A fall bath with a vibrant tropical print

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 24, 2015

As fall sets in and summer becomes a thing of the past, look to tropical colors in bright reds, sunny yellows and lush greens to warm things up. Fall is the season of cozy comforts, and today we’ll dive into creating warm, sensual, seasonal bath decor.  The colors of our Tropical Garden print are bold and beautiful, channeling the colors of nature.

TG Collage

Shower Curtain

The Tropical Garden shower curtain is a great transitional piece from summer to fall.  Change a few accessories, and the toasty, bright colors of autumn come out to play.  Hand printed, soft, luxurious cotton sets the stage for a naturally beautiful space.

Tropical Garden Shower Curtain
Tropical Garden Shower Curtain
Tropical Garden Sample Swatch
Tropical Garden Sample Swatch
Tropical Garden Border Detail
Tropical Garden Border Detail

Bath Linens

Add a stack of creamy, plush towels in an “October” palette, and you’ll add color and welcoming softness. Pick softer colors like sage green and gold for a soothing ambience, bold red for drama and energy.

Egyptian Towels, Amazon
6 piece Egyptian Towels, Gold – Amazon
Egyptian Towels, Red - Amazon
6 Piece Egyptian Towels, Red – Amazon
6 piece towel set - Amazon
6 piece Towel Set, Olive Green – Amazon


Beautifully woven baskets that  double up as hampers, unique stone hooks for bath textiles, and global accessories for gathering up all your toiletries – fill your space with natural organic materials and textures that echo what you see out your window.

Rattan Hamper
Rattan Beehive Hamper – Kouboo
Stone Hooks
Stone Hooks – Viva Terra
Acacia wood jar
Acacia Wood Cotton Jar – Zappos


Once you have all the essentials covered, focus on creating a space that soothes and intoxicates the senses. A dazzling mirror that glows, scented candles that permeate the bath with fragrance and luxe lotions to pamper yourself. Little things that have big impact.

Gold Sunburst Mirror
Gold Sunburst Mirror – Pottery Barn
Tropical Blossom Tin Candle
Tropical Blossom Tin Candle – World Market
Mango Hibiscus Hand Soap - Amazon
Mango Hibiscus Hand Soap – Amazon

And there you have it – a cozy fall retreat with a tropical twist!

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