off light and airy vibes, and teaming blue and white with green enhances that breezy feeling. For a fresh, garden-inspired table setting, include natural textures, fresh flowers, and green accents.

Green, white and blue table setting with a floral botanical pattern, natural accessories, and white flowers

We love the idea of using green with a blue and white tablecloth for Easter, Mother’s Day, or any special occasion in the spring or summer.

Red and gold for glamor

You might shy away from styling a white and blue table cover with red accents, but there’s definitely a way to incorporate red in a blue and white table setting without seeming like it’s Fourth of July! The key to making it chic lies in using gilded accents and global-inspired print.

Moroccan blue and white table runner with red floral centerpiece, gold silverware, blue napkins, and a Morocco cookbook on the table runner

photo credit: Mary Beth Torpey

Red flowers and accents look particularly vivid and striking against our blue and white Casablanca table runner. Gold silverware brings some glitz and glimmer, and gold napkin rings unite the design.

French country chic for fabulous table designs

Reach for French country designs as tablescape inspiration when you want to set a table that’s naturally charming and effortlessly elegant. Combine white and blue with yellow for a table filled with notes of Provence.

garden table outside on a sunny day with blue and white tablecloth, blue glasses, and flowers

Blue and yellow are classic French country colors, and one of our longtime customers used this very color scheme to set up a lush garden party table with our English Gardens blue and white round tablecloth. Her plates feature a sunny floral pattern, and her bamboo silverware carries a yellow undertone. A vase filled with simple white flowers and blue glassware round out this lovely scene.

Blue and white at night

What do you do when you want your beloved blue and white palette to go easily from day to evening? Easy: just add more blue. This works by adding more color and visual weight to the blue and white tablescape, thus eliminating the airiness and brightness of white that we associate with daytime entertaining.

blue floral tablecloth at an elegant table setting with white flowers and silver

Here, our Midnight Lotus blue and white floral tablecloth sets the scene for a swanky dinner party. Cobalt blue glassware and Dutch blue china bring more color to the table. A lavish white floral centerpiece and cloth napkins provide just the right amount of contrast.

Dressing up with white and blue for a formal affair

Alternatively, you can dress up a blue and white tablecloth by using lighter notes, too. Laura Solensky Design used a blue and whtie rectangle tablecloth from our English Gardens collection in this chinoiserie-inspired tablescape.

blue and white floral tablecloth with blue china and white flowers
photo: Laura Solensky Design

White hydrangeas offer fullness and softness in contrast with the blue and white porcelain, and the clear glassware wrapped in thin rattan creates the illusion of more light. This is an ethereal setting that would be lovely for a brunch, bridal shower–even a wedding!

Complementary colors for the win

Blue isn’t usually the first color that comes to mind for fall decorating, but when you toss in a few orange accents, it becomes an autumn symphony! In fact, navy blue with orange is one of our favorite color combinations for a fall table.

cream and blue table runner with orange flowers and pumpkins for Thanksgiving

Our Pacific Blue table runner anchors this fall table setting. Pacific Blue isn’t quite blue and white–it’s navy with natural linen tones–but the same blue and white table setting ideas apply to this print, too. With vibrant floral centerpieces, mini pumpkins, and other orange accents, this table is ready to host a celebration.

Jewel tones and fuschia with blue and white

For a beautiful table, add shades of purple in with your blue and white table cover. Since purple carries notes of blue, it will automatically connect with your tablecloth. Likewise, the red notes that help create the purple color work to provide a pop of contrast.

blue and white floral tablecloth with blue china and purple flowers

We love the way one Catherine Lukens used jewel tones on this pretty table. Sapphire blue cloth napkins lend contrast to the brighter blues of English Gardens, and purple lilies add striking richness.

A blue and white tablecloth is even prettier with pink

Designer Laura Solensky used our English Gardens blue and white floral tablecloth as the basis for a spectacular birthday dinner. This time, she set the table with a medley of pink tones for stunning results.

Filled with hot pink floral centerpieces and pink taper candles, the table setting seems fit for a queen! We could see this blue and white tablescape translating easily into a Valentine’s table, a Mother’s Day brunch, or any occasion that celebrates love.

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We hope our blue and white tablescape ideas gave you a few new ways to style your table for meals, special occasions, and holidays. We carry our blue and white table linens in a variety of sizes and shape. Shop for round tablecloths, rectangle tablecloths, and table runners. Don’t forget coordinating napkins and the newest addition to our table linens line: placemats!

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